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  1. I had the ticket office print out my tickets for the year last week...easier
  2. how does that happen? is the fix as simple as a big pin to pop it? what in the holy hell had to go wrong for that to happen? so many questions
  3. who cares...some people want to work to better themselves, some people want handouts to not have to work, those two types of people are completely different. give me those that want to work to contribute to society.
  4. team split 500k...plus he won over 2 million in his last tourney that he finished second....the dude made the right choice. happy for him
  5. could you be more specific as to how they had to resopnd and present?
  6. finished in 2nd...not a bad pay day at all. earned 2.125 million for second and split 500k with team
  7. ortiz is tied for the lead at -8 going into the final round.
  8. uh, no, not a douchebaging way. we live in the best country in the world, but do not turn a blind eye and say we are holier than thou. saudi has issues, usa has issues, china has issues, japan has issues....why are people drawing a line in sand for this saudi tour when plenty of other lines could have been drawn if they truly cared about the atrocities of the world. do not be some holier than thou pos now, but not before...do not use china made devices, drink german beer, eat american food and then claim this saudi shit. thatś pathetic....and how the hell did you dervie from my statement that i dislike america?
  9. and the usa has not done similar? bombing innocent villages, wmds that did not exist. our country does not care either. i understand where you are coming from, but our country is just as bad, we just do not want to see it. i do not care about the shit that countries do or do not, i care that ortiz is doing what is best for him and making cash. hell, i would do the same, that probably makes me just as bad as him. i am not gonna be a holier than thou person that thinks only the others do bad stuff. america has done plenty wrong, as has china and saudi arabia and myanmar and niger and angola and japan and germany, yet we all have items in our household that we use and love that came from those countries.
  10. I get the shit that Saudi Arabia does, but do you boycott the other countries that do bad shit as well or is this just your line in the sand?
  11. ok...good for you...do not watch, do not support ortiz. everything will be just fine in the world.
  12. ortiz is atop the leaderboard after the first round of the liv portland event at -5
  13. and? he has a chance to make great money every week. the liv tour may grow or it may fail and the pga may/may not ban them. itś not about unt, itś about ortiz and what is best for him.
  14. good for him. he has been struggling. gonna make guaranteed cash on the liv tour. happy for him
  15. had tickets for 15+ years...never had a problem...always got my stuff where i wanted. sucks your experience was different, but i have always been happy, no problems. guess i am lucky
  16. and now the director of track resigns....what did you do??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  17. finished tied for 3rd and a cool $536k ortiz tied for 38th and a cool $36k good weekend for the boys
  18. so it's a winner take all or does north texas have 2 games to win 1?
  19. i thought when you put someone on ignore, you ignored them? how far will they go
  20. i never got it (did an antibody test and don't have them), never locked down, went to work every day(except from spring break on 2 years ago), went to the store every day, went to the bar/restaurant every day, wore a mask if it was required, but usually didn't. my whole family had covid. they had nothing more than a bad cough. they are all vaccinated, i am not. different strokes for different folks. we all have our good/bad experiences. this isn't a one size fits all thing.
  21. Line has moved to a pick em game
  22. buddy of mine is playing as well...first time for him.
  23. with north texas turning into a basketball school, put this stuff on that forum as well
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