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Hank Dickenson officially speaks with Eastman & Beaudine Inc.


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North Texas acting athletic director Hank Dickenson spoke with representatives from Eastman & Beaudine Inc., the search firm helping the school search for a replacement for Rick Villarreal, on Monday.

Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation told the Denton Record-Chronicle on Tuesday that the meeting took place. Those sources and others provided some perspective on where UNT’s search stands and how it might proceed.

Dickenson, a longtime UNT athletic department official, has guided the school’s athletic program since June 6. Former UNT athletic director Rick Villarreal officially stepped down on Monday. Villarreal’s departure was announced on May 23.

read more:  http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2016/06/unt-athletic-director-search-update-dickenson-interviews-with-firm.html/

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7 minutes ago, southsideguy said:

why would you pay a search firm if your going to promote in house.  if they promote this guy, how much money did we waste this time.



Just got off the phone with a friend who does C level searches. She interviews internal candidates even when she was told only external candidates would be hired. 1. builds support in the organization for whomever is eventually hired based on a feeling of fairness, 2. sometimes identifies candidates the Board had not considered before and 3. lowers the likelihood of problems being caused by internal people feeling slighted. 

I also asked if that assures the unsuccessful internal candidate would be fired by eventual hire. She said statistically, no that wasn't the case. That depended on two things. First, the confidence level of the successful candidate. If they are secure in their own job, they usually want senior people with institutional memory around them. If they aren't confident, successful people, they tend to fire anyone who can do their job. And that, statistically, makes them more likely to fail in the long run. 

The second factor is the willingness of the unsuccessful candidate to accept the new leadership. But that's more on the unsuccessful candidate than the new incoming leader. 


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4 hours ago, southsideguy said:

why would you pay a search firm if your going to promote in house.  if they promote this guy, how much money did we waste this time.

Why would you pay a search firm to auto-exclude a certain applicant?  I'm not for Hank getting hired, but excluding anyone just because they are internal would seem to smear the whole process and put question marks on the final choice.

PS: I like MG93-98's post better.

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1 hour ago, southsideguy said:

if they want to interview him at , they know where to find him, otherwise a waste of time.  So you a big fan of Hank tell why you would hire him?  I am being open minded here.

If this post is aimed at me, I have no desire to see Hank being named as the AD.  However, I also don't know anything about his thoughts/ideas on how to improve the program.  He has been riding shotgun for the entire RV era so he has a huge strike against him, but I see no harm in allowing him to speak his peace.  

Unless you have no intent of retaining him in some capacity once the new AD is hired I don't see how you can deny him the courtesy of an interview and expect him to stick around.  

It's not like the search firm is going to enter the room and the last thing they remember is Hank saying "you're getting very sleepy" and then he is announced as the AD.


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