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  1. The week we won the conference tournament in basketball in 07, 10 and last year
  2. Future UNT head coach Colby Carthel faces off against UIW with the chance to face other future UNT head coach KC Keeler... https://www.ncaa.com/brackets/football/fcs/2021
  3. My post wasn’t a negative post at all. It’s a hope and desire that we do the same thing.
  4. More opposing fans there = more opposing fans that will probably trek to Fry and the Square and support local Denton businesses.
  5. No way Napier lands at VA Tech, feel like his sights are set higher
  6. If we were 10-0 with a no. 15 national ranking I would hope we would take up half of the alamodome if had to play them there
  7. I feel like if he leaves itll be somewhere in Texas or the Midwest, and not a cesspool like Miami. Oklahoma? OK State? (I mean he's from there)
  8. Super random, but in the days of NIL why do we still not have players names on jersies?
  9. You arent wrong. This is a 100% bandwagon metro other than the Cowboys.
  10. I did find it interesting that in his buyout contract he must make one appearance at LSU things a year for the next 4 years as directed by LSU staff. If I'm him, I go to the SEC Network and just let that money come in
  11. Coach O is getting paid $17 million to sit on his butt. Not bad at all. A fired college football coach is still one of the best gigs you can find.
  12. Kind of agree with you there. Plus we got our butt kicked. Even the army one the first year was a little odd. I trust Wren will make the right decisions. He’s proven it in the past.
  13. I mean their worst coach had one losing season and then became a US Senator lol
  14. Wouldn't say App State is a *new* school. Since 1985 they've had 2 losing seasons, and 3 national championships (coached by former UNT head coach Jerry Moore) the others... absolutely.
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