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  1. Green Crazy

    New UNT 2018 Roster Look

    From looking at his Twitter page, he was at a linebacker get together at coach Koonz's house on July 25th.
  2. Green Crazy

    New UNT 2018 Roster Look

    Is Kody Fulp not on the team anymore? Didn't see him on the roster. Love the new look by the way!
  3. Green Crazy

    Ready for football

    Thoughts on the outcome?
  4. Green Crazy

    E-Brake on the Ticket

    Is it you?
  5. Green Crazy

    Big time commitment

  6. Green Crazy

    "War Room" Update

    Is Kyron White in town?
  7. You've been around for a while. You know he doesn't.
  8. Green Crazy

    2018 C-USA Media Day Video: North Texas

    it bothers me that no one is correcting the guy from calling E.J. "A.J."
  9. this year they do!!! 😉
  10. I'm assuming he was the one you were referring to in your thread, right?
  11. Green Crazy

    Breaking recruiting update 7/7

    Hells yeah!
  12. Green Crazy


    Will we hear about it today?
  13. Green Crazy

    Midday fun with an SMU ticket agent

    I fully support this