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  1. Seriously. The process is expensive and it takes forever to get a result. Even for highly qualified immigration applicants, it can take years and mountains of paperwork.
  2. meangreendork

    New UNT Commit Jordan Hunt

    Yes, this speaks volumes about his ability.
  3. meangreendork

    CUSA Championship at 11am CST, 12/2

    Pretty sure it'll be FAU in this matchup. I don't see FIU winning their game. And unless FAU falls asleep, they're definitely winning against Charlotte. Hope our coaches and players are ready.
  4. meangreendork

    Best Uniform of All Time?

    The throwback unis from the 1st HoD bowl season were the best we've had. I normally favor modern looks, but that was just a classic, evergreen uniform. The all-black and carbon helmet from that HoD bowl game were sharp too. But if we're talking best uniform family? This year's is definitely the best.
  5. A lot of viewers, especially in the under-30 market are dropping their cable/satellite TV services in favor of streaming. Truth is, ESPN et al, need to find a new way to offer game viewing to fans that's more flexible and/or creates more demand.
  6. meangreendork

    Food in Denton

    Give Boca31 a shot, it's next to the GDAC building and across from Victoria Station.
  7. Right. Neither seem to have much besides coattail riding on their resumes, and beyond that, Clinton just barely more than Trump JR. There are other, actual, business magnates we could invite.
  8. If it's on museum grounds, then I guess I'm OK with it. Though less so if it's one of those that came up during Jim Crow. I wonder if the metal portion was one of those mass-made units.
  9. Just don't leave room for people to draw a false equivalence between groups of people, of which the far-right aims to marginalize, de-humanize, steal from, and yeah, kill entire groups of people based on skin tone and where they or their ancestors were born. They're dragging down the GOP and the US with that garbage. By action and intention, their aim is pretty clear. And for real, ya'll, when you've got some of our few remaining WW2 vets telling you you're messing up, you're truly messing up.
  10. meangreendork

    Last Chance U (East Mississippi CC)

    Yep, the old staff was already there. The idea of looking at JC candidates is nothing new, but to pull from schools like EMCC, we're competing against many of the P5 schools they left.
  11. Leaving out Fitzgerald for reasons outside of his control is pretty lame. He doesn't call the plays, he doesn't play or coach the defense. If the numbers stack, the numbers stack. It kills me that he didn't go pro. He's a special kind of elusive.
  12. meangreendork

    Wild schedule speculation

    I'd rather our guys play a real university.
  13. And years of it, for multiple years. TBH, I bet that's one of the few places that would take him.
  14. meangreendork

    QB Offer

    Seems like my worry about Nathan being soured by his old coaching staff on UNT might be unfounded.
  15. No lie, Kerr and College Inn really need help. They needed help when I was a student. And that was in the early 2000s.