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  1. My God, that was him? I never went back to see who that was. That attempt was embarrassing.
  2. The call in the ut and utsa game was ridiculous and I'm still shocked it was called.
  3. I didn't downvote you and maybe you missed my first sentence. This being one of his best games was kind of my point, he's not good. However, the lineman tipped the last throw which is why it was intercepted. Not exactly a good example of his poor play. The first one which was underthrown would have been better. Now to my point. We gave up 49 points and 365 rushing yards and made them punt 1 time in the second half. We couldn't have stopped them with 12 players on defense today. This is on the defense.
  4. He's not good...that's obvious. This is just a weird game to say it. He might have had his best game in 3 years. The defense on the other hand is embarrassing. Well, more embarrassing.
  5. I sit in 104 and most of their credentials said something about a "charter". There were a couple kids from Argyle though.
  6. In an interview after the game against TSU I'm pretty sure he said it was his 6th year. So, there will be records broken that deserve an * because of the covid year.
  7. People aren't just saying nice things about him, they are using his D2 stats to say he would be tearing it up against better talent that we have faced, even Texas Southern. Forget the fact that he was here 4 years through some of our worse QB rooms in recent history and just got to 3rd string. I'm a huge Kason Martin fan! He's been one of the best representatives/teammate that I can think of in the last 10 years. He seemed like a good person and always brought energy to the sideline. I really do hope he plays well and enjoys his last couple of years and it makes me uneasy to have to talk negative towards him. However, I just don't think his numbers at ENMU translate to doing well had he got to play here.
  8. Just out of curiosity, when were people being told the blue lot was full? I didn't get to the lot until about 6:45, the attendants were sitting in chairs off the road, but while the lot was more full than usual there were still spots to park in the back.
  9. Shorter's Dad said he would play this week which is was one of the reasons I started this thread. Burns and Macklin play the same position According to the depth chart, so the starters would either be Burns or Macklin, Ward or Bush, and Shorter.
  10. The potential that Shorter showed at one time. I found this highlight reel of Mason's on YouTube (I believe from his senior year) and Shorter was all over it. I really hope he stays healthy the whole season and the QBs can get the ball in his hands. Warning: This brought back bad memories of that season for me that had been long forgotten. Side note...I believe Mason threw off his back foot for 75% of these throws.
  11. The morning news had about 10 writers/pickers picking against the line and the winner. We got 2 picks....to beat the spread and one of those was Brett.
  12. They should have it open during away games too.
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