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  1. Maybe. But we can pay him over a million dollars more per year, have better facilities, and about to move up the conference ladder. He's probably content waiting until a desirable P5 job opens up, but I still make the call.
  2. The offense handed Memphis 21 points. I wouldn’t call yesterday a step forward…
  3. There were crowd shots every quarter. The north endzone was never close to being full.
  4. Man, you’re gonna be really pissed when our new coach gets a bigger contract than Seth.
  5. Bad attitude? Pot meet kettle.
  6. Yeah extending a coach who just had back-to-back 9 win seasons and was on the door step of a P5 job was dumb in retrospect…
  7. What the hell do you want him to do? Firing a coach in September does nothing but appease irrational fans.
  8. These threads are exhausting. Wren has been great for us and isn’t going anywhere.
  9. We could increase his pay by over $1 million and we have a higher potential than Coastal. Only legit reason he’d stay is because he thinks a good P5 offer is coming soon. Like I’ve previously said, he should be the first call.
  10. I agree with most of your points, but this is outdated thinking. Who cares if you recruited your best players out of high school.
  11. But our diving eagle dates back to the mid 2000s. Hard to say we're copying Oregon when we're using a logo that predates their wing pattern.
  12. Because he knew Sonny was leaving for TCU. It doesn't look as bad when everyone knows your current coach is about to leave for your main rival.
  13. Disagree with Harry's last point that McCasland's success has something to do with Littrell's job security. Even if basketball had been struggling, Littrell's seat would still be on fire right now. Football stands on it's own in Texas.
  14. I don't think this is correct. Wren already knows the guys he wants to interview. The search firm just acts as an intermediary between the schools and the coaches' agent.
  15. Offense will be able to move the ball again, but our putrid defense will get run over. Memphis- 45 North Texas- 24
  16. Probably because he'd been a successful head coach at his previous stops. And he's continued to elevate Coastal to heights its never been. He's exactly the kind of coach we're looking for. It's probably a long shot to get him, but I make him say no to that massive raise we can offer him.
  17. The culture changes with the head coach. Whoever we hire won't give a crap about what's happened before. And I don't think I need to remind you or anyone else that the culture at UNT the past 7 or 8 years is drastically different than previous decades.
  18. A&M won't fire Jimbo, but I don't expect him to be calling plays next year. He'll be forced to hire an innovative OC to lead the offense.
  19. I think it has more to do with people don't think a program like UNT should fire a coach that can win 6 games a year.
  20. Fair enough. But they didn't just roll into the Sun Belt and start kicking ass. They were 13-23 their first 3 seasons. Since then they've been on an incredible 25-3 run. A coach who can elevate a program to a new level is what we're looking for and I don't think there are many realistic options who have done that better than Chadwell.
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