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  1. My nephew is visiting campus on Monday, so my sister is asking for places to eat/visit either on campus or downtown. I suggested LSA burgers and crooked crust. Can y'all help with some of y'all's favorites?
  2. Offensive line was pathetic. Haven't seen a OL get beat like Brammer since that one guy stepped in for Tyron Smith against Atlanta a few years back and gave up 5 sacks. I hope people will see that our line is and has been average at best. I wish Littrell would recognize that and call plays accordingly. Not giving the QBs an excuse but the I didn't see Simpson or Shorter on the field after the first quarter, so that was part of the atrocity that happened.
  3. I'm assuming that was mid "TEXAS" in the North Texas cheer. 😆 congrats
  4. Not a huge fan of those helmets. The eagle is set too far back for my liking, but not horrible.
  5. The left hand home keys? Or the 5 star recruit? 😁
  6. Please someone get in the PA guy's ear. He is trying too hard. The Davis and Davis thing (I also think he had a similar comment about the Murphy twins) and he was also saying stuff about Torrey being in a single back set prior to the play and other things I can't think of that had to do with our formations. We don't need that from a PA guy. Down and distance, first down call, 3rd down reminder (some people need it) and the players involved in the play. He can add a little flavor to it, but stick to the basics. Hopefully he gets better, but surely they interviewed him and he did a mock calling of the game prior to Saturday, right? And if so, they thought that was better? Disappointing. The small score board was also disappointing since I'm a numbers guy when it comes to sports and they help me decide how the game is going in real time. #asdf and test? Bush league
  7. I think you mean Charles "Tex" Watson
  8. Thanks for your patience! Coleman Feeley was the guy. Shout out to Hank for answering my tweet.
  9. I'm pretty sure we had a former offensive lineman on the sideline for a while whose name escapes me. I'll have to research it. Please hold. (Cue chuck mangione music 🎶)
  10. Are we going to receive season ticket booklets this season? I just received the email to be able to download my mobile tickets for the season and can't remember hearing if we will receive paper tickets or not.
  11. It depends on how close the next QB is to him in performance. If he clearly wins the job and Martin and/or Ruder aren't close, then more slack is given. If the backup QBs are breathing down his neck like I expect then no slack at all.
  12. Not a fan of UT or TAMU, but this is funny. https://streamable.com/dbjm7a
  13. Yes. Early in games our offense couldn't get critical first downs on 3rd and shorts and our defense couldn't stop a DVD player. We were constantly down 2 or 3 scores in the first half and would get 20+ points in the second half when it was usually out of reach. Offense is good, not great. I do expect it to be slightly better this year though.
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