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  1. More positive attitude is what is needed around here.
  2. mgfan

    Repeat after me...

    This is why I said I'm not completing sold on seth yet. He has made us better. Can he make us champs?
  3. mgfan

    Players opinion on D coordinator

    Seth always took what he had and made a below average D. I thought D was suppose to be a strength or at least improve.
  4. mgfan

    Seth litrell

    The point is we wete getting blown out snd our D did nothing to stop them. Glad we got those 3 points! Thank God those 3 points put us in striking distance of 14 points behind.
  5. mgfan

    Seth litrell

    I gues we will see what 1 million dollars can recruit.
  6. mgfan

    Seth litrell

    Good coach, yes.... Great coach???? Meh What is his record this year agianst teams above .500 ( seriously, I'm wondering) Defense is bad, his hire, on him. He has been blown out 4 times this year.(SMU, FAU x2, Troy) I am not completely sold in him yet. Down 27-50 goes for a field. Gotta keep that offensive average up, just like at fau. What a joke.
  7. mgfan

    2017 FBS Attendance

    Generous?! Its a lie.
  8. mgfan

    Why no one goes to SMU games

    I didn't even think of the tailgate scene, or lack of. Are parking situation isn't perfect, but leaps and bounds better then SMU. UH and UT are better then SMU. Actually I'm not sure of a stadium that is worse.
  9. Parking there is terrible. I went for a high school playoff game and parking is a joke. Getting in and out of that place is a nightmare. Everyone there was not happy with the situation. There may have only been 3000 ppl. ( obviously more then any SMU game.)
  10. mgfan

    Leach to Litrell

    Was reading an article on ESPN written about Leach but ol' unt gets a mention. Since Leach took over at Texas Tech in 2000, his mixture of offensive wizardry, offbeat intellect and deadpan sense of humor has given him a profile larger than his record has earned. He has coached 16 seasons at two FBS outposts: Texas Tech, literally on the outskirts of the Big 12; and, for the past six seasons in Pullman, which makes Lubbock look cosmopolitan. Leach has done pretty well at those two perennial ne'er-do-wells. He has won three of every five games (122-80, .604). He has nurtured a healthy coaching tree, with branches spreading from West Virginia (Dana Holgorsen) to UCF (Josh Heupel) to North Texas (Seth Littrell) to Texas Tech (Kliff Kingsbury) to the College Football Playoff (Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma).
  11. I see 415, but if we want quality coaches we need to step up the $$$ game.
  12. MWC. I'll need the numbers but bringing even slightly bigger names to Denton seems to help attendance. This maybe offset by travel cost though.
  13. Short notice. Only a few seats left with high demand.
  14. I usually agree with you vito, but not this time. Shreveport would have been better. Cost of plane tickets is high.
  15. mgfan

    DRC: UNT headed to New Orleans Bowl

    Yeah I can't go, but my wife was checking ticket prices for fun and she didnt see much on the day of the game to get you there in time and Friday isn't much cheapers, plus hotel, plus food, plus tickets.... plus I like to gamble.