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  1. https://twitter.com/AydenHoward/status/1208438367622483968?s=19 https://247sports.com/Player/Ayden-Howard-46081607/
  2. I'm falling in the wait and see category. Judging him by his performance with KU and their talent in the big xii is ignorant. His one year here isn't enough to go by either. If I remember, most of us were good with the hire the first time around because he did good things with wku. I will say that this name doesn't ripple the water.
  3. Mason stuck around giving kids high fives and taking pictures with other fans well after the other players had walked off the field. Then walked over to the student side and gave high five to the 6 or 7 students still on the front row. This guy wasn't just a great player, but he's a great guy. I cant think of another player I've been prouder to have played here. I've honestly been sad all day that he'd be leaving. And the way this thing petered out made me feel even worse for him. Does 6 get retired?
  4. Did anyone ever address why Gaddie didn't replace one of the corners? He played special teams, so I'm pretty sure his redshirt was burned. Does this mean he wasn't better than those two? From the little I saw from him in the spring practice he looked like he had something.
  5. You're thinking of the fan support making an impact on the current game/season, which it does, slightly. More so at home. I think the support/attendance that most speak of has an greater impact on the teams down the road. When recruits decide on a school to play for, support and attendance plays a big part in the success of a team.
  6. I'll be there. And if you call yourself a fan and it's not too much of a hardship, you'll be there.
  7. Our fans aren't the problem, but people who call their selves fans and then quit when things aren't going well are part of the problem.
  8. No one on this board within decent driving distance shouldn't be there.
  9. https://247sports.com/Player/Kortlin-Rausaw-46052946/
  10. It was 4th and 2. I would say those have a conversion rate way lower when running into the middle of a bad line from the shotgun. Dumb call.
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