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  1. I'll be there for the 9/28 game. Definitely would love to stop by
  2. ah crap didnt see this. Just bought them online. Where were yours?
  3. Still think they should just get rid of the redshirt and give everyone 5 years regardless if you transfer or not
  4. This is probably beating a dead horse but why can’t we break through? Isn’t it true that we also haven’t scored in the tourney as well?
  5. Already is happening. Why pay x amount when I can save money and watch on tv?
  6. Has Hedlund had a signature out of conference win over the past 5 years? I feel like this is the MO.
  7. Would rather get them from someone on here than pay a ticket broker.
  8. dan marino won a conference championship though..... more like the tony romo of UNT
  9. Hello everyone. Chili's just called me and said they actually did not have the Pac 12 network. We are moving the location to the Park at South Lamar- a little more watch party friendly. https://www.google.com/maps/place/The+Park+on+South+Lamar/@30.2363139,-97.7933272,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xf64b871917e3876e!8m2!3d30.2363139!4d-97.7933272
  10. Bump. While I know some of you might hate the location, please come out and watch with your fellow Mean Green alumni if you are in the Austin area. We'll have mean green swag available and it will be a great time.
  11. This should be moved to the UNT football board. More people need to see this. Huge deal.
  12. Hey, if you're going to bash it fine. Maybe you could take the reigns next time and plan an alumni event and call every bar in Austin to try and figure out if they had the Pac 12 network and a private space to house UNT folk.
  13. I know everyone is pissed about SMU (rightfully so), we've got another big game this Saturday. Here in Austin, we've booked a private room at the Chilis near Lakeline Mall to watch the game Saturday afternoon. Why Chili's? They offered a private space for the green guys, was family-friendly, and wanted a location that appealed to most- apologies to @Jason Howeth (though it'd be nice to see you) If you didn't want to fly to Berkeley, but want that California vibe (wrong part of the forum?) come down to Austin for the watch party. Also, it's the international headquarters for this famous UNT alumnus.
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