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  1. Cyril Lemon played two seasons with the Saints and is now a coach at Marble Falls. Antonio Johnson made the squad at NOLA but was cut and then signed by the Broncos to their practice squad. I believe he lasted one season on there. Both were FA.
  2. While we're piling on - Let's not forget about how Dodge had Olawale on the team and only managed to get the ball into his hands 8 times in his career. (Jamize is now 7 years into an NFL career with the Cowboys giving him a 3 year extension in March.)
  3. Dot's Hop House in Deep Ellum will have the game on multiple TVs.
  4. Heck, maybe even *gasp*, put the QB under center.
  5. Mason Fine and our WR's far superior to smu secondary. We win by two touchdowns.
  6. In addition we can all shotgun White Claws whilst tailgating and get white out prior to kick.
  7. Sticking with my guy from last year. Dion Novil. Number 97 in your program.
  8. Please feel free to DM me with the name of that company. 1956 Ranch with rice paper windows much like your originals.
  9. Dot's Hop House in Deep Ellum (2645 Commerce St.) will have the game on with sound. https://www.facebook.com/events/2422447417829897/
  10. K-State football will go the way of the Dodo post Bill Snyder. It won't matter who they hire.
  11. I think the proof is in the fact that the athletic department is going to the time and expense of having multiple uniforms each season. Why would they go to the added expense if the department didn't believe there was a return on that investment?
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