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  1. How are you feeling as a teacher? My fiancee might have to go back to her east austin school district in October and is terrified, especially as a germaphobe.
  2. Yes... he had some other questionable decisions as well
  3. He's wasn't a public figure in the sense of Hayden Fry, Bill Yeoman or others that we devote threads too, and he didn't post on this board. Feel free to take this down if necessary. I just wanted to make it a point to memorialize an awesome UNT alum by the name of Dave Jackson, who served with myself and @Jason Howeth on the UNT Austin Steering Committee board and passed away this past weekend. He was probably the nicest person I've ever come across. He had a lot of passion and pride for UNT, Theta Chi, Emergency Management, helping building a UNT community in emergency management a
  4. Have before but I know people in this group in particular were impacted so wanted to go this route first.
  5. JOB OPPORTUNITIES FOR MEAN GREEN NATION (OR JUST MEAN GREEN COUNTY) Hey everyone- I'm hiring remote roles in Texas for a fast growing startup (so yes, can be anywhere in Texas as long as you have a remote connection). These are full-time roles with benefits and I'd love to get some Mean Green alums in the process. The roles are: Tech Support Customer Service Agent Corporate Filing Specialist- must have a background in regulat
  6. Bulletin board material for our team.
  7. Layoff, not furlough. Don't really want to go back- not great to work for- on to better things. Plus 35% of the employees they laid off were MG alums.
  8. The virus hasn't infected me, but it affected me. I was laid off March 26th from my Human Resources and Talent Management role in Austin. If anyone might have any HR leads, or has some projects for me to work on remotely during this time, please let me know. Happy to share my resume with any of you.
  9. Sure this isn't the most football related, but I feel like the football board is where the most action is and I want us to be able to help other Mean Green. Obviously COVID-19 has taken a hit on more than a few of us (sickness/employment-wise) and our businesses, no matter if we're in Austin, Dallas, Houston, or elsewhere. Would love to get a list going of Mean Greeners who need a job, some extra help, or Mean Green-owned businesses (and where) that we can patronize (ordering online) to help them out. I know in Austin, Austin Gourmet Popcorn, and Lambert's could use some lov
  10. When I was there we were decent. Made the playoffs in 05. We're much better at other sports though.
  11. Consistent winning leads to consistent attendance. Fun product + fun experience = repeat customers
  12. Also.... if any Houston folks have someone willing to sell me Mavs/Rockets tickets for the Friday before... please let me know.
  13. how much you pay for tickets? Praying that the price drops during the week.
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