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  1. Tell that to UTSA fans. They think he's over critical of UTSA. People just love to hate writers because they don't constantly pump up their favorite team. He just predicted us to go 7-5 next year. That's way more optimistic than a lot of people here think.
  2. So doesn't it make sense to have the Maroon Out game vs them? Now the whole stadium will actually be maroon.
  3. La Tech, FIU, ACU, Temple, Navy, Tulsa, UAB, No reason we shouldn't win at least 4 of these games. With our easy OOC schedule, anything less than 5 wins would be very disappointing. I'm expecting 6-6 or 7-5.
  4. Cal's QB was sooo bad. If he was halfway decent they would have beat us by multiple scores.
  5. What's your point? He was a solid QB until injuries wrecked his throwing arm. Even then, Dodge wasn't as good as Rogers was at ULM.
  6. I think a lot of people are assuming Ruder has turned a corner just based on him looking good in a few controlled scrimmages. Let's remember, he looked great in fall camp of 2021 and won the starting job. But once the bright lights came on he played like crap. Compare that to Rogers, who has a lot of solid game tape, while playing on a really bad team. IMO, their prior on-field performance plays a bigger role in who starts next year than most realize. Unless he completely shit the bed, I don't think Rogers was ever going to lose the job. Though it does make me feel a lot better that he came out and all but ended the competition on Saturday.
  7. Tuesday at 5 PM? It’s like they don’t want a big crowd.
  8. Yes it does because the clock stops in the last 2 minutes. And even if it didn’t the drive still would have happened. We got out of bounds on both first downs. Nothing would have been different. And if you think games dragging past 3:30 hours is great then we’re going to have to agree to disagree.
  9. Why? There's no reason to stop the clock outside the last few minutes of each half. All it does is make the game longer.
  10. I think we can all agree the SOW needs to stick around as our primary logo. That said, we need something else to compliment it within our branding. We can't keep slapping the SOW on different things and calling it a different logo (I.E. TX outline, UNT script, North Texas script, etc.). As someone who loves the interlocking NT, here are some schools who use interlocking letters as a secondary logo. It can be done! Oregon State: Florida State: Texas State: Arizona State: South Carolina:
  11. I don't think doubling down on a trend (TX Outline) is a way to build a better brand that stands out. It's an overused look that dozens and dozens of Texas high school and colleges use. I don't mind it as an alternative logo for merch, but we're leaning too hard on it, IMO.
  12. That’s how you do a custom hat! I’ve learned that’s what you have to do to get a nice hat since all that’s available to purchase are dad hats. Here’s what I ordered last year…
  13. Don’t think I’ve ever seen this one before
  14. Agreed. The UNT script should only be used for academic purposes. When people see the "logo" below they think of the university/academics, not athletics. I hate the push that's been happening the last 3-4 years to brand athletics under "UNT". I fear part of the strategic plan will be to officially drop "North Texas" from our branding and adopt "UNT".
  15. And Ross Hodge's daughter was repping it at his introductory press conference. There are obviously people in the athletic department that want to use it. I just want them to figure out whatever legal issues there might be with the the alumni association so they can start selling it to fans.
  16. But it was dropped and is now regarded as a dated 70's logo that would confuse anyone outside the UNT community. I think the way its used a a throwback is perfect. Interlocking letters are a classic look that never look dated. And I would argue it was brought back in spirit with the SOW. There's no need to have multiple eagle logos. The interlocking NT would diversify our branding and merch. Right now, all you see is the SOW packaged in different ways and is a reason why our merch all looks similar and generic.
  17. I don't think there's any demand for it to be brought back full time. People outside of UNT can't even tell what it is. Hence, the nickname "Flying Worm." It's a quirky 70s logo that needs to be kept as a throwback only.
  18. No one is suggesting getting rid of the SOW. But its the only logo we have and that's a problem. The interlocking NT would just be bringing back an old logo that should have never been dropped from our branding.
  19. I asked Brandon Buzbee a similar question and did not get a response. I suggested they could use the same font from the current university script so the Athletics “NT” differentiates from the Alumni Association “NT”. But if you remember, the throwback gear released in concert with the Mean Joe Greene game did not include an interlocking “NT” like the logo on the helmets. All the merch for sale had the “NT” separated. There was obviously some kind of legal issue preventing them from selling their own logo.
  20. Not true…per the tweet, the alumni association owns the logo as a separate entity (nonprofit) from the university.
  21. I mind that they block athletics from using any version of an interlocking NT logo. I get wanting to protect their own version, but the university/athletic dept should be able to create their own. They used it long before the alumni association.
  22. I've often heard rumors this was the case, but this tweet pretty much confirms the North Texas Alumni Association blocks UNT and the Athletics Department from using the interlocking NT as a logo. This is really disappointing because I know a lot of fans would love to see the interlocking NT come back as part of our branding.
  23. RIP Rick FYI, George Dunham gave him an on-air shoutout last week and mentioned he was in the hospital with some kind of illness.
  24. lol I love how the "First" expansion added like 30K seats. The only expansion we'll probably ever need is building an upper deck on the visitor side for another 10K-15K and additional suites and club level seats.
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