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  1. Surgery for a torn ACL. Recovery will likely be a year. He won’t be available until spring ball most likely.
  2. Saw that. Wondering what he injured. Hip, knee, shoulder, neck, break a bone requiring surgery to repair???
  3. Saw a recent social media post from him stating he was having surgery and would be back stronger. Anyone know what his injury was? Be able to practice/play in the fall?
  4. Troll site. No truth.
  5. This is total BS!!! Why would LR risk getting NCAA sanctions against him for recruiting violations at his new university his first year? Absolute crap!!!
  6. Defensive line (bigger body that can move). Safety. Linebacker (speedy guy hopefully with some size). Receiver (durable and experienced). QB (accurate thrower, please and starting experience. Also paired with a quality QB coach). OL (big mauler type). Short list. 😉
  7. Totally agree!!! Honestly don’t understand the down votes we are getting. So many colleges have a great tailgating tradition. Even when the teams are losing. I do hope that soon the game becomes the highlight of the day. Until then, KEEP CALM AND TAILGATE ON!!!
  8. Or, if you want to renew, go ahead and don’t concern yourself with others that are burnt out. I go because my boys, my daughter in-law, my grandkids, and my friends enjoy tailgating, catching up. 10 win seasons (which are rare for most programs) would be icing on the fun cake. 😉
  9. I put down 7-6. I thought we would get a good matchup for a bowl (we did…) and finally win one. Well… I don’t think the injuries to receivers really hurt us that much. Even better talented receivers can’t catch balls thrown 10 feet over their head, at their feet, behind them… We changed to a run dominant team because we don’t have an accurate QB on the roster that can run a spread offense.
  10. There are so many players that have entered the transfer portal. Our coaches are evaluating the needs and who can fill that need. Then it will be of those players targeted, how many can be convinced to sign with us. What is left, I am sure will be filled by high schoolers.
  11. Yep. CUSA is going nowhere. School admins are putting no effort to grow their athletic programs. He wants out.
  12. Whatever. If it helps you feel better about the garbage you comment. I give in to your superior knowledge of all things related to UNT football. Done with you…
  13. I have been at every home game and watched every away game. I haven’t ever seen the team looking down and not ready. Undisciplined at times yes, most young teams are.
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