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  1. This has the makings of a fun off-season....beats uniform talk for sure. Love to see the upper echelon of the P5 in a pissing contest to see who cheats less.
  2. We have Cal next year. I wonder how they are planning on getting out of the return visit this time 🤔.
  3. According to 247sports.com, he's eligible immediately.
  4. And yet currently the 3rd best coach (won/lost % wise) with at least 5 years as HC in the history of North Texas Football in the "modern" era (1953 through 2021). Only behind Hayden Fry and Otis Mitchell. We've only had 6 coaches that have lasted more than 5 years in this same timeframe. We do have coaches with better records, but you have to go back to the leather helmet days. If Littrell can manage another 9-4 record this season, then he will move into a tie for 2nd with Mitchell who was HC for 14 years.
  5. Does this qualify as a P5 portal get or do we hold his stint at Memphis against him?
  6. Looks like a typical, run of the mill top-25 AP/Coaches/BCS poll we see every week of every football season.
  7. NIL will have a negative effect on locker room and team chemistry.
  8. It's like pulling teeth to get info out of a busy college student, but I did finally get her to send me a photo.
  9. Let me make sure I understand...you're saying NIL is just a piece of the puzzle and can be used as a sweetener to get a fence-sitter over to your side and it doesn't necessarily take a truck load of $ to do that? It may just take some extra walking-around money, but if you're doing nothing, you're fighting an uphill battle. It will be interesting to see how this NIL money/compensation is taxed. Are they going to be paying self-employment taxes or will they be considered employees of the University or AD?
  10. I don't pretend to know anything about the two individual situations, but are we sure all transfers are chasing NIL money? Both here appear to be getting back closer to home...is that a primary motivation? We're familiar with that scenario. Sometimes it's as grad transfer and sometimes it's in the middle of their college careers. Young men are often lured away with big eyes based on promises or for "greener" pastures and then find out they don't really fit or things aren't as great as they were when they were wined and dined during their recruiting visit. Everyone has to find their own way. If this improves the stature and competitiveness of our future conference, then that's a good thing IMHO. The old rising tide lifts all ships thing. Painful that it's SMU, but it is what it is. We need to step up our own game.
  11. I'm more of a "once a member of the Mean Green Family, always a member of the Mean Green Family" guy. So, that means wishing those that leave good luck and being happy when they do well. Now, there are ways to depart. To use a military analogy, it can be an honorable discharge or a dishonorable discharge, so it's not an absolute. Leave with honor and represent the "family" in a way that makes us proud and it's all good. Go the other way and, well......
  12. Was going to suggest the same thing. This would at least allow for movement up or down and not lock in place forever the current state of college football. Things change and the system should allow for it. It also would probably necessitate the elimination of the current conference structure.
  13. FIFY otherwise Vito won't know what you're talking about.
  14. My daughter who started at UNT, is now a Communication major at UNH and has a class with Jayden. I told her to get some inside scoop for us.
  15. Vito needs to take a look at a calendar!
  16. 🥲 Good luck ‘Drez. Really enjoyed watching you play and nail those 3-pointers. Always felt you were the unsung hero of the team.
  17. The private school industry is a racket. You have a significantly better chance of being accepted into an Ivy League school or top private university if you attended a private/prep school. You have a significantly better chance of getting into a private/prep school if you attended a private middle school and you have a significantly better chance of being accepted into a private middle school if you attended a private elementary school and so on all the way back to day care. It's crazy. At least that's the way it is in the northeast. I was talking with someone yesterday in New York going through the application/interview/acceptance process and all the stress associated with it for his 8 and 10 year olds! It's all based on the ability of the private school industry to perpetuate the notion that people who exit its system are better than everyone else.
  18. We needed to win in regulation. That was our chance and we were not able to get a clean shot off. Hats off to Virginia defending that play.
  19. Neither one was a good look unfortunately.
  20. He’s been around long enough to know you don’t throw out the “opportunity” designation on a UNT game. He even went further with “golden opportunity.” It’s a death knell for North Texas and he knows it. He chose those words on purpose and with intent. Now this game goes on to the collective sports memory heap of Virginia beat North Texas. Ho hum. Next.
  21. Bonus basketball. Let’s go Mean Green!! Bring this one home.
  22. Crunch time. Can’t afford any more mistakes.
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