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  1. Dude, he graduated. No loyalty issues, just is looking to something new. Its a new world, he's taking advantage of it.
  2. shanice stephens or mike peterson? cause they both sucked
  3. No tailgating without Rick V Rick V always believed in Johnny Jones Helped (with students) build Apogee Got the ball rolling in a lot of other sports Huge ambassador for the university His misses were Benford, Dodge, and the whole Mattress Mac debacle (but honestly Mattress Mac is an egomanical clown.. who does some good in Houston) but he's a huge ambassador for the university. Wren's the next level, but Rick got the train on the track
  4. She's not involved in any. She is trying to break in to the marketing world, specifically as it relates to marketing at tradeshows
  5. Hey everyone, I know this part of the board is the part where everyone dabbles in controversey, but perhaps we could use it to help alums (so they get jobs and can help pay Seth Littrell's buyout) I have a new UNT grad here in Austin who is trying to get into tradeshow marketing - its not my realm of expertise but there has to be one or two of you on here that do it as part of your job. Would anyone be open to an informational interview with her?
  6. highland park is not a bad public school to go to.........
  7. Exactly. If Grant gets a fat raise, so be it. Only loyalty he should have is to his family. I do think neglecting athletics and the alumni base for 30 years is really coming around to bite us when we need it the most.
  8. Seriously though. I know he had a ton of family here, which is why I feel like we've got a pretty good advantage.
  9. Am I right that Mccasland has 40 some odd family members in Dallas?
  10. I hope Grant has this team focused and ready for tomorrow. You didnt get into the NCAA's, but you are going to the NIT. Chance to play in front of the home crowd multiple times.
  11. Another year. Another ncaa tournament. Proud of him - always wish success on a great unt ambassador
  12. There is nothing more I want than an alum of this university, who sells this university day in and day out and who is a great ambassador, to have a ton of success with a team at this university. I really hope we can shock the world here
  13. I think past success (FB and BB helped) still think we're also still recovering from 30 years of neglect
  14. I am so nervous about content like this out there before we actually get a bid....
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