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  1. I have. Oscar reminds me a bit of Adrian Peterson. He is without a doubt the starter. However, you stated you knew TWO guys lower on the depth chart than Torrey that are better than him and that its not even close. You've named one: Johnson and said he is built like a Sherman tank. Im not sure that qualifies as making one "better" but ok. So who is your second, lower on the depth chart, not even close, guy?
  2. Okay, name them - and then explain why it is not even close.
  3. I like the optimism but something that alarms me, aside from not having a QB, is: Of our 113 man roster, 68 of them are Sophomores or younger. Rare is it that a Freshman, RS Freshman or Sophomore contributes in a meaningful way. (Mason, Jamario, etc being exceptions.) That leaves us with 45 guys who have had meaningful time in the program. (9 of those 45 chose to take the extra year and come back.) My hope is someone really rises to the top in fall camp for the QB spot. If whoever that is can be at least as good as D. Thompson circa 2013 we may go .500 this season. If not... Also, what the hell happened that this years senior class is so small?
  4. You could say John Hedlund for soccer? (He's still here ya know?) Hedlund is head and shoulders above anyone, in any sport, that has coached at North Texas, at any time. All the dude does is win. Starts program from scratch - has winning seasons for next 26 years straight. 16 Conference Championships - 8 Runner Up.- 7 NCAA appearances.
  5. Did you see how many 5-Star college recruits played in this years Super Bowl? Precisely - 1
  6. Im confident he'll be playing on Sundays. I also think he breaks our draft drought. Next man up #9 Mr. Simpson. He showed a few flashes this season.
  7. Yes. My 34 year old neighbor tested positive. Neither her husband nor two children did. She fully recovered and was never hospitalized.
  8. Cyril Lemon played two seasons with the Saints and is now a coach at Marble Falls. Antonio Johnson made the squad at NOLA but was cut and then signed by the Broncos to their practice squad. I believe he lasted one season on there. Both were FA.
  9. While we're piling on - Let's not forget about how Dodge had Olawale on the team and only managed to get the ball into his hands 8 times in his career. (Jamize is now 7 years into an NFL career with the Cowboys giving him a 3 year extension in March.)
  10. Heck, maybe even *gasp*, put the QB under center.
  11. Mason Fine and our WR's far superior to smu secondary. We win by two touchdowns.
  12. In addition we can all shotgun White Claws whilst tailgating and get white out prior to kick.
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