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  1. Too many people use "the lord, Jesus christ" as a crutch for being total hypocrites, criminals, and absolute scum to others. Briles is one. I hope he never has a job inspiring young men again. But he should definitely consult his "lord, jesus christ" on how a man should act when entrusted with the lives and the future of 100 young men.
  2. I've heard the legs and eggs special is pretty good
  3. We are working on one in Austin. Possibly north austin, but if there are enough of us, maybe one down south.
  4. Is this the first time (I'm including last week) we've ever received votes in the coaches poll in a season?
  5. Since I'm in DFW for Thanksgiving (specifically Plano) I'll try to make this.
  6. Tonight! See those Austin and San Antonio alums there!
  7. Figured this would be a good thread to get started. Curious to see how everything shakes out tomorrow. Rumor has it by the end of election day 8.3 million people would have voted in Texas.
  8. Yes, this is sort of football related. https://www.untalumni.com/southtxmixer Come out, eat some awesome sausage, drink good beer, meet fellow ATX alumni. See everyone at Banger's, 6 pm, Thursday 11/8.
  9. So we're 10 days out from Midnight Madness.... do we think a full schedule will get released soon?
  10. The silo. It closed down unfortunately
  11. Yep. I know this was something we talked about at the alumni meetings
  12. LOL. I was there. That game was less "iconic" as much as it was a study in misery. I remember we stormed the field after that game. We less stormed it for the win and more because we were glad the game was over with haha.
  13. I love our team but this game against the Fighting Falwells could be a dogfight. I think this is close until midway through the fourth UNT 42 The Eccentric Evangelicals 32
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