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  1. meangreenthirteen

    Interesting Article and Response from UAB

    Yeah I don't know if that guy's twitter response came off as cool and unfazed as he might have thought. Rico was talking to a reporter and then this guy goes out of his way to respond on twitter. He's all in his own head
  2. meangreenthirteen

    TV or Streaming Options?

    This is what I'm doing in Razorback land. I got the 7 day free trial on Sling and will cancel before it hits my account. It was very easy to get set up.
  3. meangreenthirteen


    I think he just lost the starting spot. He's been getting reps though.
  4. meangreenthirteen

    NCAA should pay student athletes

    This is talking about the NCAA playing players, not the school. It's right there in the title...
  5. meangreenthirteen

    NCAA should pay student athletes

    If the NCAA is going to continue being a multi-billion dollar business, there should be a payment model for the kids. Period. That's just how you run businesses. Didn't realize so many on this board were anti-capitalist.
  6. Let's note: he has been right 4 games in a row, including Arkansas.
  7. Wait is this the year that Brett's prediction curse is broken?
  8. At the end of the day, I'll just have to make sure I prepare my ass for the three phase reset button and be the most excited team to play.
  9. meangreenthirteen

    BEIN Sports Free Stream?

    Well sites definitely get taken down or sent DMCA notices for hosting links like that, so I get it. I would say you could make the offer and then let people know via DM, but I'm not a mod.
  10. meangreenthirteen

    BEIN Sports Free Stream?

    I went ahead and did the 7 day trial for Sling as well. It was very easy to sign up. I just set a calendar reminder to cancel the sub before it hits my account next week.
  11. meangreenthirteen

    La Tech Game Throwbacks

    Okay, they got me. I just ordered the long sleeve version of the shirt Hambone is wearing in this video (and paid for overnight shipping so I could wear it to work in Razorback country on Friday).
  12. meangreenthirteen

    La Tech Game Throwbacks

    40k views in 1.5 hours. Those are incredible numbers for an account with our follower number.
  13. meangreenthirteen

    La Tech Game Throwbacks

    This reveal was absolutely NAILED. They are gonna generate so much good PR with this. The reveal vid already has 14k views and it's only been a half hour...
  14. meangreenthirteen

    UTSA Banner Controversy

    I mean, it just seems like something you'd want to stay away from. You don't have to stretch and try to make it about judgement. Are you disagreeing that it's in poor taste and reflects poorly on our fanbase? Because that would be an interesting opinion to hold.
  15. meangreenthirteen

    What's the line this week?

    Definitely the hardest yet, it seems.