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  1. Right. There are ripple effects to overloaded hospitals and hospital staff. Every case of COVID-19 that overloads an ICU is another medical emergency that can't be attended to.
  2. I have the same worries. I also don't think a 3 month shutdown - at least how we're doing it now - is feasible. We would just end up with a lot of evicted folks on the street. If we did anything longer than that, looking at how the UK is doing things may help. Substantial financial aid for those who can't work, plus loans and grants for businesses of all sizes. I'd like to see contact tracing, booth and drive thru testing, and IR temp scanning if possible. Gotta buy time for treatments and vaccines and for the medical/emergency responders.
  3. A close friend's mother was exposed to a COVID-19 carrier; testing is being setup for her and those potentially exposed. A proper vaccine and anti-viral cant some soon enough. On other notes, looks like more parts of Texas are enacting shelter in place or similar. The more the better, really.
  4. When Ford pardoned Nixon, that should've been the sign to tighten the rules around presidential pardons.
  5. I worry about US reporting not being accurate for a bit longer until tests make it out. I wish the WH accepted the WHO tests. Edit: some containment in China and SK is a good sign. Hopefully this isn't a bug someone can catch again, though.
  6. It just means it's easier for you to hear god's word when your feet are up.
  7. On a good day, our hospitals are close to max and likely understaffed. Between that and major screwups in test availability and procedure, plus folks going out in large groups due to bad top level leadership, we might be in for a mess.
  8. I've got a cousin that works in respiratory medicine in Singapore. While they seem to have things contained there thanks to a fast, centralized response, they're still looking at a PPE sshortage. She's ok but is worried that the CDC cut in 2018 and slow response this year is really gonna cost us.
  9. Gotta do something when there are thousands of people without paid sick leave and your president is out here cutting aid deals to energy companies and hotels.
  10. I would be more concerned with the current president wishing to have the US Army go after LTC Vindman for telling the truth under oath while cutting a break for Stone, who engaged in witness tampering and violated court orders.
  11. It really does look like SMU is stacked with senior/grad transfers and that made the difference. That's how they were able to keep fresh players out there at least.
  12. These look like generic team logos you'd in Madden or NCAA's create a team mode. They're logos, but that's about it.
  13. I remember the first spring game Fine came out at. He took over the drive for another QB and the offense just responded as if he'd been their starter all along. Like, you just knew this QB was *the* guy for the job from how he carried himself to how he passed. When he came in for Morriss against SMU, it was the same deal. The guys saw him, snapped-to, and they worked with him to deliver.
  14. He got off easy, whether he did it or not. Also, jail time for anyone who knowingly enabled or participated in illegal acts with this mook. Full stop.
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