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  1. Linebackers were dismissed. All DBs were called back for a second look. (James Gray, Chad Davis and John Schilleci)
  2. Green Unis is what I was told.
  3. Schilleci Crew will be there. We will have 8 adults + 2 kids (10 and 12 yrs old). KIDS OK? @Ryan Munthe @John Williams Ok... Wait... I missed this? Where is this one? Nevermind. Got it. ARE BOTH tailgates kid friendly?
  4. I tend to live in the present.
  5. BUT.... we will win this one. COULDNT HAVE WORKED OUT BETTER FOR US!
  6. FOR THE RECORD.... i also called LaTech/ Navy at AFB! @Cerebus @ChristopherRyanWilkes
  7. UNT VS ARMY!!! At heart of DALLAS!!!!!!! This couldn't have worked out any better!!!!!!!
  8. looking like Army. LaTech likely to Armed Forces. (just wanted it on record that I've been saying HOD all along even when it didn't make sense. ) 20 minutes...
  9. Here's what we know.... It's not: Vegas St Petersburg Armed Forces ------------------ HOD. I'd put $ on it.
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