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  1. Linebackers were dismissed. All DBs were called back for a second look. (James Gray, Chad Davis and John Schilleci)
  2. Green Unis is what I was told.
  3. Schilleci Crew will be there. We will have 8 adults + 2 kids (10 and 12 yrs old). KIDS OK? @Ryan Munthe @John Williams Ok... Wait... I missed this? Where is this one? Nevermind. Got it. ARE BOTH tailgates kid friendly?
  4. I tend to live in the present.
  5. BUT.... we will win this one. COULDNT HAVE WORKED OUT BETTER FOR US!
  6. FOR THE RECORD.... i also called LaTech/ Navy at AFB! @Cerebus @ChristopherRyanWilkes
  7. UNT VS ARMY!!! At heart of DALLAS!!!!!!! This couldn't have worked out any better!!!!!!!
  8. looking like Army. LaTech likely to Armed Forces. (just wanted it on record that I've been saying HOD all along even when it didn't make sense. ) 20 minutes...
  9. Here's what we know.... It's not: Vegas St Petersburg Armed Forces ------------------ HOD. I'd put $ on it.
  10. They have practice at noon and coaches already know.... I agree. Won't be much longer.
  11. "Don't be so sensitive." I was J/K.?
  12. The plan is to go to firefighter academy. ? If anyone has any insight for him... It's welcome. He is currently looking for a job for after the bowl and the spring semester, though. Never. Still cracks us up.
  13. ? WHEN we do come next year... you 2 guys will be the first to hear about it. I have really enjoyed getting to know you both over the past couple of years. Thanks for the laughs. ??
  14. I FOUND IT! @Harry!!! Lol!!! Too funny! Hilarious thread. I still dislike "meanrob".
  15. Let me start off by saying that after this season... My ties to north Texas football are cut. I will obviously hang around and continue to support the other boys on this team that our family has a relationship with through my brother but outside of that... I will no longer have a bias on these topics. I came into this forum with a long and sarcastic post so it's only fitting that I should exit with one. +1/-1... I don't really care anymore SO... while we are all trying to pass the time with waiting for our bowl announcement... Here are some thoughts and reading material. First- On the "oh so popular" topic of the position of quarterback: Mason Fine may be an incredible quarterback for UNT. Is he an answer to every problem this program has had? Hell no. THERE ARE 10 other guys on the field. I have observed nothing but poise, humble leadership and the opportunity for him to have an amazing future here at this university and I challenge anyone to name something that has made you think otherwise about that kid. You won't be able to. On the recent recruiting digs: When you have a coaching change and you go 1-11... What kind of expectations do you have in the immediate future for recruiting? 5-7, this bowl game and our good grades just saved UNTs ass for this years recruiting. So quit the bitching about us going to a bowl because you think it's "not earned". The same rules that say a team with six wins is qualified... Is the exact same rules that say that we are at 5-7 with a bad ass APR. It is a shameful and ridiculous argument that is a direct slap in the face of these student athletes. If you need proof that there is something in the air to be excited about for UNT footballs future: WATCH BEYOND THE GREEN. Watch how the coaches interact with the players and the players interact with each other and the coaches. If you observe how these relationships were driven back in 2013, you will noticed that the hype and motivation came from that group of seniors. When they left... So did the hype and motivation. Now observe last years sneak peek into the locker room compared to this year's.... My experience in being a college athlete, having a family full of college and professional athletes, having been surrounded by an unbelievable group of coaches in my life and being a coach myself has taught me that coaches that hold themselves and their staff accountable for their mistakes as much as they do their players is a trait that earns respect from the entire program. THAT kind of Respect motivates work ethic... that affects the teams improvement... that inspires ambition... that breeds pride, loyalty and teamwork... that further motivates the level of work ethic, demands respect and raises bars. Coaches that are humble enough to accept responsibility (even in sometimes situations when it's not there's to claim but for the good of the team) teach their athletes the same behaviors. One of the most positive things that I have witnessed from this particular group of coaches and makes me regret my player not wearing a red shirt this year is the fact that they seem to understand how to communicate with their athletes. They are students and human. They make mistakes. Sometimes big. Sometimes small. Coaches do it too. But it's not really about the mistakes as much as how they behave after they make them... This is one of those creeds that's driven into your mind as a young youth athlete and one of the most popular in getting neglected as the level of competition rises. It's something that without a shadow of a doubt Dan McCarneys staff completely forgot. Did you see any Carlos Harris outbursts this year? Nope. Have you seen any mud slinging from player to player or coach to player/ vice/versa? NOPE. This coaching staff has exhibited behaviors that are in line with keeping everyone moving forward and getting better at every turn. For example- suspending athletes because they are breaking team rules then not throwing them on the chopping block to the media, taking responsibility for a game that falls on the unmotivated shoulders of the ENTIRE TEAM last week, actually coaching instead of yelling at each other and the players AND giving these STUDENT ATHLETES the room and confidence to be able to translate mistakes and failures into learning experiences that gets them better instead of throwing them out. There are these articles circulating from bleacher report about cheating and the two things that it requires in order to build a successful program... Make no mistake about it. The reason why this staff will be successful is because of its core values. They understand that teaching doesn't end in high school and that it's more important to teach these kids how to be men rather than abandoning principles for the sake a football game. And these players love them and respect them for it. And in the future, parents of high school seniors will be more inclined to push their kids into the arms of a staff that will take care of them, teach them and respect them. When you have an atmosphere like that... Winning happens a hell of a lot more. When I first came onto this forum, four years ago... I started off with a very similar post. ? I have met some amazing and great alumni from gomeangreen.com who have been incredibly welcoming to me and my husband, my family and became fellow cheerleaders for our player. There are even a few of you on here that I now consider friends. I want to thank those friends for always inviting us to tailgates, after parties, tolerating my late-night drunk posts/ the long winded posts/ chat swearing and then..... defending them. Heehee. This fun little website has made me throw my phone at times but also created a lot irreplaceable memories that has made our football seasons so much more fun and I will be forever grateful for that. It's always amazing that people on here twist the past with the future even though it's not logical to do so in some situations. UNT football's past IS NOT UNT football's future. You all have a lot to be hopeful and excited about and I look forward to dropping by to celebrate this programs successes and say "I told you so" again. And who knows... maybe I'll be back on here in a few years to cheer on my own son in a MEAN Green jersey. I would be proud to. ?GMG, Stephanie (SSP) ?
  16. It was a Community HS player. And yes... Was absolutely disgusting. AND OBVIOUS. There are a lot of nasty things that happen at the bottom of a pile (eye gouging... Etc. Use your imagination) but he legit put all of his weight on that kids foot. Horrible. also worthy of mention- The officials didn't catch this and there was no flag thrown. It was only brought to the attention of the school districts when someone had turned in the video. Coaches claimed "didn't see it happen".
  17. This is also correct but... Southlake can also afford to move in a very economically disadvantage family into a $1.4 million home. And that's poop. Yep. And because of the TRUE transfers (which are estimated at ummm... 10%?) they will NEVER change it.
  18. It's not a UIL Committee that has authority in these matters. It's the district committee that makes the final decision on whether or not it was a move related to extracurricular purposes... And they did find that Dilman was transferred because of those reasons. Because... He did. Lol
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