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  1. Easy choice. It is all perception, if MWC comes calling, we go.
  2. I own a Lance Dunbar signed unt mini, helmet, shirts, a very old coffee mug with the sow on it, but the best this I own is a shadow box my wife made. It has the tickets of the games we went to when we were dating and students at UNT.
  3. I was ripped after the la tech game saying that is staff can't win a big game..... I still stand by my comment. Can't believe people talked about heisman , expanding the staidum, undeafted season. Love my mean green but something has to change.
  4. Buddy is a booster at K state. He said Seth Litrell going to K State is done deal. Could be announced next week. Possibly Monday. We will see.
  5. Beat rice, just about everyone else has......... Is not being able to win a game where the conference championship is on the line literrell's ceiling?
  6. Harry, you think the o line has been at a satisfying level this season? On a constant basis?
  7. Offense has progressively gotteb worse or other teams have figured us out. Maybe both. Also, looks like we made no half time adjustments and the other team has.
  8. Nope, call me a casual fan now. Convince me to come to apogee. That's who the team and AD need to convince to come to games on a regular basis and losing games doesn't do it. The hard core fans are easy to get to go to the games. Gott when the big games and we don't. Prove to me I'm wrong. Don't say Arkansas, they are terrible.
  9. Said, I wasn't spending my time & money at apogee. I'll still follow the team just not worth it anymore. Flew out to Florida last year to watch them het smacked by FAU. I think my time and money can be spent else where. I'll still post and hope for the best, but when we can't win big games it just isn't worth it. Guess I just don't get using all the time and money behind a team thay hasn't won a conference championship since..... 2004(?).
  10. Not changing my screen name and I'll still follow the team. I'm just not spending 5 plus hours of Saturday and hard earned money to watch the game at Apogee. Win a big game or conference championship then maybe. Same story of under performing for ten years doesn't cut it for me.
  11. This. Harrel doesn't make have time ajustments or when he does there is no need to (la tech game). I am not in favor of giving this staff and extension. Let's see if the can win a game that matters.
  12. 10 plus years of losing and not winning big games. I know many have gone longer. Congrats. I'm spending my Saturdays else where. Funny thing is I was ready to buy club seats before the la tech game. It is one thing to lose to a better team. It is another to get out coached on several occasions. This team, players, coaches, whoever can't win big games. Disagree if you want, but look at the record in games where a lot is on the line.
  13. Was Seth all over the refs? Or did he just stand there with his arms crossed like he always does?
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