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  1. Green Crazy

    Remain Scholarships?

    Also, what about those that transferred out like Pearson and Preston?
  2. Green Crazy

    Some motivation from Kason Martin

    The hunter made me laugh. That boy's got a ton of energy. His parents must be hella patient. 😄
  3. Green Crazy

    Deonte Simpson

    The second td catch was a FBS catch too.
  4. Green Crazy

    Frisco Bowl

    We probably wouldn't of done much better in Frisco, it was raining and the game was on a weekday. We don't like to go to games when either of those two things happen, let alone both.🙂
  5. Green Crazy

    Coach Choice headed to his Alma Mater

    How do you know he's a good recruiter?
  6. Green Crazy

    New Mexico Bowl Uniforms: Code Name Bowl Szn

    Look good, play good!
  7. Green Crazy

    How Did We Get Here?

    I want a bowl win for these seniors so bad. After the start that they had to their career and losing the last two bowl games, a bowl win against a top 25 team would be a well deserved way to end their collegiate and for almost all football careers.
  8. Weird. Congrats mason!
  9. Green Crazy

    Official North Texas Eagle Nuclear Winter Prediction

    Just that he was there because his buddy was coach. He was brought in to help kliff make in game adjustments and failed. Some say he is the reason jarret stidham got pissed off and backed out of his commitment. I think he might be okay one day, but he still needs a few more years of experience as a coach. He hasn't done anything to deserve talk as our head coach in my opinion. We should aim much higher than him.
  10. Green Crazy

    Official North Texas Eagle Nuclear Winter Prediction

    I've heard too many bad things about Morris from tech fans to want him. Besides that I'm ok.
  11. If anyone thinks WB chose New Mexico over Dallas, then you probably believe that 9/11 was orchestrated by our govt.
  12. Reread that. He wasn't saying he had the choice.
  13. I dont think we have as much choice in where we play as some think. It's the bowl game, the conference and the schools who split the decision.
  14. Green Crazy

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Tech board says k-state will make the seth hire official on Monday