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North Texas Portal Entry Thread


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35 minutes ago, TheReal_jayD said:

Something to keep in mind. I am hearing a lot of these players entering the portal are being recommended to. Make room for upgrades

That's probably happening at every school to some extent.  That means we'll be picking through a portal made up largely of players who were recommended to leave by their respective schools/coaches.  Keep that in mind.

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2 hours ago, Jdawg48 said:

Just so yall know



Safety Logan Wilson and WR Detraveon Brown are now in the portal.

He was serviceable, but hard to cry over losing some of these defensive guys. Besides, we have a lot of young DBs we got this past cycle. Almost like hitting the reset button

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5 hours ago, El Paso Eagle said:

I agree but I also when I've left the company I don't expect those at the company I left to still be cheering for me. I don't blame him for what he does, but my ties to these players is they were playing for North Texas. Once they leave I'm not going to wish them bad luck but I'm also not going to wish them luck

Do you expect them to wish the worst for you?

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7 hours ago, Graddean said:

Many of you keep talking about revenue sharing.  Most athletic programs do not make money.  They are kept up by student fees, an allocation from general institutional budgets, or some combination of both.  This is why administrators are always chasing the dollar.

Oh, the football teams for the 30-40 biggest schools make $$$ and those football teams will be what gets carved out from the athletic departments and will become some new entity that shares revenue with players.

And if you think athletic departments don’t make money now, wait until the big time football programs spin off into something else. It will mean the end of college sports as we know it and the non-revenue sports will take the biggest hit. 

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On 11/29/2023 at 6:35 AM, SMU2006 said:

We have two NIL collectives (one grassroots and the other providing $40k/player).

Between the two we have a top 15 NIL nationally.  That's where the $$$ is coming from. 

Yet even SMU can't keep their QB. Is this really the college football landscape you want to be a fan of?


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All of this is very interesting. Many on this board have preached all year that most of the players except Rogers, a few receivers, and the RBs were no good and needed replaced. You are getting your wish. UNT is taking the Texas State approach and you will see at least 50 new players next year. All the talk of culture and family is out the window and since we have no real NIL, they likely won’t be the dominant power 5 transfers you want.  It will be interesting to see what it looks like come fall camp. I hope it’s successful.

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