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  1. totally agree with you, but stupid, made up labels are just that, stupid
  2. ok...joined this site in 03....i've been around the block a few times kid. the p6 shit is stupid, whether north texas is there or not.
  3. no, the power 6 shit is so douchebaging stupid. anyone not in the main 5 conferences are just about the same.
  4. i'll be there...haven't missed a home game since 2006...i wont stay the whole time, but i'll be in the stadium at kickoff
  5. it's 30% of remaining base salary on contract....roughtly 1.8 million....i think
  6. can coaches pay players? i assume no, but he makes enough...he needs to pony up
  7. hope all those kids are ok, but i'm going to be that guy... i was in the green brigade in the late 90s....marched 3 shows a year, full on wool/polyester uniforms, never wore shorts, could only take off our jackets during the third quarter. we had plenty of hot ass days....i don't get it.
  8. WE BETTER NOT douchebagING BE!!!!! the band was a big disappointment for me last night. shit halftime show, standing around, not even straight lines, no energy, no movement...not good
  9. milwaukee's best light is better...i'll have a case of it tomorrow!
  10. and now it makes sense to me why voertmans is selling the white t's with the worm on it...i'm sure ya'll already figured that out, but i'm slower than most
  11. i grabbed a mgsf golf umbrella at the event
  12. oh holy hell....going there tomorrow...thank you for this information
  13. i want the band to do their march through the parking lot again this year...missed it last year
  14. fu** sucks being around for so long with this site and having folks go away permanently....dont like it
  15. and cancelled....the top 6 ranked teams are advancing...north texas isn't one of them...some bullshit http://results.golfstat.com//public/leaderboards/gsnav.cfm?pg=team&tid=22912
  16. wilcox....25 ft putt on 18 wilcox....30 ft putt on 19 wilcox can putt
  17. marzilio won the tourney they are starting match play today, i believe due to weather coming in tomorrow
  18. got damned dudes that are giving rvs for the rvs....love you folks!
  19. rvs do have some reserved spots in certain areas of green grass....be wary of that. the spot golfinggomez highlighted is fine on the left, but the grassy area may be reserved for rvs.
  20. with the team on holes 6-9, they have a 9 shot swing today and are now ahead by 5 shots...HOLY MOLY
  21. how many teams advance to the ncaa's?
  22. wky is -4 for the round....7 shot lead over north texas
  23. as a sexual abuser of a child, i hope he enjoys his life in prison with all his new boyfriends
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