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  1. I'll likely continue to throw up the game on my 2nd monitor while I do something else. I can't be bothered to waste my money driving up to Denton and watching this shitshow in person. Misery generally loves company so maybe I will drag myself to a watch party but that's unlikely as I'd rather not waste such a large portion of my Saturday on this. Once we have a new coaching staff in place, I will pay more attention.
  2. I'm a bit too far South (Arlington) to really get to enjoy the station. Coverage is always spotty and trying to catch games on the radio is a painful experience. Hopefully the new format will help grow the station and they can cover more of DFW.
  3. I'm not sure there's any legitimate reason why we aren't seeing Kason Martin on the field right now.
  4. Can't blame them. I feel bad that they wasted their money.
  5. This is basically my experience except I drove to the New Orleans bowl against Troy. Decided I wasn’t taking another trip like that again. Definitely an annoying waste of both time and money. That decision has paid off as the very next year, the New Mexico Bowl against Utah State managed to somehow be even worse. Hell its up in the air if I’m even driving back up to Denton this season.
  6. That sure beats $7 per beer at Apogee! I wonder if they’re booked for the Marshall game on October 15th… 🤣
  7. Both fortunately and unfortunately, I’ve already bought tickets to Lakewood Brewing’s 9th anniversary this weekend. These have always been really fun in the past though so if anyone is on the fence, I’d definitely recommend going to hang out. If the game goes to shit, misery loves company!
  8. I love it, but I hate it 🤣😭
  9. Hey I don't blame him, I practically quit too. There's a reason I just watched this on Stadium instead of paying to see it in person. There's no reason to support the crappy product being put on the field.
  10. Yeah I'm sure my gf is pretty damn tired of me being so invested in these games
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