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  1. Some interesting notes in there. Army has some games scheduled that could get cancelled when they move to the AAC. Maybe there could be some interesting schools (Coastal Carolina? Air Force? Tulsa? Syracuse? Boston College?) looking to fill a 2028 slot who might want a home and home with us?
  2. FYI- Jared said they were finalizing 2 more games on the schedule, so hopefuly it'll get released soon.
  3. i remember everyone talking about this but i always wonder if these interviews are just practice for a guy like him
  4. That 2030 non con is niceee home with a regional opponent (txst) and power five road with a mid road sec team (mizzou) and a good G5 (Wyoming)
  5. Ryan was a good dude. Did a lot for the department. Always good when the people that come here move up.
  6. you clearly did not read all the way to the bottom
  7. Wonder if Liberty tries this down the road. I don't think BYU would offer money this brazenly as it comes out of LDS's coffers....
  8. it's individual donors, not the university. Bored billionaires do crazy things sometimes.
  9. We played in italy one year. I think you're limited to one of these trips every few years?
  10. Yes. At cover 2. I think he posts on here. Feel free to dm me for any questions
  11. Would be cool but we dont have room in the schedule til 2028. Would love to get rid of that WMU series though. I do wonder if they'll proritize scheduling Texas teams for non con now that they're playing east coast, Cal and Stanford for conference games. I'd hope they think of us but could also see them scheduling SHSU, Tarlteton for easy home games.
  12. not only academies, but those who currently or are veterans of the Army or Navy......
  13. Is this season a success if say we finish 89-73 and dont make the playoffs, given all the injury issues we've had?
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