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  1. I’m obviously in the minority, but I like them
  2. I’ll go ahead and bring this thread back….. seems appropriate
  3. First quarter and backup qb comes in for uab…. Maybe they feel bad bc our backup qb is in. I like the sportsmanship.
  4. Let’s make this clear. Graham Harrell was the only reason Seth has ever had a winning season at UNT.
  5. He can for sure afford the quilted with what we are paying him.
  6. Yeah it is bad. How we are performing tonight has been how we have been performing the last couple of years. It is a Microcosm.
  7. How many years we gonna be double digits dogs to smu?
  8. Seth loses to another team above .500.
  9. At least we get the ball right back after the fumble and touchdown.
  10. Holy sh** . 4th and 3 and we drop an easy ball. We have completely given up. Seth has lost this team.
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