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  1. I've held judgement but I think Seth has reached his peak at UNT.
  2. Seth is an idiot for leaving Mason in. Why would you?
  3. I would like vito to ask the reason behind leaving Fine in.
  4. Good call. Bring Bean in after Mason takes a massive hit. Idiot.
  5. Exactly and it will screw us next year when he is gone.
  6. My major issue with Seth is that he gives the back up qbs very few game time reps. So next year when Fine is gone we will have a qb with no real time playing experience. Which doesn't have to be the case. Why would Seth care, he will be gone after this year.
  7. Easy choice. It is all perception, if MWC comes calling, we go.
  8. I own a Lance Dunbar signed unt mini, helmet, shirts, a very old coffee mug with the sow on it, but the best this I own is a shadow box my wife made. It has the tickets of the games we went to when we were dating and students at UNT.
  9. I was ripped after the la tech game saying that is staff can't win a big game..... I still stand by my comment. Can't believe people talked about heisman , expanding the staidum, undeafted season. Love my mean green but something has to change.
  10. Buddy is a booster at K state. He said Seth Litrell going to K State is done deal. Could be announced next week. Possibly Monday. We will see.
  11. Beat rice, just about everyone else has......... Is not being able to win a game where the conference championship is on the line literrell's ceiling?
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