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  1. 11-1 and they have been dropped out of the top 25 of all three ranking services (AP, Coaches, CFP). We did that!!
  2. Alrighty then. Probably wasn’t a difficult decision for him.
  3. Did USC throw a bunch of money at him? Did he really want to go out west or is this his dream job? He has OU in the national championship discussion almost every year. They are moving to the SEC. He's leaving that for a rebuild job at USC? I'm not sure USC brings anything more to the table prestige-wise in the college football world than OU, so this seems more like a lateral move than anything. Maybe he feels that OU in the SEC means limited opportunities to get in the playoff picture versus USC in the PAC-12.
  4. Stuns? Shocked? Some one obviously bought into the UTSA hype hard. They were never as good as their 11-0 record would have you believe and we were not as bad as our 5-6 record. Not all of us were shocked or stunned by the outcome.
  5. Hate? Nah...more like indifferent. Hats off to them to get to 11-0 as that's not easy at all no matter who you are or who you play. They have, however, benefited from a very favorable schedule this year, but the players don't get to choose the schedule. They have to line up every week and beat their opponent. They've done that this year. I think the ranking services have definitely taken this into consideration and is why an 11-0 team is 15th in the AP poll, 20th in the coaches poll, and 22nd in the CFP poll with 4, 3-loss teams and 8, 2-loss teams ranked ahead of them. They are unchanged in the CFP and AP polls from last week, but dropped 2 spots in the coaches poll. Probably because it took a last second tipped pass to get past a 3-loss UAB team at home. They have made a name for themselves this year. Good for them and the conference. Now it's our turn. GMG!
  6. If you round up it's a 14% chance.... Actually, I just checked and it's now 13.8%. Never say never.
  7. According to ESPN....
  8. I realize this is just a rendering, but I was going by this view. It looks like this cantilevers over the road a bit and then there is a fairly significant walkway. There is already quite a bit of space between the end zone (grassy area, etc.) and where the walkway would start. The ultimate closed end would come as close as possible or even connect to the end of the stands on either side. In this rendering, slide the yellow addition to the right even to the extent that it may cover the back end or take out the grassy berms. Again, I realize this is nit picky, so don't take it for anything more than one person thinking out loud. It's way too easy to play the if I had all the money in the world game.
  9. I've always liked the look of a stadium with one end "closed off". I know we have the AC expansion in the master play. Unfortunately, I think it's too far away to truly provide that closed off look. Ideally, it should be multi-stories tall (providing additional luxury suite options) and closer to the action. We have a road or pedestrian walkway between the AC and the stadium which puts it too far away IMHO. Not complaining mind you, just sharing my wish-list if money was no object.
  10. By staying in C-USA, what will be MTSU's take on all the exit and entrance fees coming in to the conference coffers?
  11. Any 10-0 team is going to be ranked, but there's a reason this 10-0 team isn't ranked higher than they are. Let's see how the next 2 games go for them. They get UAB at home, so that's another scheduling benefit in their favor. UAB's loss to Rice is a bit of a head scratcher, but I think UTSA will have their hands full if UAB shows up.
  12. We obviously need to get by FIU first, but I don't get the love affair with UTSA or the belief that we're going to get slaughtered. UTSA's record is against teams with a combined record of 36 - 63. They have only played two games against opponents with winning records (WKU and UTEP). In comparison our record is against teams with a combined record of 48 - 52. Not great, but certainly better. Five of our 10 games so far have been against teams with winning records. These are UTSA's best wins this season. Which one of these is UTSA's signature win (a 4-6 Illinois, a 5-5 MTSU, a 5-5 Memphis, a 6-4 WKU or a 6-4 UTEP)? They have obviously capitalized on a weak schedule this year. Good for them. We don't seem to be able to do that. A 7-3 UAB will be their biggest test of the season. I hope they get by UAB and come into Apogee at 11-0. Regardless, I like our chances. If history is any predictor, we will play our best game of the season. It will be incredibly exciting, but in front of nobody as we knock off a ranked team in the first time in forever.
  13. Nice win over a team with a winning record. In the odd but true sports trivia realm we may have a new one for UNT to be part of with a 99 yard drive without scoring a touchdown. Apparently it can be done.
  14. Nothing worse that watching the offense prairie dog up to look at the sideline only to run it up the gut and get stuffed. We are good at that.
  15. Need to get some work in from the free throw line. A lot of games will be won or lost on FTs.
  16. Exactly...that was her plan. No need for TV contracts if the plan all along was to destroy the conference and collect exit fees. Clever.
  17. I'm a firm believer that if you are unable to win your conference, you have not proven yourself worthy of a national championship. Win your conference first, then you get a chance to win the national championship... that's the reward. All 10 FBS conference winners should have the opportunity to win it all. Seed them, let the "bottom" 4 have a play-in game to the final 8 and settle everything on the field. Yep, it's a long road for the last 4 seeds, but they have a chance to prove it on the field...it's fair. If ND or any other independent wants a chance to win the NC, then they need to join a conference.
  18. Interesting...if Marshall coughs up $3M (and maybe Southern Miss, MTSU and WKU follow suit) to leave early and we are technically still a member of C-USA, does some of that exit fee get distributed to us? Who knew that Judy's secret revenue generation strategy for the conference was to dismantle it and collect exit fees...TV/Media contracts be damned.
  19. Would we really pay anything or just forgo any conference payments coming our way?
  20. Team is starting to show something. We still have glaring issues and the injury bug has hit us this year, but I’m a helpless optimists so I’m going with 3-1 to finish the season.
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