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  1. I agree. Which is so frustrating…
  2. I often read that the major complaint with our current coaching staff is that they can’t win against OOC teams. These are played at the start of the season. I then read articles like this and see honest quotes like this “The game isn’t faster, but the players are far better,” Richards said. “That was something I overlooked. “There were some growing pains, but I have adjusted.” So many of our transfers are from JUCO’s and Div 2. Many have turned into good players and some like Mazin are excelling. But there still is a 3-4 game adjustment period before they are truly excelling. Many of our rivals (SMU, UTSA) are getting transfers from P5 programs. They are already used to the current game speed and have very little adjustments to make. I hope if we can keep winning, maybe we will get more consideration for P5 transfers that are used to the game speed and then our OOC performance will improve. Your thoughts?
  3. CUSA only has one division this year. The first place and the second place teams will play for the conference championship after the season. We win this weekend and keep winning, (assuming UTSA keeps winning), we will finish second to UTSA and play them again in December. I want that rematch!!! GMG!!!
  4. I personally think we will see them again in The Alamo Dome for the conference championship game. GMG!!!
  5. Most programs schedule 2 or more powderpuff games. OSU, Michigan, UCLA, Alabama, Georgia… I can continue. That helps them make adjustments where needed before losses can happen. Lamar was one and we were the other for SMU. My original question is, would we play them better in October or November and possibly beat them (like Tulsa did in November 2021) if we had a few games under our belt to develop our players like the P5 programs do?
  6. I agree with we would play them better. UNT isn’t getting P5 transfers like SMU does. UNT gets JUCO’s and Div. 2 players that we believe can play up. There just is an adjustment period for the more complex schemes and speed of play. That takes a few games to adjust to (if the player ever is able to).
  7. What would be the result if UNT played SMU in October instead of the 1st or 2nd game of the year? Most big time programs schedule powderpuff games early in the season so they can work out coverages, assignments and such. We currently are SMU’s powderpuff game. Our new defenders made so many mistakes early in the season and SMU made us pay dearly. Now the new players (offense and defense) are understanding assignments and playing faster. I don’t think Tulsa is better than UNT and they beat SMU in November last year. Your thoughts?
  8. Doesn’t Aune also have 1 more game played than most QB’s (0 week game against UTEP)?
  9. Perfect example of why you shouldn’t do drugs.
  10. I swear, receivers are so used to being under thrown, they keep stopping on routes and the pass is actually on target if they would keep running.
  11. Memphis has a very good run defense. Passing defense is their “weakness”. I am hoping Aune plays the game of his life. Memphis has a good passing offense. We can’t pressure opposing QB’s and in turn our coverages are exploited. Can we develop a consistent pass rush? Let’s hope… Memphis 38 UNT 13
  12. Yep. Doesn’t that make you wonder about the status of the backups? Or the QB coaches ability to develop better technique with all of the QB’s? If you are afraid to have the starting QB run with the ball because the backups can’t play, that’s a huge problem.
  13. I believe Aune will be the QB for this season unless he gets hurt or forgets how to hand off the ball. Next year’s QB battle will be between Gunnell and Ruder. Hopefully this experiment using an offensive line coach as a QB coach will be recognized as a mistake and we get a QB coach that can help them with their mechanics. Proper technique really does matter.
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