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  1. For those who can't make it what's the best way to watch CBSN? I've got ATT TV now DirectTV app and it's not on my plan. Over for Paramount network and I thought I saw you can watch it there. Thanks in advance.
  2. I guarantee Janeway couldn’t have survived being assimilated by the Borg!
  3. Your saying captain Janeway was superior to Captain Pickard?!
  4. So here's a far fetched thought but what if we banded donors together and offered the same incentives for N-I-L to our athletes that the SEC is proposing. First just the notoriety of doing it would attract national attention for being the first to get ahead of the trend. Also the level of talent would probably be raised as well. Imagine being the first in the state to formalize the new wild West, but also the attention it would get from potential expanding conferences. It would also be keeping with UNT's tradition of being a leader in innovation.
  5. Also did they return to pre covid buffet or still box lunches?
  6. One cool thing I learned today is you can put the URL into Google translate and it'll translate the Israeli text into English. Look forward to continuing to follow his career.
  7. I know it’s still fresh but with the absence of Adaway and the transfer of Siggers who’s gonna get the carries? Also will this cause a shift to a more pass heavy offense?
  8. You can watch him and Tampa Bay play the Texans Sat on the Yahoo sports app.
  9. Just curious if any of the creative geniuses here have done a wallpaper for the upcoming season? I'm jones'ing for a new background. Thanks in advance, can't wait to get back to the 🏈 action!!
  10. https://www.pewterreport.com/bucs-monday-mailbag-dardens-debut-which-wr-benefits-with-watson-out/
  11. I'm curious had anyone heard if they're bringing back the buffet style spread or if it'll still just be box style lunches. In the past it was really good, but I'll be less than impressed if they use the Covid crutch for box lunches.
  12. Trying to figure out best solution. I had club seats previously and loved them but a couple things have changed. 1. I'm traveling and may not be able to make all the games and. 2. It's just me now and I don't have a significant other; also I really don't want to buy 2 and try to find a second every game. Can you buy single game tickets for the club level seats? Thx for the help.
  13. Did you know though they are required to pay taxes for the games they pay in states that have State income taxes regardless of state residency. So each game week their earnings are taxed at the local rate in the state they are played I.e NYC, San Fransisco, Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, Cincy etc
  14. It is set at 25% attendance, and the games are being played at Lucas Oil Stadium. I think it’s about a 17,500 per game number.
  15. I really liked the tshirts they were sporting. So I thought I’d put this here so we can put where we spot the merch.
  16. Now we just have to keep Bassett from repeating his UAB performance of 0 points first 20 mins and 20 points in the last half.
  17. Does the stream keep cutting out?
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