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  1. It’s not just AAC and above, it’s any school in a conference that has a relationship with ESPN. Knock the Tuesday games all you want, but because the MAC and Sun Belt have that relationship, when teams from those conferences make the top 25, their games will be broadcast on an ESPN linear network in a reasonable time slot on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday. A top 25 team CUSA team at this point in the season is still likely to be on a web stream, while a meaningless game such as NT/Rice is on NFLN. There’s no flex in the TV schedule. Don’t underestimate how much this media deal hurts in recruiting. It’s a dagger. In the college football world, you have to be in bed with ESPN. Even if it’s on a Tuesday night, because eventually the conference will have a top 25 team and get flexed into Saturday games. The CUSA media deal is by far the worst in FBS.
  2. If momma got butthurt over what was said by this fanbase, she’s going to be in for a rude awakening when she starts hearing from the FSU fans.
  3. Second in the ACC gets you a legitimate broadcast on a linear network every week and an automatic bid to the Orange Bowl. First in CUSA gets most of their games broadcast on an obscure internet stream, likely produced by students and a bid to a bowl nobody cares about.
  4. When was the last time anybody in CUSA had a season worthy of being ranked? There’s no bias against CUSA, the fact is that it’s a piss poor football conference these days. App St. was ranked before they lost last week. It’s a simple formula-win some damn games.
  5. They only sold a small amount of those helmets, not 100. The ones they sold were probably past their lifespan. I believe I heard they would possibly wear them only in night games.
  6. Exactly right. It wasn’t because they are SMU, it was because they won some damn football games. The attention SMU received was no different than what UCF received the last few years. The media love the G5 underdog. TCU (before Big 12), Boise, UCF, Western Michigan a couple years ago, all G5 media darlings. SMU and App St had their chance this year.
  7. The people smoking something are the ones who couldn’t do a simple search to see how tickets sales are doing. Here, I’ll do it for you: https://www.google.com/amp/s/dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/04/23/2020-nhl-winter-classic-cotton-bowl-sold-out/amp/ The damn thing sold out. In minutes.
  8. What window? They have to wait 30 minutes plus a 10 minute warm up to start after the last strike in a 10 mile radius. There’s been constant lightning in the area
  9. Guarantee both teams agreeed to cancel the game. They both have multiple NFL picks and weren’t going to put them back out there on a crappy field and lightning in the area.
  10. There's great award availability for flights to ABQ on American for those who have AA miles.
  11. The thinking that Army is relevant with the CFB media is very Old Denton. They don’t register. CBS Sports isn’t a major network-not even big enough to rate with Nielsen. Like us, they’re just another team- if they’re good, they’ll get attention, if not, nobody cares. The Army name is meaningless in today’s world of college football.
  12. hahahaha. You expect people to believe RV over Smatresk? That's funny. The snake oil salesman himself. The dude who said we'd have baseball by 2012 or whatever year. The dude that hired Tony Benford and kept him here 4 years. Haha
  13. Absolutely. But we can't even get the good Nike shirts made available to us fans.
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