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  1. They said they were given the opportunity to continue their careers, but not that they will. Not sure about Rucker, but Westervelt had a similar offer from Tulsa.
  2. Seems like a chance to walk on. He had another tweet like this from Tulsa about 6 hours before this one. So, we'll see
  3. @BillySee58 or @TheReal_jayD know anything about this guy?
  4. Easier to believe than why he wouldn't get invited. 😀
  5. Is it possible that he opted out like the bowl game?
  6. Kind of a reverse Mason And Jason situation. 🙂
  7. I also couldn't find anything on him on 247. And only found the offer from eastern Kentucky as well. Am I missing something? Weird.
  8. Just so we're clear, I also think that the OL will be better next year. Just didn't think they were very good this year.
  9. We were 8th worse in the nation in TFL (that doesn'tcount the 7 from yesterday) . We gave up 26 sacks last season in 12 games as opposed to 20 this season in 10 games. Slight improvement, but the way our QBs rid of the ball so quickly (or are supposed to) I think this stat can be misleading. Mainly, when I think back through the season it seemed like our QBs were constantly hurried (I couldn't find stats on hurries to bak this up). Also, when we needed a short gain and ran the ball it seems like most of the time we didn't get it. In my opinion, their slight improvement doesn't
  10. Ummmm, huh? There is no way the OL was a bright spot.
  11. Simpson and Torrey are also out. Greg McElroy just picked us as his most confident bowl loss.
  12. I like some have said don't care who starts, but would like to see Littrell play both and be creative with the play calling. Trick plays and gadget plays galore, including multiple QB sets. This is the only way I see us staying close. However, since Darden is out I would say Bean might give us the best chance.
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