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  1. and now the director of track resigns....what did you do??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  2. finished tied for 3rd and a cool $536k ortiz tied for 38th and a cool $36k good weekend for the boys
  3. so it's a winner take all or does north texas have 2 games to win 1?
  4. i thought when you put someone on ignore, you ignored them? how far will they go
  5. i never got it (did an antibody test and don't have them), never locked down, went to work every day(except from spring break on 2 years ago), went to the store every day, went to the bar/restaurant every day, wore a mask if it was required, but usually didn't. my whole family had covid. they had nothing more than a bad cough. they are all vaccinated, i am not. different strokes for different folks. we all have our good/bad experiences. this isn't a one size fits all thing.
  6. Line has moved to a pick em game
  7. buddy of mine is playing as well...first time for him.
  8. with north texas turning into a basketball school, put this stuff on that forum as well
  9. russian warship, go douchebag yourselves damn brave men
  10. if you check the Deal email that went out 2 months ago (episode 10 or magazine 10, something like that), there is a link in there that will give you 4 free tickets check around january 10th for the email
  11. Dentonisd has given all teachers/staff up to 4 tickets for the remaining home games
  12. the girls won....but it wasn't pretty....and they ended up tied for the individual title with Patricia Sinolungan going +4 over the last 3 holes tan was 3rd, roth was 4th. great showing, but a bad final round. won by 8 strokes, but +23 for the day
  13. fau has not won a game this year without scoring at least 70 north texas gives up 56 per game you do the math
  14. sign up...get in car...drive to denton....pretend to be an athlete...enjoy your day...it's that easy
  15. those are douchebaging horrendous...there is only 1 battle flag...none of those are it
  16. i believe it was demolished in 96. i remember setting up on the front lawn (green brigade) of that house before a game that year.
  17. on the radio broadcast, they mentioned the refs/maybe a coach going to talk to the maniacs about something...any idea? sounds like the maniacs were doing exactly what they should be doing at the game
  18. i requested a top row ticket....we think alike....of course, i haven received mine yet. called, lady said they are having issues and have to hand assign/send all tickets...no idea....dont care...iĺl be there
  19. looks like no more 25 dollar tickets....guess thatś good? although might be nice to have cheaper tickets for walkup folks or late deciding
  20. iĺl be there...if 19,999 of my most non friends are there, awesome...if no, awesome....gonna be a great day no matter what
  21. and to happen organically...not with the stupid announcements and recording
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