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  1. Good news…. DMN will mention us this week when they report the SMU score. 😆
  2. Not this bad, I placed money on UNT to cover…… I don’t think that is gonna 😂.
  3. And that is completely okay that you don’t agree with me. Like I said, you don’t have to. I also said you’ll get over it, which is also true.
  4. Why do you care? It is okay not to agree with me. You’ll get over it.
  5. Shitty fan for a shitty team 😂. No one asked it to be you.
  6. I hope they hang 100 on us then maybe WB will realize Seth needs to go.
  7. I believe the entire team from the coaching staff down to the S&C coach and everyone in between are to blame. We are terrible. 😂
  8. He is out coached by most teams above .500. That is fact. At this point you must face reality. He has taken this team as far as he can. The risk/reward of getting a new coach is worth it at this point.
  9. His daughter (chandler’s sister) works for UNT football. That is why they were there.
  10. 😂 thank god we aren’t. We can’t compete with the MAC. 😂
  11. Seth needs to go. He has reached his apex at UNT. I don’t care if he wins this game. He can’t recruit a decent qb and we will get killed in the ACC.
  12. IYou are spot on. And moving to the AAC competition will be better.
  13. 🤔. Can’t do that. You’ll see though. It is pretty reliable. 60% of the time, it works every time.
  14. We are going to the frisco bowl opponent tbd. heard it hear first. 😉 😆
  15. We are going to the frisco bowl. opponent tbd.
  16. Let’s looks at his profile as a whole and not just this season. he has had more resources than any other coach before him at UNT. Has done horrible against teams with a winning record. Zero conference championship ( even with one of the best QB’s in UNT history) zero bowl wins. Seth has reached his pinnacle at UNT. He has done an okay but he cannot take us to the next level. time for him to go.
  17. Dang y'all's opinions! How dare it be different! 😆
  18. This thread is called “Seth Littrell” 😂
  19. Happy for the team and coaching staff. But Seth’s record against teams with winning record is still terrible. And don’t get started me on bowl games. Let’s be honest 6-6 is still a mediocre year at best. I’m going to sit back enjoy the win and then decide if I want Seth back…. Like I have any real say. 😆 GO MEAN GREEN!
  20. glad we won but….. Luck was the reason we won the game. Not coaching.
  21. He won’t be the head coach after this year.
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