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  1. https://247sports.com/Player/Kortlin-Rausaw-46052946/
  2. At least the helmets make sense now
  3. It was 4th and 2. I would say those have a conversion rate way lower when running into the middle of a bad line from the shotgun. Dumb call.
  4. It's a stretch to call Smith one of his top targets, but point taken.
  5. Don't pooch it if they are standing on the 10 and ready for it.
  6. Hopefully they have fixed the harvey situation. Houston has the speed to expose him if they haven't and tune will be able to hit those receivers if they are as open as they were against smu.
  7. We applauded because we were being polite. To you that might have seemed "very enthusiastic". Not my first game, I've witnessed it the other times too. Just thought it would be done by now. I'm not shitting on the band either, it's done well like all of the music played by them, but it's not something most like to see/listen to in general, let alone a football halftime.
  8. If you were sitting next to my daughter and I you would of thought the same, but we're just being polite. 🙂
  9. Without a doubt this band is more entertaining than the previous one. that is obvious. But target audience's are exactly what I'm talking about. Jazz misses the mark with any football crowd, even most of ours.
  10. If you can't appreciate jazz you're ignorant. We all know college football stands are full of jazz enthusiasts. 😉
  11. Jazz at a college halftime is a poor choice in my opinion, regardless of our school's tradition. My 12 year old daughter was less than impressed with the music selection and border line pissed with the absence of the dancers. We were impressed with the pregame though.
  12. “He had feeling in his toes and in his hands, but from a precautionary standpoint the doctors didn’t want to take any chances,” Wilson said. “But he did have movement throughout his body.” I was able to find this from an article. Sounds like good news for the guy.
  13. This was tweeted on game day.
  14. It's Mason. He threw a pass 3 yards over an open receiver. He's feeling pressure that's not there.
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