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  1. We need your vote! A friend of mine Trasa Robertson Cobern's son has been nominated for private school FB player of the week. He's currently in second place with 11 hours left in voting. His name is Jaxon Cobern and he attends Fort Worth Christian. https://bit.ly/3fuuhTP
  2. Baker sent out a tweet earlier, although I agree & think many are taking a wait and see outlook.
  3. But I didn't see it on their live schedule of upcoming events.
  4. What's the easiest way to watch, do you have to have Fubo to stream stadium?
  5. Is it just me, I'm trying to listen and am getting nothing both from kntu and on the app.
  6. Is there any way to watch a rebroadcast of the game again? I see the highlights on the ESPN app but would like to watch the entire game.
  7. Surprise.. surprise. Typical low lying fruit. Train wreck TV
  8. Just discovered Scheels in the Colony, they've got some great stuff!! https://fanshop.scheels.com/ncaa/north-texas-mean-green/o-27+t-89542803+z-986379-414738618
  9. Since there was a issue with the radio broadcast can you give a high level recap of big takeaways.
  10. Is it just me. I'm trying to listen and am getting dead air on the kntu app.
  11. Just saw the coach at Nebraska say on NBC Nightly news that with or without their conference they were going to play this season. It was part of a story derailing the financial impact a loss would have citing a eighty billion dollar impact on local economies. Could this possibly cause other universities to follow their lead?
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