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  1. yeah they look awful. On the other hand, I rather enjoyed the silver Mavs uni's.
  2. *Note to Self* Always lie when someone in authority asks how much money you have.
  3. No matter which side you take on Prop 12 or any other laws, remember to vote tomorrow for the 22 amendments on the state constitution.
  4. wow. I've never heard that before. I knew he was having some problem with his passport or visa and that kept him from entering the US. The band is based in San Francisco, so I don't even know if he's foriegn.
  5. tonight @ Trees I am catching Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Wednesday the 17th @ Trees I will also be catching Rooney. While I was on their site i browsed and noticed November 8th Cursive will be in town, and November 22nd your friend Phantom Planet will hit the stage.
  6. i won't speculate, but i have an idea as to what it may be.
  7. i didn't say i believed him, that's just what he said. why all the hype about this guy if he only scored 2 touchdowns last year?
  8. heyyyyy you got to it before i did. I however don't fly fish. I generally just use salmon eggs. Beaver's Bend is the only place in oklahoma worth visiting.
  9. mine was an a-hole to say the least. my RA was cool as hell though.
  10. D306 Maple Hall 1st Year. 524 The Gazebo Apartments 2nd year.
  11. what's the saying? talks like a duck, looks like a duck, acts like a duck, must be a duck? I don't want to be quick to judge, but she seems pretty credible...its up to the courts to decide now though.
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