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  1. We're face LA Ignite in the first round of this year's tournament. Things look pretty good because one the game is in Houston and they're in the Houston bracket. Also looking at the Ignite roster is not an alumni team, they are from various different teams and they're not from traditional power basketball programs. Plus with it being in Houston maybe we can get some fans there to cheer them on. https://thetournament.com/tbt/teams/la-ignite/
  2. He actual just worked at UT. His undergrad degree is from Notre Dame and Masters and PhD are from Georgetown University.
  3. I would love for the ponies to be left without a chair when the music stops!!
  4. B12 may be looking to add 6 ACC schools. With those not being AAU institutions the B10 has said they are not interested in adding them. https://glorycolorado.com/posts/fsu-clemson-four-other-acc-schools-join-big-12-stunning-development
  5. I would say you offer a pay out so massive to the P4's they'd go for it. Because even in the power conferences they have their whipping boys. All it would take is a majority and with as ton of cash which you'd have I think you could make it happen. Sprinkle in a NIL pot tie in and I think that could make the allure too much to deny. Even now you have the figure growing in the P4 with the collectives, and with this if they pot was so massive enough it would be to much to pass up. I know it's a pipe dream but we can all dream. Cue up John Lennon's Imagine ..
  6. So there are currently 67 teams in the P4 conferences and 43 bowl games (not including the national championship) At this point the G5 conferences do have some leverage since the p4's need the G5's schools to fill out the college bowls. I know this is really a pipe dream but how incredible would it be if the G5 teams banded together and created a football relegation type structure where the top 4 teams in the G5 would get promoted into a P4 and the lowest team in the P4's would get dropped to the G5 level. I know in our highly litigious environment that it would make it even more unlikely but how fun would it be to have a chance to get into the majors.
  7. Considering the teams in his district it makes it even more impressive that he was first team all district.
  8. So does summer camp start August 7th?
  9. I'm actually feeling more than a twinge. We seem to have the right leadership and vision in place and for the first time in a long time I'm really hopeful for what lies ahead!!
  10. From what I heard the finalist was chosen before the search even started.
  11. He was on Morris' list of new players that reported for summer.
  12. So I just joined a lifestyle membership club which offers discounted rates on hotel and travel stuff as one of their benefits. I checked their rates and looking at the map there seems to be plenty of options.
  13. How many seasons will this be that's he's been in the league now?
  14. Why May 1st is there any significance to that day?
  15. I saw this on Twitter/X by @TJAltimore and thought it was interesting. I really thought we’d rank higher but the methodology made sense. From his tweet the modeling methodology. HOW THIS MODEL CALCULATES SCORES: For each factor, a range of metrics were weighted based on expert input, evaluated based on quantifiable data, and scored with statistical comparisons. Below is a quick overview of the methodology used in scoring. Please note that all individual data points are publicly available. Any school officials, conf officials, clients, or media staff with questions are free to reach out, and I’d be happy to set up time walk you through relevant data / findings / benchmarks, or custom analysis that may be of interest. 🏈 FOOTBALL SUCCESS: (Most heavily weighted, by far) – On-Field Success (Last 5 Year, Last 20 Years, All-Time) – TV Attractiveness (2016-23 – Total Viewers, Avg. Viewers, Rated Games, Network Games) – Fan Support and Facilities – Resources & Investment 📊 MARKET POTENTIAL: – Local Regional Market – State Market – Football Prominence Rank in State 🏆 ATHLETIC & HOOPS SUCCESS: – Resources / Investment – Scale (Teams / Athletes) – On-Field Success (DC Points / Team NCs / Athlete NCs) – Basketball Success (Last 5 Year, Last 20 Years, All-Time Tourney Success) – Basketball Fan Support 🎓 INSTITUTIONAL RESOURCES & ACADEMIC SUCCESS: – U.S. Institutional Rank (USN & WR) – Global Rank (ARWU/SR + THE ranks) – Research (Single Campus / Aggregated) – Resources (Budgets / Endowments) – Size & Scale (Enrollment / Graduates / FTE Staff) – Popularity (Applications / Yield Rate) – Selectivity (Admit Rate) ✅ KEY BONUS FACTORS: – AAU Membership – State Flagship Status – Land-Grant Status – Elite Academic Status (Top 100 NatU / LAs) – Established Power Conf. Member (Pre-2023) 🚨 NEGATIVE RISK DEDUCTIONS: – Problematic School Scandals – Control Risks and School Leadership Issues Note that any conferences, schools, and networks will have different factors that matter to them, and they will particularly vary based on TV contract considerations, carriage fee arrangements, rivalries and connections, and distributions of current members. As such, this can only provide a general quantification for illustrative comparison.
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