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  1. I guess anything is possible, but I don't know how likely this is. One the one hand this suggests that AAU status is the key driver (Texas dragging Iowa State and KU with them to a west coast conference), but on the other hand it's not really (OU, because it's OU and ASU because of market). If they are going to blow-up the Big12 and the Pac12 to create a conference of like-minded, AAU schools, then why stop there? Swap OU for Rice and forget about ASU or get UCDavis to step up to FBS.
  2. Going to need a back-9 miracle at this point I'm afraid.
  3. Losing too many holes to pars. Need to put some pressure on these guys.
  4. MT continues on a hot streak (10 birdies to our 5 in the early going). Not looking good right now, but still plenty of time to flip some of these matches. Win a couple holes and all of a sudden the opponent is thinking about that big lead they gave away.
  5. Anything can happen in an 18-hole match. Can sometimes be a toss-up. The stronger player will generally outlast a weaker player in a 36-hole match.
  6. Are the finals 18 or 36-hole matches?
  7. Congrats James! Remember, once a member of the Mean Green family, always a member! Of course we expect you to wear a UNT t-shirt under your uniform...that's part of the deal. Go win another championship!
  8. Second for Munoz, I believe. Definitely first for Ortiz. Interesting note, his brother got in before him playing as an amateur in 2019.
  9. This morning on the live feed at masters.com, Carlos has been on a lot since he was out early and as he's teeing of on 11 the announcer goes into a bit more detail about his bio and mentions that he's a graduate of North Texas State University in Denton, TX ... the Mean Green ... also where Sebastian Munoz went to school. Thirty-one years later and we are just unable to shake the former name. At least he got the Mean Green part right, but jeez.
  10. Emmitt, your son and I have something in common, but what got me the most was your comment about the moments never going away. To the team, I know you are disappointed, but with the passage of time you will see this weekend as one of the best in your lives. Cherish it. Very few get to experience what you have.
  11. We always seem to find a way into the records book. We are sneaky that way.
  12. Very proud of this team. You put North Texas on the basketball map. Yours are the shoulders all future teams will stand on. That will never be taken away. Mean Green Forever! Peace.
  13. You know this tournament thing is kinda neat and all, but I think Coach Mac is really just trying to keep the 20-win season streak alive. Let’s stay focused.
  14. Connecticut has you covered Mean Green. What a game. So proud of this team. Get some rest and get ready to lace ‘em up again. GO MEAN GREEN!
  15. When pigs fly someone said...hahahaha
  16. Our game plan against Bassey was executed perfectly IMHO. At this level, he’s the type of talent that can single-handedly dominate a game and carry his team across the finish line. There is no way you are going to completely neutralize him. He’s going to get his looks, but we didn’t let him dominate the game offensively or defensively. Great job by the coaching staff and team for delivering on the plan. Go Mean Green!
  17. keith


    Will it be rude when the host is off playing in the big dance?
  18. Once a member of the Mean Green family, always a member, IMHO. I hope everything works out for those seeking a transfer opportunity and that with the passage of time, they look back on their experience here with fondness and stay connected to UNT as their school.
  19. I haven't been this excited for the start of the CFL season since....well....I guess....never. Let's go!
  20. Waiting for Reese to start hitting those threes.....
  21. What would their value be if universities didn’t provide them world-class coaching, the best facilities, nutrition programs, team doctors, sports medicine experts, trainers and the stage to showcase their abilities? It’s a complicated issue.
  22. Didn't realize Mr. Wilson won ground POW in week 7. Let's make this his second ground player of the week award.
  23. Well, we have something in common with Michigan now. It’s all about the company you keep, you know.
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