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  1. My confidence in this team is absolutely shot. I would love to be proven wrong, but there's no way I can confidently say we even make this a game at this point.
  2. This just smells like King trying to take the heat off until he can graduate and find a better gig. I've been wrong before...
  3. Woooooohoooo boy they are gonna be mad as hell next weekend. Should be fun
  4. this is what I think of when I see a whole paragraph angrily asserting we aren't a rival
  5. I see this as an opportunity to throttle somebody and get the house packed for Houston, so I'm not too worried about attendance in this one. As long as we do the throttling.
  6. Which one? UNT pretty left friendly in my experience. 😉
  7. Imagine being this cocky about p5 retreads that don't give a shit about your school at all. Also SMU still sucks.
  8. An old tradition Will it catch on yet again? SMU still sucks
  9. Honestly it just looked like our D got bored. The more I watch the replays, the better I feel about their play early on.
  10. Kentworthy is a good punter. That might actually end up saving our ass at least once.
  11. Yeah our D looks bad, but SMU looks bad too. AState giving them a scare right now.
  12. Mason to Jason is a great theme for a game like this
  13. I've got it live on ESPN+ via Roku app.
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