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  1. AAC scheduling is like the power conferences. The vast majority of games are scheduled on a 6 or 12 day pick. Meaning that unlike CUSA, we will not know what the kickoff time or network will be until a week or 2 before. The networks are going to pick the most appealing matchups for that week and give them better kickoff times and networks. Win and get games on an ESPN linear network, lose and get used to ESPN+ school produced games. We're going to get 11am or 2:30pm kickoffs in September and Thursday and Friday night games, so get ready.
  2. This is exactly how I feel. I stopped donating and buying season tickets after the Tony Benford disaster. Haven't looked back, haven't regretted it one bit. If there is reason to jump on the bandwagon, it will be easy to do so. I had no problem buying tickets for NCAA tourney games in Indy without donating. We all know that they can't give away tickets for the bowl games. Want to go to a random football or basketball game? Buy tickets at the door. If you personally don't feel like donating or buying season tickets brings you joy, then the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to back away. It's not worth it. If you want to fund scholarships for students that can't afford an education, there are myriad other ways to do that outside the athletic department.
  3. You’re making my point. Regardless of how we got there, both coaches rode a hot QB and we’re unable to find a FBS level QB to replace them.
  4. Is that your standard for firing a coach? You’ve forgotten UAB, Marshall and Liberty. If we played Sam Houston or another FCS team that was as good as that Portland St. team this season, an 0-7 start would have been very possible. You like to mention Seth’s first 3 years. Both Seth and McCarney took previously bottom feeding teams to 5 wins in their first seasons. They both had a 9 win season in year 3. Mac won a trophy, Seth hasn’t. Sounds pretty even. Year 5 Mac starts 0-5, gets fired, take out the Covid season, year 6 Seth starts 1-6, keeps his job. All the while Mac worked for a fraction of money Seth does. I don’t see much of a difference between Mac and Seth at this point.
  5. The first 3 years where Seth got lucky with a good QB and OC, yet still managed to get curb stomped by better teams and not bring home any trophies?
  6. That’s the same crap that was spewed around here when people were rightly saying RV should be gone. I’m in on taking the chance. To me, it doesn’t get much worse.
  7. It's a meh for me. Obvious now he got lucky with Mason and GH. Even with them still 0-4 in games with a trophy on the line in those 3 years.
  8. This will probably be the annual Coaches’ wives beach trip. I do not believe we have a great record on these beach trips.
  9. So because we’ve never won in the past, we should never expect to win in the future, no matter how much money we put into the program. Got it, I understand now. Let’s just pay our next coach $700k and call it good and celebrate when we #hit6 once a decade.
  10. Where did I say top 25 is the expectation? 10 wins and a trophy. Louisiana is on track to do it 3 years in a row, you’re telling me that’s asking too much here?
  11. I don’t make or give a crap about predictions. Are you saying that he should be retained if he meets these low predictions? I care about expectations and standards. Given the amount of resources poured into the program, my expectations are 10 wins and a trophy. Can’t get that done on a consistent basis, then you’re gone. What are your expectations?
  12. It’s a tough schedule because our coach sucks. We have the highest paid coach in the conference, in his 6th year, making nearly 2 million plus a private jet to take him to Cancun whenever he wants. This schedule should have been easy. 1-2 losses at most. Tired of this mentality.
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