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  1. He got off easy, whether he did it or not. Also, jail time for anyone who knowingly enabled or participated in illegal acts with this mook. Full stop.
  2. I was hoping that some of the architectural features - mainly those column-toppers would be incorporated into Apogee somehow, even if it was just one of them as a historical marker.
  3. I have to second this. Desmond Tutu and Martin Luther King have numerous statements about how the people who sit inactively are almost as bad as those who actively take part. Standing on the sidelines of this while friends and loved ones could be targeted next is like being a blocker and letting defenders walk past you to hit the QB. That LB might not be looking for you, but you're just as much to blame for that sack if you don't make that block.
  4. Kerr Hall, then College Inn for a summer. After that, apartments along Bernard St.
  5. Dude's been like that since ever and he was taught to operate that way by his own father. Either the voter knew and wanted this or wasn't paying attention. I knew he was a trainwreck and I've only been around a little over 35 years. You could see anything he did from the 80s on and know he's a mess.
  6. Without looking at infrastructure that has to be moved/replaced, property buys, and the rest, that does seem like an oddly high amount for one intersection, though if it's designed to scale with growth, then it makes sense that it be a rather extensive project. Also, I'm on board with roundabouts. They're proven to be safer and allow for faster traffic flow than stoplights, even when well timed with other lights (which is asking for a lot).
  7. If your glory days are when you had to cheat to win... ...they weren't glory days. The suck of it is that there are decent people that are going to school there, playing in their athletics teams and are basically being given a bum rap because some rich dudes wanted to cheat the system over 30 years ago. It's as if a sudden short term gain isn't worth it.
  8. Nah. Their enrollment is something like 75% distance students and a lot are on federal aid. If the economy gets weird, that can change their situation very quickly.
  9. He's incredibly talented, very humble, and just seems like a sharp person all-around. I'd watch Tobe do a pre-game show at Apogee or the Pit, no doubt.
  10. That'll absolutely be what happens. Liberty's a fake university that somehow cheated their way into the FBS. It's only consistent that they bring Briles on. For extra points, they can hire Kenn Starr, too.
  11. OH MAN. OHHH MAN, that series was electric. If there's ever a series where coaching and conditioning mattered, that was it. Rotating guys out helped, but making sure that they could even play that many plays straight and *STILL* lock the door on Rice was incredible. I went into that game worried about the Rice running game and for good reason. That series was yeah, just incredible. Then after The Stand, that was it, Rice was done. They were shaky before that, but shutting down that drive was the final nail. I'm also glad to see names like Jones, Buckles, and Awasom pop up in peoples lists. I know Kennedy was great but he was just one guy on a pretty stellar D. Lemme add two names: Toby Gowin Nick Bazaldua Those guys - and Bazaldua, who I saw more of, were very consistent.
  12. Barr's conclusion ruled out a specific line of connection between the campaign and the Russian government - that there was an agreement between the campaign and the Russian government. Not oligarchs, financiers, or officials acting outside of their official roles. Considering the numerous indictments against Russian nationals, former members of Trump's staff, and that there are a slew of other investigations spawned by Mueller's special counsel investigation at the state and federal level for crimes prior to the election campaign, during, and during the inauguration/transition, we're far from done. Let's not forget that the grand jury that was fueling charges from the special counsel is still running. There's also this whole counterintelligence probe. Oh, and for giggles, let's not forget that Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and Trump himself are known for using personal email accounts, unsecured phones, and hell, Whatsapp for official business. In addition to everything else fundamental about Trump that makes him unfit for office and a danger to national security.
  13. Definitely. While I hate that we're a stepping stone program, it's far, far better than where we were before. Crazy what's happened since Smatresk and Baker got together in the last few years.
  14. Seriously. "Stop the run/run the ball" only works when your defense can also stop passes, when your passing game is effective, when your special teams is effective, and before all of that, your coaching staff is competent at both coaching and recruiting.
  15. Gotta work on that running game if we wanna keep running backs and not be limited to a passing attack, ya'll.
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