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  1. Covid sucks… first game I’ve missed in years. Should be ready for game 2.
  2. North...Texas... North...Texas... North...Texas... GO MEAN GREEN (everyone) repeat all of it 3 times.
  3. I think it was him that I saw on the trainer’s table with his knee wrapped in ice and given crutches. His status may be posted elsewhere, but I haven’t read it yet. Any word out there?
  4. Dave said on the broadcast that Frazier is officially shut down for the season. You just can't polish this turd
  5. I was disappointed again to wake up on Monday morning and see Benford still employed at UNT. Very frustrating.
  6. It was an awesome crowd today. Really pumped to see the turnout from both schools.
  7. Glad he was there to support his former players and coaching staff. Hell, thanks to him and Coach Mac for helping to get our grades up as a program so we could be at a bowl game with a losing record.
  8. pretty upsetting to walk through several Mean Green tailgate spots that were covered in litter and broken beer bottles. Pretty classless.
  9. Well, in the 4 games I've been to this year and the 8 or so I went to last year...and every season he's been here, he's subbed like crazy. It's embarrassing to watch because he looks so lost as a coach. I was pulling for him and very much wanted him to succeed...I still do...I hope he wins a ton of games for us...it's just hard to believe that anymore with our street ball approach.
  10. I expect Benford to sub about every 30 seconds so no player gets into a groove. If anyone misses a shot or has a turnover they will be benched. Then, he will guide this team in "street ball" which will lead us to a frustrating offense. I would love a win for the players but I'm not confident about this game. I hope #NewDenton will apply to basketball very soon.
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