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  1. Can you provide any get out of jail cards for alumni? 😂
  2. At this point he isn't going to a p5 as a head coach. So he went from being a p5 coordinator, to be a head coach, so he can go back to being a p5 coordinator?
  3. If you are a recruit and watching these post game interviews, what are you thinking? Same question for a someone on edge about buying season tickets? Or big donor? He shows no confidence to me. He looks like someone who is thinking "Damn, I'm stuck at UNT another year." I seriously question about how much he really cares about this university.
  4. Either make major changes or be prepared to lose a majority of your fan base. That is all.
  5. This is the most rediculous post game interview. Coach mumbles pisses me off.
  6. Wife and I said the same thing. We will invest in a program when they invest in themselves. Aka getting better and firing coaches that need to go. SL losses to another team above. 500
  7. They are not a good football team, and neither are we. Their lack of focus and energy is squarely on your shoulders coach..... Joker is a stealing money.
  8. A good coach would.... But we are lacking in that area.
  9. If SL won't fire someone than the entire staff needs to go. SL included.
  10. I've said this before. It is also the reason our back up qb's got playing time I'm games we were up big.
  11. This times a million. I truly believe SL knows he is gone and doesn't care about next year.
  12. And the rediculous comment of the night goes to.... 😂 BTW MASON WE NEED YOU TO WALK ON WATER. SHOULDN'T BE HARD, IT HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE! He only went 26/38 394 yds 5 tds I think he did his share in the team sport.
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