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  1. This announcer really loves bringing up our disappointing season
  2. I think this speaks more to their redzone offense than our defense.
  3. Reffett should be relieved of his duties at the half.
  4. I mean.. who isn’t clowning our D at this point?
  5. Well, I’m happy to eat some crow. Glad to see us taking some shots downfield
  6. I wouldn’t blame them at all. Even if they don’t get it, it’s not like our offense is doing anything.
  7. Unfortunately, when our offense isn’t clicking I don’t trust our defense to step up and keep us in games..
  8. Unbelievable.. just give Siggers the damn ball!
  9. Why in the hell can we never kickoff through the end zone?!
  10. Did Tre Siggers piss off Littrell this week or something? I’d like to see him in the game more.
  11. Is it too much to ask for our DBs to turn their damn heads around???
  12. 3rd and 10 and they call a draw... it’s time for Littrell to take over the play calling.
  13. Anyone know why we aren’t seeing more Tre Siggers tonight?
  14. Loving the North Texas chant coming through in the broadcast!!
  15. If I were taking shots every time they mentioned Evan Weaver, I’d be dead lol
  16. I never thought I would be so happy to see us to not “tee it high and let it fly.” Keep it on the ground.
  17. Hell, I regret driving from Arlington to the watch party in Allen!
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