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  1. Consistent winning leads to consistent attendance. Fun product + fun experience = repeat customers
  2. Also.... if any Houston folks have someone willing to sell me Mavs/Rockets tickets for the Friday before... please let me know.
  3. how much you pay for tickets? Praying that the price drops during the week.
  4. Will be in houston with the fiancee and trying to wrangle both mavs and UNT tickets for the weekend. Anyone else planning on going to the game?
  5. I know Leach is a funny guy... but I assume you meant parity right?
  6. Have a blessed Hanukkah @Censored by Laurie
  7. @TheReal_jayD you think we'd see it after the AFCA Convention?
  8. Not to get off topic but what is the best way to go about it? Heck when my youngest brother started at A&M back in 2013 they were already talking to him about donating to the alumni fund.
  9. I know a lot of you on this board seem to not think this way but I'd hope Briles's participation in the Baylor sexual assault cases would cast a bigger shadow on him than his performance at FSU.
  10. Not only that but it’s expensive. I don’t have kids yet, but I can only imagine what those of you who do spend on a game day
  11. Naw I gave her the week off. She's supported UNT enough this year for not being a sports fan, got a buddy who wanted to tailgate with me.
  12. Yes, it's been a bummer of a season but the Alumni Association is throwing a great tailgate and hopefully we wont have a problem with Rice (pray). Should hopefully get a lot of us out there. I'm bringing a Baylor fan, who else is joining? Post game at Kenny and Ziggy's Post Oak.
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