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  1. I'm just going say, with the # of sacks and hits fine has taken.. he needs to give them a spark..
  2. Maybe be different if Fine was chewing them out.. would like to see him just get up one play and go off on them, and hope that lights a fire under them
  3. The OL that started the night was the one from the end of the rice game..
  4. I think the most frustrating thing is how's well we moved it on the 1st drive and then on the last 2. everything between that was down right bad, which I think we can agree upon as well.. the defense keeps missing tackles and getting these stupid penalties. I understand playing aggressive but they need to learn how to manage this.. this is week 5 and almost 2 months of practices now.. they need to straighten this out, it cost us vs. SMU with the big plays, Rice which we were able to overcome, tonite neither side really helped the other.. Defense as just to damn tired, and kept shooting itself in he foot with either stops on 3rd then a penalty or just getting beat. as bad as this sounds, Ekler and them on defense have to expect that they will not be bailed out by this offense. I'm hoping that we can get in some OL support as well in this upcoming class that can compete on day 1.. Davis probably has the hardest job on the staff
  5. So true, and missing tackles.. and stupid penalties as well.
  6. The most frustrating thing is how we moved the offense on the first drive then the last 2... outside of that, this offense was bad
  7. If you or someone you know has an Xbox1.. campus insider is a free app you can down and game looks great
  8. http://www.hudl.com/video/3/5263797/57c15b99d21b9e3cc0601c1d Kid has played both Safety spots, and the staff is following him.. Big kid on tape and loves to hit, would be great in that Rover/SS spot.. if he is able to gain weight and no lose alot of speed would be one hell of an LB
  9. Would be great if we somehow got Miles to come in and help with recruiting... offer him something where he can interact with the players/coaches in the area but yet he can go look for jobs as well
  10. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/660118 followed by 3 guys on the staff.. JUCO QB from Navarro. He retweeted some rankings with him having 4*s and a top 5 Juco QB as well. 6'4 225 Dual Threat
  11. I'm not sure about the Bus, when I was up at West Point we had to walk, but this was 2 years ago when they played Buffalo. If your walking from the Ferry to the Stadium, be ready to walk a long distance and up some very steep hills.. But probably the most beautiful view you will see of any stadium.
  12. If this kid were to come for a visit, could english interact with him on the sidelines/in the stands? would be great to have players like Orr/Quinn/Robertson/Dunbar on the sideline as well at the same time
  13. doubt he is still committed? or doubt he could be here in the spring?
  14. I was wondering this as well, does anyone know?.. I know he was trying to graduate early, so could he possible enroll here in January if he commits?
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