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  1. You’ve seen enough of this defense to know you can’t trust it. You take the 3 points. Now the defense predictably lets you down and the offense gives it back. Hoping for a miracle that we hang on.
  2. Going for it was stupid. Football is not that complicated. Just made it easier for them to come back
  3. That chart is awesome. Does that mean we are in the conference championship game? I’m frustrated that we didn’t get any recruiting bump from the Mason Fine era and obviously he was carrying the coaches along. Can’t believe the product on the field now is so bad and the AAC wanted us. They are really rolling the dice on POTENTIAL.
  4. The alternative is apathy, which is far worse, when there are no positives to point to next year.
  5. Bad coaching, lack of discipline, lack of talent… yeah that get’s you to 1-6. I don’t know why the AAC wants this dumpster fire but we lucked out.
  6. 33 attempts and under 100 passing yards. Middle schools are more efficient
  7. Not gonna waste my time and money this year. Gonna put my energy into the volleyball team. May not win all the time but it is entertaining.
  8. This football program does not deserve The Green Brigade
  9. Shorter had some moments too. Jackson was bad. Center was bad. Weird play calls at key moments. Ruder was good between 20s but can’t finish a drive
  10. What a give up. 4th and 1 delay of game then punt. Fart and fall down
  11. If SMU didn’t play their absolute worst half of football possible, they would cover twice the point spread folks are quoting. This effort was fools gold. Defense was better than we have seen but SMU was terrible in first half and embarrassing us in the second.
  12. How many times did he get you in the endzone? None. Bad throw after bad throw when it really mattered
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