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  1. Exactly and thus my reason for comparing this situation to any other reserve pro athlete making money despite never playing a season game. I think we're quickly going to see boosters and companies treat it the same. Guaranteed salaries and then incentives for playing time, roster bonuses, etc... while having them appear in a commercial or displaying their products on Instagram to complete the other side of the NIL exchange. I think these boosters will self-regulate before the NCAA regulates them.
  2. NIL is salaries disguised as marketing deals. Those donnors pay the bills. Let's call it like it is.
  3. My apologies. I'll edit it out so the comments don't get locked. I guess you should edit the quote of my comment in your comment.
  4. I think the house comment was alluding to the status of future graduates once the current heavy donnors croak, although I doubt that'll be any time soon. Your recent and future graduates will be paying that kind of rate for a while if things don't change. I feel the pain. My house got delayed in December and I went from that 2 and some rate to having to buy down 4 basis points just to get to 3.5%. So much for the value of a near perfect credit score.
  5. Saw this story as well. Most impressive part is the credit he gives his mom and that he works landscaping outside of school. The kid will be successful no matter what he does. Hopefully the coaching staff has access to ESPN articles...
  6. Is this any different than an backup NFL QB never playing a down? They have their guaranteed money as well. I'd imagine NIL deals may become smaller with incentives for playing time, being on the roster past certain deadlines, etc... but otherwise, this isn't much different than any backup pro player retiring before the end of their contract even if they never played a down.
  7. If we're looking at TCU and SMU, the comparison shouldn't be made. SMU is coming off 3 straight winning seasons including a 10-win season and their quarterback had 41 total TDs last year with 12 interceptions. If we're comparing, UNT had 44 total offensive touchdowns and our quarterbacks threw 14 interceptions. Like it or not, they're in a better position for a coach to come in and build on what they've got. Plus Sonny Dykes was hired away, not fired for bad performance. As for TCU, they've had a lot of success in the early 2010s and were churning out 11 win seasons as recently as 2017. Gary Patterson had given 4 years of sub-par performance after that 2017 11-win season before being fired. If we're looking at us, that 4th season removed from our most recent 9-win season would be this year. Point is, you can't replace non-stop just because a coach has a couple bad seasons unless you know somebody better is out there. Sorry for being long-winded.
  8. I believe positive momentum can be gained in a single season. Starting over with a whole new staff delays it due to the need for a rebuild to fit the new philosophies. Obviously if he stinks it up, replace him. I'm just saying the obvious wish should be that the program has a big year and we build on it.
  9. I would be elated to have SL be so successful that he gets another contract. SL getting fired means starting from scratch with a new staff and philosophy which means a rebuild with little momentum. That's not a recipe for prolonged success.
  10. Tune could have transfered here instead of Gunnell and people would still be justifying Aune being the 1 (for now).
  11. Do you think Ruder could have drove the bus to 5 wins like Aune did given more of an emphasis on running? They played him 2 games and had him throw over 50 times against SMU. Aune never threw it more than 33 times in the win streak and never completed more than 16 passes. We're giving Aune too much credit for the win streak. "He didn't lose those games" is all I've read about the streak. Cool. We aren't going to have a great season if that's what we're expecting of our QB. We need a guy who can throw us to a win in a close game late. I don't know if Gunnell (or somebody else on the roster) is that guy but I know for sure Aune isn't.
  12. Gunnell has done it at the college level. Just one of several games he's played... I realize you've probably seen this video before, just, again, pointing out it's not like this guy's never made big plays at the college level.
  13. I understand this. I just hoped he was more of a gambler with his back against the wall.
  14. Don't really care much about Vito's article and I don't expect SL to lay out the game plan 2 weeks out. I'm just baffled at the amount of folks defending Aune like he just had a historic season. Other than bus driving against UTSA, he hasn't earned *it*. I'd love for him to prove me wrong, though.
  15. They don't count as an argument as to why a QB should keep starting. We complain about mediocrity but allow 50% completion and 9 TDs to 9 Ints to keep starting because at least he didn't cause us to lose against bad opponents. What? This program will never go anywhere if the coaches share that mindset.
  16. I mean, other than UTSA, they were all pretty bad teams. UTEP was the only other team with a winning record. Other than those 2 games, are we really using wins against 4-8 Rice, 3-9 SoMiss, and 1-11 FIU to display our QBs success? I'm sure Aune's 10/17 passing for 116 yards with no TDs (passing or rushing) against UTSA is the reason we won that game. Two total TDs against UTEP? Cool. 15 of 33 passing, a whopping 45% completion? Not so cool. Some here will do anything to prop-up mediocre play.
  17. Ain't no way they're rolling him with the 1s all this time all for him to miss game 1 due to school starting. I'm going to guess those are false rumors. I wouldn't blame him for taking care of his family first, I just want to believe the coaches would see the urgency to get the other QBs more team 1 snaps if it's true. I don't know where his kid goed to school but many DFW schools started last week.
  18. I didn't know the exact time-line. Thanks. Like you said in another comment, hopefully Aune has figured it out. I see others saying they believe Gunnell will be the starter by week 4 but if that's true, how much fan interest will already have been lost? Regardless of who the choice is, they need to get it right week 1.
  19. Never thought a QB with 2 losing seasons could be considered "the guy." Not like he's putting up video game numbers either. I believe he's got less than 30 total career touchdowns? Ok, I guess...
  20. I just don't get the thinking from SL... if like you said, there isn't much separation between a guy who's been here 3 years and a guy who showed up a few months ago then why is the guy who can't separate himself with 3 years experience in the system starting. Unless the battle isn't as close as we think. Week 4 is pushing it to make a change in a 12 game season, IMO.
  21. Good to know. That should create some obstacles for the p5 in all this.
  22. Not following. Why would the kid be taking 50k to sit on the bench? Can a preferred walk-on making enough in NIL to cover full tuition plus 50k not start immediately if he deserves it? Programs can start accumulating as much talent as their NIL will allow by bypassing scholarship constraints.
  23. Agreed and I'm far from an old man. This is a very slippery slope we're headed. P5s have been known to throw serious cash at big time prospects such as nice cars and even houses for the parents. What stops a program from offering a big recruit they don't have room for a "walk-on" opportunity with enough NIL to cover tuition and then an extra 50k per year? They'd get a big recruit without spending a scholarship. I guess that could happen regardless but man, they need to get this under control.
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