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  1. This was tweeted on game day.
  2. It's Mason. He threw a pass 3 yards over an open receiver. He's feeling pressure that's not there.
  3. Mason is having trouble in the new offense and is hesitating with his passes because he's unsure of himself or the receivers.
  4. With the secondary that cal has and the pressure they will probably put on Mason, I'm guessing this will be a tough game statwise for Mr. Fine. Which means it will be a bad game for for the team.
  5. I think him leaving hurt because it took the offense that Mason and the others were familiar with away. I'm not sure if Graham was better just yet. Too early to tell.
  6. I would have expected gaddie to come in, but he must have got banged up on special teams because he was in the medical tent (i think for the second week in a row) last night. I want to say i read that whitlock was coming back from an injury too. Otherwise, why not put one or both of those two in? Harvey looks so slow out there. Even when the ball is caught in front of him the receiver has got by him a couple times. That's on the coaches for leaving him in that position where he's on his own, but it's either help him or help Moore you can't help them both.
  7. I might be wrong, but I don't think they played "fly like an eagle". Are they doing away with this or did I just miss it?
  8. Every other time I have, but some unforeseen expenses for this month forced my hand. This saved me $40.
  9. Just bought a couple off StubHub in section 122. Wondering where everyone else is.
  10. I would have had a picture to contribute if my phone wouldn't have messed up. I'm not sure if anyone saw some people in section 103/104 wearing a shirt that said "judge me by my height, you do." With an outline of Yoda on the front and Fine and the number 6 on the back. It was awesome! Come to find out, they were his aunt and uncle and they had them made. Clever idea by the Fine family.
  11. That's my point. If they want it up before the game, start the projectect earlier
  12. Why wait so long to put it up? Was that because of delays or because of the surprise factor? Hopefully, because it was delayed.
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