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  1. Do we have any players that redshirted from last year that hopefully bulked up?
  2. End of season overall performance. 2022 offense was 17th 2022 defense was 113th 2023 offense was 9th 2023 defense was 120th The 2 9 win seasons. 2018 offense was 24th 2018 defense was 46th 2017 offense was 28th 2017 defense was 97th Our success/failure has never been about the offense. It’s always been about the defense. There needs to be a very short leash for our DC. Or else we will waste another “Offensive Guru” head coach.
  3. I agree with the offensive side of the ball. The 3-3-5 is a complicated defensive scheme that does best when kids have a chance to “grow” into it as freshman/sophomores while watching junior/seniors run it. We will never have that luxury again at UNT.
  4. Last season was the “first” year of the “new NCAA”. This is the new norm now. We can never think: “Oh, this is a rebuilding year.” ”Give the coaches time to get their players.” Every year from now on is a rebuilding year. Coaches don’t have time to develop players or wait until they get better players to run the scheme they prefer. Coaches need to be more flexible and run a scheme that is best for the players on the team this season. No team should ever run a scheme with players that don’t fit it (Caponi). Every year the roster will be different. Coaches will have to adjust accordingly and quickly. This is college football now. Like it or not…
  5. Yeah. I also believe that the secondary stats could be better if we could put pressure on a QB. When the QB has all day to find a receiver, hard for a secondary to maintain coverage.
  6. National Rankings Total Defense: 125 Rushing Defense: 130 Sacks: 118 Team TFL: 127 Team Pass Eff. Def.: 74 Passing Yards Allowed: 41 Passes Intercepted: 28 Really hoping that the “new recruits” or transfers will address the beef upfront. It would be nice to see the overall stats like the secondary. Honestly, why does any team pass against us? Offensive rankings are much better. Just didn’t want a long post.
  7. Wes is going to be a great LB for us for years to come. But he definitely missed that sack.
  8. Earle has a more accurate deep ball. Rogers is better short and intermediate. Also has better pocket presence.
  9. I liked us eating up the clock earlier. Also nice we can score quick.
  10. Did we switch back to the 3-3-5 on a couple plays in that series? Gave up runs and zero pressure on QB. Results in a TD…
  11. After the penalty, they ran once and got 15 yards. Then 2 incomplete passes. I think LaTech’s OC is not paying attention. Good for us!!!
  12. Yep, I never understood this. I remember parking on campus far away from Fouts Field with friends and tailgating out of the trunk of a car. Closing the trunk every time a campus police car came by and trying to look like we weren’t doing anything illegal. Good times…
  13. This was your quote last week “ Morris has built/turned around a program with much, much less resources than what he has now. Some of these comments are comical at best considering this was one game.” Flip flopping idiot.
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