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  1. shut up! we do not need any common sense on this board.
  2. tuesdays were always opposite days in middle school
  3. maybe my math is wrong....but 8 years.....3 first home game losses... what am i missing here?
  4. littrell was hired in 16....since then, north texas has lost 3 home openers....cal, smu, smu....not sure what you are getting at here
  5. think it was ragsdale....any info. didnt look good at the end of the play
  6. i dont speak french and understood every word you said
  7. not that yaĺl care, but i did not get paninis or grilled uncrustables....douchebaging salmon hot dogs with chili! these pretentious people i tailgate with....damn....no, no one got shived....i cant survive in prison....oddly....salmon with chili isnt terrible
  8. currently, the guys are tied for 5th in their first tournament of the year with allen in 4th individually. https://meangreensports.com/news/2023/9/3/mens-golf-opens-season-in-michigan
  9. interesting thought....i have never thought about that. the school does not have many tshirt fans. it relies almost entirely on alumni. i do not think that is a good thing.
  10. i like to know that my ass has only ever sat on my seat....i know my people, i know i paid more, whatever. if it is a money thing, season tickets are not for you. we dont pay for them for value, we do it for the school and our spot. money is spent...who cares now what promotions they through out
  11. shiiiiiit....like iḿ a hub club dude with ironed khakis and a cardigan. give me the heat and sun and shit of the populace down below
  12. better be grilled paninnis....if not, the cook is getting shifted (or whatever the prison word is for a made up knife thingy)...yes, violence....grilled paninnis are the best...can save themselves if itś grilled uncrustables (so damn good grilled)
  13. is the next step opening up the HUB club so people can get that experience?
  14. i stand in the shade for 3 hours v. you stand in the sun for 3 hours....how will that turn out? if they lose this game, i really think it will be a bad season
  15. received my tickets/parking passes in the mail yesterday. glad i dont have to deal with the digital stuff
  16. i paid to have my tickets printed out (15 bucks). was told by the ticket office that they were mailed out on monday.
  17. i paid 15 to have printed tickets when i bought my season tickets, not 5 per seat.
  18. i didnt need to enter a password, just clicked the link and i was in the group and made all the wrong picks
  19. for those that just want the number and not click the link 21 x 5 = effing hot and sunny
  20. makes perfect sense, i am not one of those. i like radio in the car...i like to read my news...i guess iḿ an old. when i am doing other things, i am doing other things, not listening to something in my ear. the world is passing me by
  21. question for ya, you are all media and stuff, but is there a reason things are only on video/audio? i would rather read something than listen to it. i dont have the earpods in all day or care to listen to a podcast. am i screwed when it comes to media nowadays and it is all video/podcast? thanks.
  22. pretty sure he was the one that broke it about 3 weeks ago....so i guess its breaking news since everything was scrubbed.
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