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  1. meangreendork

    NT vs NDSU Bring Them Down

    Seriously. "Stop the run/run the ball" only works when your defense can also stop passes, when your passing game is effective, when your special teams is effective, and before all of that, your coaching staff is competent at both coaching and recruiting.
  2. Gotta work on that running game if we wanna keep running backs and not be limited to a passing attack, ya'll.
  3. meangreendork

    Ekeler Out at UNC

    Oh man, I really liked Coach Ekeler. I'm sure he'll be able to land another gig someplace else, but still.
  4. meangreendork

    9 Wins and disappointing

    I'm not disappointed in 9-3. I love that part. I am worried that if not by a few points, the record would be worse. I'm worried that the offense is having issues with blocking and is suffering in the 2nd half as a result. Linked to that, I'm worried that there is now enough tape out there to shut down the team next season. The coaching staff has the ability to solve all of this but I'm not sure they will.
  5. meangreendork

    Footballscoop nuclear winter

    Seriously. I'll burn my UNT gear if Briles coaches here and I'll lead a charge to have him removed. I don't care about wins nearly as much as I care about UNT running a program that's as close to clean as possible. All the wins in the world don't really mean squat if there's a long list of crime and coverups behind them.
  6. No to Briles. Period. I don't care about how many wins he can line up because his character is in question. That whole scandal at Baylor is disgusting and that's before you factor in the level of cover-up. I'll take a losing program that's clean before a winning program that's Pony Express-level dirty. I'll just not have football if we're gonna risk having something as dirty as Baylor.
  7. meangreendork

    So, I guess we’re better than Houston?

    You don't have to be a UNT fan to understand that barring a game-by-game proxy breakdown of the UNT, UH, and SMU schedules, a UNT vs UH matchup is likely a UNT win. I'll take data that's a few weeks old with current players over data that's 6 years old with an old coach, old players, and hell, even an old AD.
  8. meangreendork

    Oline coach better get to it!

    Gotta agree with those points. Without a definitive running game, defenses can just pin their ears back and go, and I'm not sure if that's on blocking schemes, conditioning, or the RBs on the depth chart. My related concern is for Fine and the QB position. I'm worried that we haven't seen much of the rest of the QB corps this season - blowouts/garbage time or not. Why? And if its a matter of the skill of the other QBs, without a good running game, we're in trouble if Fine gets hurt.
  9. meangreendork

    DRC: 5 things UNT fans should know about UAB

    Funny things happen when about 60 of your players are JUCOs or P5 transfers.
  10. Seriously. The process is expensive and it takes forever to get a result. Even for highly qualified immigration applicants, it can take years and mountains of paperwork.
  11. meangreendork

    New UNT Commit Jordan Hunt

    Yes, this speaks volumes about his ability.
  12. meangreendork

    CUSA Championship at 11am CST, 12/2

    Pretty sure it'll be FAU in this matchup. I don't see FIU winning their game. And unless FAU falls asleep, they're definitely winning against Charlotte. Hope our coaches and players are ready.
  13. meangreendork

    Best Uniform of All Time?

    The throwback unis from the 1st HoD bowl season were the best we've had. I normally favor modern looks, but that was just a classic, evergreen uniform. The all-black and carbon helmet from that HoD bowl game were sharp too. But if we're talking best uniform family? This year's is definitely the best.