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Official Tulane Game Score Prediction Thread


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UNT comes off of a bye week healthy and hungry after the comeback win VS Ball St and "hanging with" Georgia for 2 1/2 quarters.

The Mean Green defense continues to swarm, hitting hard & forcing turnovers. They'll make their kicker look like a Lou Groza winner... which he is, kicking long FG's due to somewhat-effective-but-stalled drives.

Offense needs to move the ball effectively using that up-tempo, balanced attack that seems to be working so well. Run game needs to improve. I think this 4-2-5 defense can be run upon.

I just don't think Tulane has seen a defense like ours yet. The best one they've seen is Syracuse, which held them to 17.

North Texas: 31

Tulane: 16

Statement game.

Lots of celebrating in the quarter for the lucky Mean Green fans who make the trip.

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20-17 UNT.

Finally break through with a meaningful road win by the skin of our teeth.

A blow out could mean big things for the Mean Green.

Right there with ya.

I think we finally start getting our road woes out of the way. A close win means road wins are still an uphill battle. A blowout means this team could be special.

could be

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On defense, I think our guys can hold Tulane at bay and create opportunities for the offense. They picked apart Ball State's Wenning (who has performed better at tougher places than Apogee and was #10 in the nation at QB at 9/14). They held off Georgia's offense for half a game, who summarily went to LSU and beat them handily this past weekend, despite LSU being higher ranked. That same D also forced Georgia to rely a great deal on passing because their running game was weak even with a Heisman-candidate RB and equal caliber backup. My big worry is passing and running over the middle - our LBs and DBs have given up plays in that area and it has to be better covered. Forced fumbles and interceptions will be a huge part of stopping Tulane.

Special teams will be big - forcing TOs and taking the ball back for 6 should buy our team the momentum it needs to seal this away.

Offensively, I think that Thompson has the chops to put their DBs to shame and our WRs are helping shoulder the load that was solely on Brelan's shoulders last season. Adding more yards to the stats of the TEs will probably help spread the Tulane defense out, too. Our running game should have room to shine as the Tulane D has to back off to cover our receiving corps.

I feel a bit shaky about our guys playing a game away, but they held it together at Georgia (considering) and they put up a good fight at Ohio even if they were still jelling.

I think it runs close for the 1st quarter and part of the 2nd. After that, our depth and conditioning shine, the D locks down and our team wins by 14-21.

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ULM made them look better than they are. My first official prediction on this board:

Meaner Green: 31

Teal Waves: 20

I agree!

It may have been a bad game on both sides... but I wasn't really impressed at all with Tulane or La Tech when they played each other. It seemed like both teams didn't want to win it.

Based upon what I saw from that game alone makes me feel pretty good about this one.

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From the Tulane board:

Vegas has us at 2.5 point underdogs icon_eek.gif

My first instinct was a 2-3 td win. But this is HC


Green Wave 31
Mean Green 21

CJ coaching this team to a victory after the debacle at Syracuse impressed me. I really didn't think he had "grown" sufficiently as a HC to pull that off. That said, talent gaps makes this team erratic, so erratic that its hard to pick wins and losses. I think, talent wise, we more than match up to UNT. A "big" Homecoming crowd and a team that finds that when the talent level is similar they can win..................I call for a Tulane victory. And one that we need if we're going to get to 6 wins this year.

TU 27
UNT 21

It in inconceivable that Tulane wins this game. We will get destroyed. Go Mean Green.

The two classic recent homecoming blahs (IMO) - '09 vs Marshall and '10 vs Army - were against teams that went to bowls that year. UNT is certainly at least that good and better coached than that Marshall team.

Taking out the fluke half against Georgia and NT doesn't look much better than us... A high completion percentage means they probably run quick slants. No big deal as their WRs will be draped in Tulane DBs all day.

When comparing teams I only look at one thing, lines. I haven't seen enough of NT to know if their lines are bigger/better than ULM. I expect 2+ TD throws this week from Montana and the coveted pick 6 from one of our DBs.

CJs last sentence in his post game speech was "this is not the goal!!" In reference to winning the game Saturday (and that the goal is a Cusa/ bowl championship). I do wonder if the up and down pattern would end soon. A win on homecoming has alluded us all too often in the past.

If the game is changing, we start winning consecutive games and on homecoming at that...

If we don't shoot ourselves in the foot:
Tulane 34
UNT 17

I have no feel for this one at all. A toss-up, but UNT has played hard consistently for many games, now. They just don't seem to lose focus as often as . . . some other teams have. Probably that's why Vegas started them out with a small lean, even on the road.

Tulane 20
UNT 24

Prove me wrong. Let me be the happy drunk in the family Saturday. icon_smile.gif


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