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  1. Naw I gave her the week off. She's supported UNT enough this year for not being a sports fan, got a buddy who wanted to tailgate with me.
  2. Yes, it's been a bummer of a season but the Alumni Association is throwing a great tailgate and hopefully we wont have a problem with Rice (pray). Should hopefully get a lot of us out there. I'm bringing a Baylor fan, who else is joining? Post game at Kenny and Ziggy's Post Oak.
  3. We havent scored a goal yet in the tournament.... hope this is the year it happens.
  4. We're Doing it Again! Come watch the Mean Green take on LA Tech with Austin alumni and friends! Waterloo Ice House Burnet Rd $3 beers $6/7 wings A good time by all!
  5. I think this is true not only for sports, but workplace and other places as well. There's strength in power.
  6. I actually don't mind Facebook. Unlike ESPN3, at least they try to know the teams they're broadcasting.
  7. If any of you aren't going to Denton, come to ATX. Good fun, good food, and green margaritas. Would love if yall helped promote our watch parties the same way you do @UNT 90 Grad's.
  8. Homecoming Watch Party in ATX Waterloo Ice House on Burnet! $3 Beers $6 wing baskets Free Mean Green Swag Fun times to be had
  9. I dont think Sonny is going anywhere
  10. Crappy finish, but Austin chapter is growing in terms of watch parties. Whole different crew from two weeks ago
  11. Game day! Looking forward to seeing Austin folks today at Waterloo Ice House!
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