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  1. That's gonna be a big problem as there aren't jobs for many to return to right now.
  2. Ouch. That's both morally bankrupt and fully ignores the science of disease spread. A virus that pops up in 188 countries isn't worried about politics and borders.
  3. Oh I got it, but I'm not funny enough to back you up with the right follow up.
  4. I can answer fine arts done remotely. In fact, I have a client that's moving most of her business that way. Lessons can be pre-recorded or done via video call. Photos or footage of the projects can be sent to the instructor. Supplies can be sent or picked up by each student, purchased by the school as normal. Individual instruction can be done with branched calls or separate calls.
  5. I'm aware, just overstating a need for solutions that'll work. There's no way to go back and fix mistakes from the beginning of this, it's a matter of not letting it get worse when it doesn't need to.
  6. I just hope they've got a bulletproof plan to keep students, faculty and staff safe.
  7. New Zealand, Italy, Taiwan, really any country that managed to get their case counts under some kind of control. If we can't borrow things wholesale, then small parts. Some of it might ask folks to things they aren't comfortable with, but if it saves lives and helps produce consistent economic activity in the long run, it'll probably be better than the start/stop we have here.
  8. There's a lot of "we told y'all" going around right now and for good reason. I'm just glad masks are now a mandate, even if it's 4 months late.
  9. Oof, now there's a push to cut federal funding for testing as we hit our highest case count. This is getting worse all while vaccines are still in testing, at best.
  10. If you're a big company. Everyone else got screwed. Stop, regroup and try again, son.
  11. The article is pretty slanted, but I've read similar on other outlets. Either the federal government isn't coordinating effectively and artificially creating a competition, or it's squirreling off supplies and then reselling them. Neither are good news. Edit: Stumbled upon this: https://www.wlrn.org/post/feds-seized-shipment-one-million-masks-miami-dade-say-officials?utm_term=nprnews&utm_campaign=npr&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com#stream/0
  12. It's a bit of a mess, yeah. Hopefully the phased approach to opening things up helps, but there's still a need for widespread accurate testing. I've also got concern that holding off COVID-19 may end up being rationale to take less action in preparation for the next disease wave. It would be like winning a football game against a tough opponent and not stopping to take a look at game tape to see what you can learn for the next time you play them.
  13. Lots of experts have talked about a second wave, so this no shock, even if still frightening. Looks like they're worried about the same thing Taiwan and South Korea are worried, too as they start to flatten out, but they're quarantining and testing incoming travelers so it should help.
  14. Right. There are ripple effects to overloaded hospitals and hospital staff. Every case of COVID-19 that overloads an ICU is another medical emergency that can't be attended to.
  15. I have the same worries. I also don't think a 3 month shutdown - at least how we're doing it now - is feasible. We would just end up with a lot of evicted folks on the street. If we did anything longer than that, looking at how the UK is doing things may help. Substantial financial aid for those who can't work, plus loans and grants for businesses of all sizes. I'd like to see contact tracing, booth and drive thru testing, and IR temp scanning if possible. Gotta buy time for treatments and vaccines and for the medical/emergency responders.
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