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  1. Especially hanging on the club level.
  2. Is it available on direct TV. I'm looking at my channel guide and don't see it.
  3. I would have loved to be in his suite for this game. I wonder what the big donors he was hosting thought of the product in the field.
  4. I love hearing about the announcers kid named after a movie characters during a football game because the play on the field isn’t even relevant.(also using sarcasm font)
  5. Just few questions for those in the know... * Will any recruits will be down on the sidelines at all during the game. Perhaps the one's we're really targeting. * Do they all typically sit in the same area, or are they disbursed amongst all the other fans. * Will the athletic department release a list at any point, or does it just typically come out after signing day. * Does the visiting team ever invite their recruits they're targeting to attend with their team. * How huge would a victory be in closing the deal with some of the prospects. Seems like in years past I remember hearing about one of our bigger signees being on the visitors side when we beat the opposing team. Thanks in advance for sharing any insights.
  6. I wish I could've read Phil Bennett's lips when he was talking to KD Davis and the other guys on defense after the penalties that kept UTEP's drive alive.
  7. I didn't realize that Aune had another year of eligibility, but he said this would be his last year to play.
  8. How much will this game help vs SMU as far as being ready to play.
  9. That aside the point was more of an attempt to hear from people about experiences at away 🏈 games. I’d never even heard of biggangboomer before
  10. This ranks tailgating across the country, I think it’s fairly accurate. What are your thoughts?
  11. Was pleasantly surprised to see a UNT commercial during the first commercial break of the Cowboy’s preseason game. It appeared to be a new commercial or at least one I hadn’t seen. Also thought it was interesting at the end it said Denton | Frisco | Online with no reference to the Dallas campus.
  12. Dolphin fans seem really upset with their guy, but Darden looked good.
  13. It said there were 3,103 in attendance and i'd assume there were probably less than a couple hundred Mean Green fans in that count. One thing's certain, Shocker fans sounded extremely loud on TV making that performance even more impressive!!!
  14. Just got the green light from AD Baker to light it up, so now it's up to the current Talons to get it done. Another reason we are so lucky to have Wren as our AD!!
  15. Monday's game should be really fun to watch, especially since we beat them last December in Wichita 62-52. The Shockers loss to the Mean Green was just one of three non conference loses out of the last ten Non conference games played.
  16. I've watched both games and these guys are making me so proud!! Monday should be fun!! The mean green fans can definitely be heard!!
  17. Even though it's only virtual the men have definitely earned this honor!! Now on to the regional finals!!
  18. I think if that's the case and it's a policy this definitely is worthy of reviewing and changing it. We'll see if I get any response to my tweet to Neal and Wren. LoL
  19. Players report next Thursday (7/28) and have their first practice next Friday. (7/29) It's always this time of year I start Jones-ing for football which promoted my Google for the start of cowboys training camp (7/27) and then UNT's.
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