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  1. The athletic department and the school as a whole simply don't want to invest the time needed in order to grow our brand through fresh and exciting merchandise. They just pawn it off to the licensing company who in turn makes it impossible for companies like Last Stand and Homefield to produce anything worthwhile. I'm sick of seeing Wren Baker and Co. get on Twitter and tell fans there's nothing they can do because they're not in the retail business. It's disingenuous because they continue to allow our licensing company hold ALL of our branding hostage while failing to utilize Apogee, Super Pit, and bookstore to sell team issue gear. Maybe things will start to change now that people are bitching more than ever, but I'm not holding my breath...
  2. That's incorrect. As of now, all of our games will be on Saturday. I'm guessing Homecoming will be November 5th vs FIU. We tend to favor late homecomings during the last week of October or first week of November.
  3. This article tells me two things: 1. Seth is a great guy with solid morals. 2. He is not cut out to be a HC in today's CFB landscape.
  4. I think you're missing the point. Sure, there are some great FCS players out there, but when your rivals are landing multiple P5/G5 transfers that hold multiple offers while you are hoping to find diamonds in the FCS rough, things aren't likely to work out for you.
  5. Right there with you. I know we aren't going to compete with the big boys, but I'm EXTREMELY concerned we aren't even being competitive compared to other G5 programs. I'm seeing other schools bring in sought after P5 transfers while we're having to settle for FCS guys.
  6. Which of their whiskys would make the best old fashioned? I've used the Pot Still and liked it, but wondering if any of the others would be good? FYI, I'm not a fan of Rye.
  7. Sorry, but the AD's wish list is way more important. You just want baseball so you have somewhere to spit sunflower seeds in April, while the AD's wish list is about growing and improving our athletics department.
  8. The Mavericks went 57-25 in 2011 and had the 4th best record in the NBA. Pretty impressive, IMO.
  9. What makes you think SMU let it go public? Usually its agents that float this stuff out there hoping to get their clients more money.
  10. But is it worth starting all over at another mid-major and burning bridges when he could wait another year and get a high profile job that pays him $3+ million? Littrell leaving for K-State made a lot more sense than Grant leaving for SMU. K-State is a massive step up from UNT. You can't say the same thing about SMU. Especially, when we're about to be in the same conference.
  11. IMO, Grant's style this year was because of our lack of offensive talent. If we had more scorers I guarantee you our tempo would be a lot faster.
  12. No question SMU pays more. I'm guessing we could get get up to around $1.5 million. But I don't think this is all about money. McCasland is already on the verge of getting jobs way better than SMU. Why would he settle for the marginal jump up when he could get something way better next year? Career wise it doesn't make sense.
  13. You mean it forces teams to play a faster style of basketball that results in more points? Sounds exactly like what college basketball needs. That and deemphasizing charging.
  14. First round- TXST Second round- Virginia Quarterfinals- Colorado Semifinals- Florida Finals- SMU
  15. In a perfect world the autobid would go to the regular season champ. One bid conferences having their best teams upset in the conference tourney only hurts the conference. Since mid major conferences will never give up their tournaments I don’t know why they don’t adopt the WCC and WAC tournament format where the top 2 seeds get byes until the semifinals.
  16. They were playing scared. No one wanted to step up and make a play. Just a lot of passing the ball around the perimeter until someone had to force a shot because the shot clock was about to expire.
  17. This is a ridiculous statement after the last 2 seasons we've had.
  18. Why is it needed? It hasn't held us (or SMU) back from climbing up the conference hierarchy.
  19. That doesn't automatically make them worse than the Super Pit. And comparing us to the whole country doesn't make sense. A better question is how does the Super Pit rank compared to arenas in the AAC, Mountain West, Big East, Atlantic 10.
  20. My big complaint is the SOW and Texas outline at mid court are way too big. Midcourt logos should not stretch all the way between the 3 point lines.
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