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  1. I've got a guess. Would he be our highest rated commitment so far?
  2. He needs Kyler Murray to do well this year and to improve upon last season. If Kyler gets hurt or has trouble with balls being batted down at the line then teams will be more skeptical. If these things happen then he might have a chance to get drafted.
  3. I'm guessing you're just using runs by rb to get that avg? 4.5 is the average per rush for the year. The last four games of conference (best stretch of the year by far), Torrey put up some good numbers, but the 8 prior to that had 4 games under 4 yards a carry from the leading rusher. I'm just saying there were games when we needed a run game to milk the clock or salt a game away and they didn't produce. Also, I believe the passing game helped the running game look as good as they did.
  4. "As good as last year" means it will be just ok. I'm hoping for better. Run blocking was average and so was the pass protection from last year. I think the year of experience for everyone with the addition of Plantin makes us better. An ideal year for me would keep the sack total under 20.
  5. Can someone tell me how we go 2-3 and win?
  6. I didn't see a grade on 247. Where are you seeing that?
  7. Just turned it on. What the fuck? 15?
  8. This sucks. This sucks. This sucks. This sucks.
  9. since they say he has full control over the offense at usc, does that mean he can make some hires? if so, is anyone else concerned with him taking filani? not that it's a huge concern for me, but i like him and it would be another hole to fill.
  10. it's pretty simple. when you're cold and rely on the 3 ball as much as we do, then you're probably not going to do so well. 42% of our total fga for the year are 3 pointers. 63% of our attempts last night were 3 point attempts. 63!
  11. Listening to it isn't any better
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