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  1. If you click on the v looking symbol on the top right corner of the tweet, there is an option to "copy link to tweet" then you just paste it here. 🙂 Great to have the Lee family in the Mean Green family! GMG!
  2. Since when did we have someone with the number 777? 🙂
  3. I agree with you to an extent. Sow is boring, but the flag would be like the boise st./eastern Washington of basketball. And the admin building looks like a rorshach test. honestly, i want three more options.
  4. i agree with some that the diving eagle was put up against other designs to win and i voted for it, but it's very unoriginal.
  5. the texas more classic look is my favorite. the battle flag is just too much. although, just from memory i think ut and tech have similar designs.
  6. I guarantee that some on this board would complain about a 9:00pm or later kickoff.🙂
  7. No, I was trying to understate the obvious. Also, I think one of our selling points when recruiting is playing games close enough for the families of players to travel to. This would help our recruiting west of Texas, but that's not our honey hole.
  8. We would not travel well to those games to say the least.
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