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  1. Isn’t that exactly how UNT got in? Bought new facilities, have a good G5 athletic budget, and are considered a great “potential” team. Never done anything in football in our conference. I truly hope this move wakes up our “sleeping giant” and we become a consistent winner of the conference. GMG!!!
  2. I remember it was always believed Seth would be moving on from UNT after he had some success. He had success his first 3 years and K-State came calling. That year there was also a mass exodus of the assistant coaches (they surely believed that they should move on because the head coach was leaving and their future here would not be guaranteed with the next HC). Seth has never recovered from that change in assistant coaches. So how does UNT become a place coaches want to stay at and build a lasting program? Like Patterson at TCU or Gundy at Oklahoma State? Is it just because programs like that are P5’s?
  3. The last 2 classes were #1 in CUSA. That is still not very talented compared to other conferences. They are also true freshmen or redshirts. At our level those kids need time to develop. Unlike a P5 program where many of those freshmen can actually play and be productive. Also many of the better recruits from 3-4 years ago are skill position players. Some have never gotten past the injury bug or have transferred. What’s the one position we haven’t recruited well for or been successful with in the transfer portal? It rhymes with quarterback. A great QB can make even average receivers look awesome.
  4. Wow! UNT is #2 in FB Success! I wonder how that is determined?
  5. This probably won’t get any real traction but would be a huge cost saving plan for the G-5 schools. This would make maintaining/ upgrading facilities easier for all sports at the smaller schools. Increase rivalries with your school and the schools in your area (who cares if UNT plays ODU???). These schools can still schedule non-conference schedules with bigger programs and some travel. https://t.co/W8d1tKd2vQ
  6. Play calling hasn’t been the problem. QB can’t run the offense.
  7. Exactly right! A very young team that will get better. An above average QB could have raised much of the offensive play. Or experienced/healthy receivers, RB’s (other than Torrey) and tight ends could have raised the offensive performance. The defensive scheme is improving the play from the past few years. Shame it took so long to get the defense going in the right direction. Fixing the QB performance would solve many of the problems. Hopefully our current redshirt QB has something special or things suddenly click with one of our current transfer QB’s.
  8. Very good response. I agree losing Davis hurt our offensive line. I have always believed the year of the KST interview destroyed our trajectory as a team. So many coaches left to get their better jobs rather than stay and build something lasting here. That started the rebuild, not with players necessarily but with staff.
  9. Selling out a stadium in Iowa even when teams are losing is easier there than here. They have no pro teams and few large cities with alternate activities to take away attendance. When the weather turns bad, they are accustomed to it and that is huge. Down here there are so many other options that people have to spend their money on. When our weather gets bad, people shelter in place for a couple days until it warms back up.
  10. He graduated from NC. He has no reason to stay and was not going to unseat the current starting QB. With the ridiculous amount of years of eligibility he has remaining, I’m sure NC (who has seen him throw in practice) wants to use that scholarship on a different player that could contribute for them.
  11. I agree with this point right here!
  12. We don’t draft a transfer. That player gets to choose where he wants to play. The better quality transfers just don’t want to play here. Also some of our better players have opted to go play elsewhere. Just like many of our coaches… How does UNT change our “stepping stone” image? It just isn’t win more. We did that and players and coaches still left or tried to leave.
  13. I doubt that happens that way very often. I have no facts to back that up though…
  14. I’m sorry, I don’t get the connection.
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