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  1. Just curious, when will we start promoting out games? Just asking for a friend, she didn't know.
  2. Hudspeth the Mayor of Denton has a UNT energy fair and jazz camp on his face book. Nothing about thousands of free tickets or UNT football.
  3. We really need to start thinking spectacular. How else are we going to get out of this slump?
  4. I wish we had this much hype for our home opener. There has to be a way to spin this, isn't there?
  5. Yes, I read somewhere that we have sold several tickets to our home opener. Wait, that was about UTEP, my fault.
  6. You know she reads this board. Now she knows what to tell the media.
  7. A 6-6 prediction is stating the team is mediocre. neither good or bad. 6 out of 12 games is .5. Now, throw in a bowl game loss and it is 6 out of 13 = .461. We need to be way ahead of this by now.
  8. Head football coach since Last season record Houston Baptist 2012 0-11 Abilene C 2021 5-6 Baylor 2020 12-2 Lamar 2019 2-9 Prairie View 2022 7-5 Rice 2017 4-8 Sam Houston 2014 11-1 SMU 2021 8-4 SFA 2018 8-4 Tarleton 2016 6-5 TCU 2021 5-7 Texas Southern 2018 3-8 Texas State 2018 4-8 Houston 2019 12-2 UNT 2015 6-7 Incarnate Word 2021 10-3 San Antonio 2019 12-2 This is based on each website. Sorry for any mistakes. This show when the head coach was hired and what their record was last season. We should be a little better by now.
  9. I didn't want to be the one that brought up broken links, so thankyou.
  10. The UNT football schedule states that it is. UTEP is saying less than 10,000 tickets left for the opener. Where is our marketing department marketing our opener. How many tickets have we sold.
  11. We need to win the first game at UTEP and and the rest of the season will fall into place. Winning isn't everything, it is the only thing.
  12. This is simply amazing that they can put all of this effort into trying to sell out the game.
  13. I know how you feel brother and this should not be the norm.
  14. UNT has a much better band and game day atmosphere!
  15. This could be a very interesting matchup. Can't wait.
  16. A season opening win makes a 10 win season 4 times more likely. From SBNATION
  17. Personally, I don't watch smu football unless we are playing so I don't know how many times they have been on espn. However, i do feel if we start winning we will be on more often.
  18. I think somebody woke a sleeping giant. Great job.
  19. It seems they have more to talk about here.
  20. Your largest home attendance last year was against UNT.
  21. I am getting old and I forgot what UNT is calling our 2022 season kick off. Somebody please help.
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