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  1. Hopefully, he does something in the playing time that he gets. The coach that drafted him is gone and he could be at the end of his rope with the buc's if he doesn't.
  2. Nope. They just installed new field turf July of 2021.
  3. Ummm, I think that list is way wrong. Using Wikipedia, I checked just UT, Baylor, A&M and Tech and only Kyle Field shows to have real grass. I think the list is saying every game played by those teams will be played on a artificial surface and non on a grass field.
  4. Besides not getting to see the practice because I got there at 11:15 and not 10:15, it was the best set up and best attended one I've been to. The only other issue we had is they kept running out of pizza and you had to be close when the new pizza showed up or you'd miss it. I was shocked at the attendance because of the lack of interest/excitement I thought surrounded this season.
  5. Wrong. Cody Campbell and Jeff Sellers are both former players at Tech and sold their oil company (Double Eagle) for 6.4 billion. I'm pretty sure they won't be leaving after a .500 season.
  6. Doesn't make sense. With a school who struggles with attendance like us you should save the games with a better expected attendance for a non homecoming game because homecoming should be a draw enough on its own. That being said I hope we destroy them.
  7. I think we need to make it better. Trim it in green neon or led lights and have it glow when there are kickoffs, third downs or other big plays.
  8. I agree. He looks impressive, but the offer list isn't what I expected. We must be missing something.
  9. If this guy could have stayed healthy I thought he would go the pros. Hopefully, he stays healthy and the injuries/surgeries haven't taken too much of a toll.
  10. I didn't think we had one this year, I didn't see us on their promotions. Good news!
  11. This is by far the worst part of our school. The lack of donors/people that care about the school, let alone sports after they leave. It's embarrassing frankly. This is the biggest reason we'll never maintain a level of success.
  12. Maybe it was because no one was buying his shark t-shirts. Which reminds me that Datraveon Brown has a deal with the same company and the same product basically.
  13. I think you're missing the point. When a team does better you expect better recruits/recruiting to follow. Littrell's level of recruiting got better when we were doing well in football. And now that we aren't doing well it has dropped off. Grant's seems to be the same or slightly better with what I would call a lot of success and definitely more than Seth had.
  14. Just to play devil's advocate to some of your points. In my opinion Johnny Jones recruited better than Grant has and we were in a lesser conference. Also, the defensive first strategy is a deterrent in my opinion too, but Texas Tech has been able to recruit at the top of their conference with the same style as us. I think we can do better than this and I think Grant thinks so too, just look at the players he sends offers too the last few seasons. Players he thinks will fit his system and are graded higher than the players that have committed chose other schools, some of those schools are better and some aren't. And I'm not talking about the pie in the sky 4 stars either.
  15. Are you happy with it? Did you expect it to be better by now? Let me clarify a little. Grant is a excellent coach and has taken mainly JC players, a few good HS recruits and won us some CUSA Championships, CBI Title, hosted and won a NIT game and won NCAA tournament game, but with that kind of success over 4-5 years I thought he would be getting a better class of recruits/transfers. Don't get me wrong, Javon, Simmons, Abou, Bell, Rubin, Perry, etc.... are good CUSA players but were moving up a class next year and so should our recruiting. Grant can coach them up better than they come in, but now I think instead of getting good CUSA level players we should be getting multiple first team all CUSA players and UFAs.
  16. Has Miller been mentioned about this team? I figured he and Simmons would have good chemistry since they've been on the flyers together.
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