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  1. (sarcasm font) "See!!! I"m not racist! I have black friends!!" Racism comes in plenty of different forms. There's the outward (KKK, segregation, denying minorities certain opportunities outright), the coded language uttered by congressmen/women (republican and democratic talking about a variety of things like poll tax, states rights, etc), and the inward (unconscious and conscious bias). Everyone's not racist. That's such a dumb generalization used to make yourself think certain backwards beliefs are accepted.
  2. UNT Texas Rice Houston UTSA KU TX State SMU UMass Colorado A&M Harvard Advantages: When I visit in-laws (Houston/KC) I have the excuse of going to UNT football and avoiding them for 2-6 hours pending tailgates. Fiancee loves cape cod/other ritzy northeast areas, so drop her off and go to UMAss/Harvard vs UNT game. Denver to Austin is direct and cheap on Southwest and I like running. Every road game is south on 35 or in Austin, which means all texas roadtrips are less than 3 hours, which means roadtrip wont be more than $28 in gas pending OPEC. "You can't spell BLUNT without UNT" shirts could be popular in boulder. Disadvantages: Yale may get jealous that Harvard is in our conference. No one likes UMass. UT/ A&M might not have enough of a regional footprint to compete and really add anything to a school of our stature. We might lose players who decide to float the river in San Marcos rather than play the football game. Too many clips of Necessary Roughness might be shown.
  3. Ha. I'll be up in Overland Park over thanksgiving if you wanna watch the UAB game
  4. the one where we win the conference championship
  5. Freshmen: Clark Sophomore: Fraternity house - @Jason Howeth our first place was something wasn't it? Junior year 1st semester- american university Junior year second semester- university courtyards with some interesting people Senior year- University courtyards
  6. Find it ironic that the sammy house became the christian center
  7. Orrr..... its a billion dollar business which actually pays money to its top players, who can have a career in it, and who can be ambassadors for the university post-graduation. To your graphic violence point... they can always just play NBA 2k. . Look at what the Mavs esports team has. Also, carpal tunnel can be developed from any job with overexertion on the keypad, not just video games. And its not just video games that cause a sedentary lifestyle.... give me a break. Kudos to UNT for getting out in front of a growing trend. In case you dont realize how big Esports is... Arlington literally built a stadium dedicated to esports
  8. Wish we would’ve connected. I will say, I think the rain played a part in the low attendance for sure. There were a few people from the steering committee but definitely saw some new people too. talked with Jared Moseley, seems they’ll continue to do austin- apparently San Antonio’s was terrible a few years ago. Hope to see you at the round rock express game next month.
  9. Bump. This is tonight. Please let any Austin/San Antonio folks know about this.
  10. Austin coaches caravan is tomorrow night at Austin Eastciders at 6 pm. Buy tickets here Looking forward to seeing @Jason Howeth @MDH and other Austin alumni. Hopefully we'll have a similar turnout to last year. Let alums you know in Austin know about this.
  11. I would hope for DFW they have one Dallas/Collin county one and one tarrant county one so people dont have to drive so far during the week/weekend.
  12. read the articles and watch the videos. It’s pretty loud and clear
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