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  1. Has Miller been mentioned about this team? I figured he and Simmons would have good chemistry since they've been on the flyers together.
  2. I think a big difference is the city of San Antonio and some t-shirt fans are backing them down there because there aren't a lot of things to get behind probably, but nonetheless that is a large city with lots of money. Our alumni base is way bigger than their's and if a quarter of ours gave a douchebag we wouldn't have a problem with NIL and/or donations.
  3. Do you really think we aren't?
  4. Honestly, you can see this behavior in the workplace. This new generation searches for the best thing right off the bat. It's thevi want it all and I want it now generation. Pros and cons to it.
  5. Heckle when we are losing actual games. Not spring games.
  6. Can someone explain why the excitement for Earle? I've only seen his highlights and his stats, which are good, but nothing special. Especially considering he was at ACU. Not saying he can't be good or push to start, but why do some expect good things from him?
  7. Because I didn't. I'm pretty sure they ignored our game. Come to think of it, I didn't see any NIT highlights. They didn't even put the full court shot from Texas State on the top 10 plays. However, the second baseman from our softball team got on there at #8 for a glove flip against OSU. Anyway, just thought this was weird.
  8. Seems to me a package deal is what they have always wanted. Were we the the best team to offer them both out of high school?
  9. And it will be their third game in about 40 hours.
  10. Scenario 1. More publicity and we can say we went to the sweet 16....sounds better than we made it to the NIT finals.
  11. The Juco doesn't have the same committed picture like the rest of the scholarship commitments.
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