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  1. And with the three highly ranked receivers we've got coming in will definitely be fun watching everyone develop.
  2. Actually they weren’t he just has excellent ball placement. Connally has one of the best db’s in the state and he shredded them.
  3. Cash finished 21-30 302 yards 0 Int’s through 3 and rested the 4th qtr. CS - 61 Connally - 34 7:51 remaining.
  4. McCollum 9-10. 0 Int’s Just passed 6 yrs for a 6th TD 6:47 left 3rd Qtr CS - 55 Connally - 21 The numbers above were through the first half, he’s on pace to get over 400 yards passing, I think that’s pretty good.
  5. McCollum Just passed 41 yrs for a 5th TD CS - 48 Connally - 21 Half McCollum 8-9 235 yards 5 TD
  6. McCollum Just passed 21yrs for a 4th TD 2:57 remaining 2nd qtr CS - 41 Connally - 21
  7. Watching China Spring (2-1) (#7) VS Connally (3-0) (#3) on Youtube Midway through 2nd qtr CS 34 Connally 14 Cash is 3 for 3 - 150 yards 3 TDs
  8. I’d assume it’s probably from last year since thats where he came from.
  9. Is there anyway to listen to it if i missed it last night?
  10. I'm not excited about him saying Earle was going you get the start again next week. Although it's far from just his fault I would liked for him to wait until after looking at film to make that decision.
  11. I'm going 9-4 with a bowl win. Pass the Kool Aid!! Putting on my shades!!
  12. I can’t believe one of the Auburn positional reviews list Jyaire as their sixth best receiver. I expected he’d be bigger than that.
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