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  1. Only time will tell if he is some sort of portal magician or struck lightening and parlayed that into something bigger and better for himself. Aside from the 30 or so programs that don't really need to rely on the portal, it seems that if the portal was some soft of instant success potion, we would see 70+ other programs with a similar 1 year turn-around stories.
  2. Near the end of the 2013 season for the first full SoW decal helmet. Still a year after O, but I thought the discussion was about using the zoomed-in partial tail or wing feather look.
  3. According to the The Helmet Project, Oregon introduced the look in 2012. First evidence for us is 2016.
  4. Nice to see student journalists getting this story and shining a light on what happened. The truth should never be "hidden" or prevented from being known. The desire (requirement) to keep this agreement secret is a massive red-flag of some potential wrong doing.
  5. It's a good question. I've given opinions on this in the past. It's not a popular opinion, but the one thing that never seems to change is our singular focus on having a roster populated with 95%+ Texas players. This is the one thing that has been consistent though our entire history. Maybe we need to rethink this approach. Yes, Texas is a big state. Yes, Texas has a ton of football talent. Texas and A&M get the top talent. A lot of talent gets recruited out of state. Then you have other P5 programs getting their share. We're left fighting for the scraps with the rest of the FBS (even FCS) programs that are also recruiting in-state players. Maybe we can't convince the player this is the best place for him or they want to go away to school or maybe it's the parent that has a negative perception of UNT and convinces their son to look elsewhere. We often get stories detailing why a recruit chose UNT and they are great to read, but it's almost more important to understand why a recruit chose *NOT* to come here. Maybe there's a theme we need to understand. Getting inside the head of high schooler that has been a "big man on campus" is important in understanding their motivation. To maintain their legacy among their friends and peers, I suspect the pecking order is pretty much as I mentioned above...Texas and A&M, getting recruited out of state (I'm sure it's a big deal in their minds), other in-state P5s, other in-state FBS and then the rest. My guess, it's the same in every state. A Florida kid may perceive being recruited out-of-state to play in Texas (UNT) as more prestigious than staying in-state and we are not battling the perception problem with the recruits or parents. They can puff up their chests with their friends about going out of state (to Texas of all places) to play football instead of going to local U. Anyway, we should be recruiting a lot more out-of-state in other football hotbeds and not continue to put all our eggs in one basket. That would be something to change.
  6. I'm not sure what defines a stagnant offense, but we were able to move the ball (474 total yards) against UNLV. Red zone offense was bad and we left a lot of points on the table, but I think most of that is on poor play-calling. Our defense, on the other hand, was gashed for 365 yards on the ground. Not going to win many games when the other team is able to run at will on us.
  7. 100%. We don't need the QB (Aune or anyone else) to win games for us single-handedly. He doesn't play defense or call plays as far as I can tell. We were in this game until the 4th quarter meltdown. We were not able to punch it in from the 2 at the end of the half either, but at least we came away with points. Then in the 3rd we got within 3 after a pretty nifty pass to Gumms only to give it right back on the next UNLV possession. However, the play (decision), in my mind, that changed the course of the game was when we were down by 10 in the 3rd at the UNLV 18 with a chance to make it a one-score game once again by kicking a field goal, but instead got stuffed on 4th and 1 and turned the ball over on downs. That was a huge momentum swing that we never recovered from. That was a major blunder IMHO. At that point, it looked like it was going to be punch/counter-punch in the second half until the poor decision not to take the points (we have a pretty good kicker). We give up a back-breaking drive to go down by 17. We (try to) answer, but again are unable to punch the ball in from the UNLV 1 and once again give the ball back on downs deep in UNLV territory. UNLV goes 99 in 6 plays and the rout is on.
  8. There is a limit to how far it can be expanded and even after that there will always be someone outside the radius. For example, it will never reach to Connecticut.
  9. Hahahaha....I tried that same line with my professors over 4 semesters of English classes. Didn't go over well.
  10. So that makes Soccer Falls at No. 16 SMU, 3-0 incorrect? Edit: It must be the team because it would have to be Volleyball ball to refer to the ball.
