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  1. 4 or 5 years?!? The new coach needs to have us to 6 wins within 2 years. There is talent on this roster.
  2. The Super Pit is an adequate venue that is outdated in many ways. We've done a decent job keeping it updated, but like the other buildings built on campus from the same period (Willis Library, The GAB) it's an architect's worst nightmare. It's also just too big for a college venue IMO. It still would be an easy walk from most of the dorms so as long as the team is good attendance won't be an issue. And let's not forget, the new arena would also be home to the volleyball team. We need to get them out of that warehouse they currently play in.
  3. I kept saying the DFW market is so big it wouldn't automatically eliminate us from AAC expansion. I was told by many people I didn't understand how these things worked and we had no chance with SMU already a member. Well...who's smiling now?
  4. Not sure how Navy stays in the West. Think you need to flip them with Memphis.
  5. EXACTLY! When KSU wasn't giving Seth the terms he wanted, he walked away thinking we'd win another 9 games in 2019, which would lead to better offers.
  6. So do you think Seth purposefully led KSU on just to get a raise from UNT or do you think all the articles on how Seth pulled out of negotiations are false and he was never actually a candidate?
  7. And how did that hurt the program long term? Hint: IT DIDNT
  8. Looks first class! I need that indoor putting green!
  9. Probably because the administrative support and facilities have only been around for the last 5-10 years.
  10. I agree that the AAC will act first. Aresco said this week to expect teams to be invited within 3 weeks to a month. It would be a mistake for the MWC to wait until the Big 12 expands again. By then, they would be stuck with bringing up FCS programs. https://www.smudailycampus.com/sports/aac-commissioner-mike-aresco-responds-to-c-usa-letter-realignment-and-murky-future-for-conference
  11. This is what's so frustrating. Why would they not sell the version Littrell is wearing? It looks so much better.
  12. Cons- It's not going to happen. Now lets move on to getting an invite to the MWC since there's at least a chance of that happening.
  13. Ram Nation Radio Colorado State Athletic director Joe Parker was on a podcast talking realignment and MWC seeking expansion, possibly into Texas.
  14. Not sure why you and I got downvotes for sharing the same sentiment. It doesn't take a lot of effort to notice all the gear our teams wear has WAYY better branding/design than the generic Nike stuff available to fans. A couple other examples are the UNT flag baseball hats our softball coaches wear, and the Scrappy golf polos the golf teams wear. WHY ARENT THESE BEING SOLD?!?
  15. They also wanted to include a massive buyout, which one of the articles states was the real deal breaker. And it makes perfect sense. If you remember, Littrell was strangely MIA for days while the team was preparing for the New Mexico Bowl. It's likely he was well into negations with KSU and thought he wouldn't be coaching us in the bowl game. But when they couldn't compromise on a buyout number and staff control, he walked away. It's hilarious how some on this board think the entire Kansas State situation was just a ruse by Littrell's agent to get a raise from UNT. Like Wren Baker had no idea what was going on...give me a break.
  16. https://www.cjonline.com/sports/20181207/north-texas-seth-littrell-reportedly-backs-away-from-kansas-state https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article247751335.html
  17. If you're looking for proof like leaked emails or photos of contracts that were never signed then you're never going to see it. Multiple outlets reported Seth was deep into negotiations with Kansas State, but when they told Seth he wouldn't have complete control over his own staff and his contract would have an insane buyout clause, he walked away.
  18. Don’t hold your breath. Our AD has a habit of outfitting our teams with awesome gear but never making it available for purchase.
  19. 1. He (Harrell) has more charisma and personality than Seth has ever shown. He might not be ready, but I feel like people write him off just because of his youthful persona/look and country accent. It sucks his time at USC has been marred by dysfunction at the HC position. 3. I mean his (Lebby) resume is VERY similar to Littrell's when we hired him. I feel like we're the perfect place for him to get his shot. I just fear Wren and Co. will view it as Littrell Part Two.
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