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When is press conference this week


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31 minutes ago, Big Z said:

Morris looks lost and he knows it during this meeting. He even requested if anybody has any suggestions or videos on "how to tackle" that you can email him. 

No he didn't.  He stated that if anyone knows how to improve tackling outside of practicing tackling to please email him.  I think he was forthright  and honest, showed accountability and stated they will continue to work to correct the issues.

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Just now, TreeFiddy said:

Coach, here is a suggestion on how to improve tackling.  Don't wait until the season starts to make it a priority.  And don't wait until the season starts to suddenly realize that you may be a little undersized to run your defensive scheme.  He should have been hammering the portal after the Spring if he did not think he had the personnel needed to be competitive, much less successful.

He does not get any points from me by showing up to his weekly press conference giving BS coach speak about taking accountability after your team looked completely unprepared in doing to play two weeks in a row.  The time to take accountability was the day he was hired, not after the season starts.  

Hard to imagine the type of dysfunction present on the defensive side of the ball just suddenly appeared in the first game without any warning.



Just looked up his total defense rankings while HC at UIW from 2018-2021.  #111, #115, #95, #95 out of 123 teams.  Looks like he has a history of not knowing how to teach his teams to tackle. Awesome.  

Good grief, who, besides UNT, would hire a coach with that kind of performance on the defensive side of the ball? 

We deserve what we get.

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The fact that he can't commit to a QB, point blank calling it a platoon in the presser, is damning.

Rodgers was calm, prepared, and played better by every metric. Earle has now thrown 5 picks in two games (one was called back because of targeting)

This shouldn't even be a question. Earle may have blown everyone away in practice, but when the lights come on, he's been mediocre at best. I'm not saying Rodgers is our next all time great QB, but he looks a hell of a lot more competent and has the experience. 

Also very clear we don't have the horses to run a 3-3-5. If he doesn't make a change in the system or go super transfer heavy next year to find guys for this system, I will have officially jumped on the fire Morris train. I feel terrible for Mazin Richards. From all conference to completely invisible all because we thought sticking him at the 3 tech was a good idea.

You can say all the right things, be transparent and honest, but if you don't win, it's not any better than Littrell. Right now Morris looks like the offensive version of Dan McCarney. 

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13 minutes ago, untjim1995 said:

Who is at the press conference from the media besides Vito and the NT Daily reporter? Because that is also an issue in that nobody from DFW cares enough to send anyone up to Denton to ask tough questions, too.

Vito, Reed Smith of 247, some NT daily guy but they’re very inconsistent and myself. Sometimes another guy from DCTF but not recently 

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45 minutes ago, Udomann said:

Good questions, and good answers. 

Damon has some strong presence, really good presentation and dialogue.

I still want to believe... but Morris has always said the right thing and hasn't provided results, which is what scares me.

What concerns me is that he really doesn't know his team very well. Starting the wrong QB, not knowing if his players can play this defense or not, and too small. Why didn't he focus on recruiting size and depth on defense? Kind of a no brainer to me.

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"The coaching staff will continue to look for ways to make plays on defense understanding that we haven't recruited to this system yet."

All I can say is Dang.  I wish we wouldn't have made this 3-3-5 switch, but it looks like we're going to have to live with it through at least this season.  Really wish we could figure out a way to get 4-5 linemen in on goal line situations, though.  

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