  11. You mean like for tickets? I kid, I kid. Look, you don't have to. It's just an option and for some maybe more convenient. For someone like me that lives way outside the 40/50 mile radius for OTA radio reception, being able to stream audio or video for games that are not carried on a national network is one of the greatest things ever for this Mean Green fan.
  12. Configure the app to follow all UNT sports. Tell your iPhone or whatever you use not to track. If your car/radio supports bluetooth audio, it will play right through your speakers. A couple clicks and you are good to go. There are options and this probably gives the AD better data about their listening audience then they can get from OTA radio.
  13. Thanks. So the AD knows or gets reports from Learfield/Varsity on the number of listeners. It would be interesting to know how many unique users listen to the game, the platform used and where they are "tuning in" from.
  14. Full disclosure, I didn't do very well in my English classes, but a few headlines at Meangreensports.com seem strange to me. I realize this is nit-picky, but is there some rule in the way the headline is constructed that makes this syntactically correct? It seems to be this way only for Volleyball team headlines. ------ Volleyball Fall to No. 14 Baylor (should this be Falls to?) Volleyball Make Trip to Visit No. 14 Baylor (should this be Makes Trip?) Volleyball Suffer Defeat to Portland State (should this be Suffers Defeat?)
  15. D'oh! I wonder why that is...I can guess, but it would be interesting to know if that's something called out in the agreement we entered into with them. In the long list of things to be concerned about, however, I think what OTA radio coverage we have has to be pretty far down the list.
  16. Feels kinda weird to be all concerned about over-the-air radio coverage in 2022. Most (all) of our games are available via a video stream or are on TV these days. It would be interesting to know what the market for radio listeners of UNT sports is. A few hundred or thousand? Most radio stations stream directly or through some app and everyone and their mother has a phone these days. Turn off the transistor and join the modern world.
  17. And? At one point we were up 52-17 and 7 of their's was on a deflected pass. The game was over, like over, over. At some point it's natural to take your foot off the pedal and let if play out and hope no one gets injured.
  18. I don't get it. This game was never in doubt. Our starting QB throws 4 TD passes and no interceptions. We run for almost 350 yards and go over 600 total yards for the game. We went 1 for 1 in field goals and only punted twice. One of their scores was off a fluke deflected pass. We blow it open in the first half and coast the rest of the way getting game experience for a lot players and everyone is acting like we lost the game. We did everything an FBS team is expected to do over an FCS team and then some. What else do you want or are we just complaining because we are only happy when we complain?
  19. 9 minutes...pffft...people are still pulling into the blue lot with plenty of time to spare. We are a notoriously late arriving/early leaving fandom. SMH.
  20. Normally it's the backup QB that is everyone's darling player. In classic North Texas fashion we have taken this to a whole new level.
  21. I’m sure it’s because they are being taught something else.
  22. Of course one solution to the parking mess is to have fewer fans attend. Hmmmm....?
  23. Reading through the letter it boils down to: 1. Better parking experience. I don't think I've ever been to a significant sporting event where the parking experience was good. I attended the Dallas/Washington game in DC last year with my daughter and it was a disaster. We allocated 3 hours before game time to get to our seats. At one point we moved no more than 40 feet in an hour. When we finally did park, it was another 45 minutes to get through the gates. I asked a local fan and he said it's this way every game day. When everyone wants to arrive at the same time, it's going to cause a backup. With our setup, it's inevitable. As fans, we can help by arriving earlier and enjoying the pre-game activities. 2. Hub Club and Suite level experience. I don't know how you drop the ball on this one. How hard is it to keep the bathrooms stocked and ensure that a relatively small subset of the fanbase have an experience commensurate with the expense. Easy fix. 3. Mow the grass. Really? Another swing and miss. Not sure if this is an AD responsibility or something facilities is supposed to take care of, but how about running through a simple checklist of things that need to be done before game day. 4. Video board. I don't even know how that happens. I mean really. Instead of telling us you will make updates, how about filling us in on a root cause analysis. Instead of continuing to display obviously incorrect data and embarrassing ourselves, either turn it off or display a default splash screen with our logo or something. If you don't have a backup plan if/when it fails again, I recommend making one. 5. Store merchandise. No real message here..."as inventory becomes available." When is that expected? Could be this week or could be at the end of the season.
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