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  1. Tech also gives 25k to each player including walk-ons. It's a one year contract that can be renewed yearly.
  2. While I believe he probably did things that he should/will go to prison for, do y'all believe that 13 girls took money and agreed to NDAs? I'm assuming some of these girls were under 18 and the parents would have agreed to it. As a dad of a daughter there is no way I agree to this, so to find multiple dads/parents is unbelievable to me.
  3. If it were next year, I'd have a higher number of wins, but with all the changes (HC, Offense, Defense, QB) we'll need a little bit more time to get to full speed. Unfortunately, our easy part of the schedule is in the beginning of the year where we'll more than likely working out the kinks. La Tech is one of those games where if we played later maybe a W and its on the road. Navy, is a tough team to play always because of the option offense and it's on the road. UAB has had our number for years, so I was going with my gut. My GUESS is our 4 wins are FIU, ACU, Temple and Tulsa. But I could see La Tech, Navy and Tulsa going either way.
  4. While his profile picture is him playing rugby, the video shows his style might be traditional. After scrolling further down there is some of him showing he can do it.
  5. Stacking up against Texas? We don't. We don't hear much because there isn't much to hear. I'd say it's going as well as the national giving day went for us.
  6. You could make it even easier. Rogers threw just about one touchdown a game...one. Now, I'm optimistic about Rogers and think he looks like a solid get (although in my opinion he's been outperformed so far), but completion % can be misleading. Short completions and garbage time completions against loose coverage can embellish that stat. So, I'm a little skeptical of his high completion % when its accompanied by other stats that are on the low side. If he was so good at completing passes why didn't they ask him to do it more often?
  7. Made it farther than Mason did, but Mason has 3 years to catch up.
  8. Agreed. Earlier I thought we'd go 4-8 next season and now I don't know how we win 4.
  9. It's not news that used the word, it's news he used it during an interview.
  10. https://www.si.com/college/2022/08/08/smu-football-basketball-players-receive-36000-nil-collective
  11. Yeah, they're good but not worth the work.
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