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  1. It's pretty sad when you almost have to a skip tracer to find info about the upcoming Puerto Rico tournament. Silly me thought they might at least have an article or at least tourney schedule on the athletics website but there's nada not even a mention. That tourney really needs to learn about this new thing called social media, most info I see is from 2021.
  2. He's gotten more comfortable now, leading them on a nice touchdown drive. 4 passes for 70 yards.
  3. Mark, Not kick ball related but have a bit of an emergency and lost all my contact info. Could you plz give me a call. Also if anyone on here has Mark’s info and could relay this I’d really appreciate it! Stephen West (in case you didn’t know by the screen name)
  4. Can’t make it to todays game but was curious if there was any TV? If not is the game on 88.1 or 95.9.
  5. Didn’t see that coming, I figured he’d wind up at LSU. Per NBC 5 in dfw
  6. Fyi it looks like tonight's game will stream on ESPN+ starting at 7.
  7. Just curious how many games are going to be on TV? Is there a good site to see what games will be televised.
  8. For those who can't make it what's the best way to watch CBSN? I've got ATT TV now DirectTV app and it's not on my plan. Over for Paramount network and I thought I saw you can watch it there. Thanks in advance.
  9. I guarantee Janeway couldn’t have survived being assimilated by the Borg!
  10. Your saying captain Janeway was superior to Captain Pickard?!
  11. So here's a far fetched thought but what if we banded donors together and offered the same incentives for N-I-L to our athletes that the SEC is proposing. First just the notoriety of doing it would attract national attention for being the first to get ahead of the trend. Also the level of talent would probably be raised as well. Imagine being the first in the state to formalize the new wild West, but also the attention it would get from potential expanding conferences. It would also be keeping with UNT's tradition of being a leader in innovation.
  12. Also did they return to pre covid buffet or still box lunches?
  13. One cool thing I learned today is you can put the URL into Google translate and it'll translate the Israeli text into English. Look forward to continuing to follow his career.
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