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  1. This link covers a lot of UNT personnel. Feel free to address your concerns with them. https://meangreensports.com/staff-directory
  2. Funny that you should bring up Commerce, they have the best bbq tailgating. A guy I used to work with is from there and has won dozens of bbq awards including chicken, ribs and whole hogs.
  3. He wanted to see CAL play.
  4. They left, so they must have thought it was the right decision.
  5. Well, I asked my neighbor if he was interested in going to the Cal game. He said yes faster than a speeding bullet.
  6. If that is true, it is about time. Thanks.
  7. I just stopped in to get a new hat and also purchased a NIT Championship shirt. Great deals.
  8. A write up of the cal at UNT , https://247sports.com/college/california/longformarticle/2023-cal-football-schedule-breaking-down-the-new-preview-season--203216457/#2090005
  9. Plus, he will receive sensitivity training. You can't make this stuff up.
  10. What a way to start your day. Is this why the old guy left.
  11. Just how green is the grass at WVU now. So, is the grass always greener. Just asking.
  12. When is the disectologist going to reveal the completed picture.
  13. And it seems some schools represent the other 30 percent.
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