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  1. I'm going to be there. Last game of the year and the only cold one.
  2. 3rd and long. Just where they want us
  3. Littrell and Harrell are safe
  4. Can some people give the rest of us play by play? Lost the feed and some seem to still have it.
  5. Sweet Jesus! Has this ever been so bad? It's laughable.
  6. Take the points. Bad pass by fine was followed up by a bad call from the coaches.
  7. I'll take it, but that was a dumb call by the refs.
  8. Apparently the halftime didn't help the camera people. Does ODU let people from the crowd run the cameras like the parents run the possession on out of bound plays in YMCA soccer?
  9. Second PF was bad, but from the choppy feed it looked like he accidentally bumped the ref in his complaining. I'm fine with this one being called.
  10. He was. Did you see it happen? Have you known Littrell or Khari to ever get this upset over anything over the last 3 years?
  11. You don't know it happened. He and Littrell were upset and it's not like him to do this. He's a levelheaded guy and I can't remember him getting as much as a personal foul let alone something like this.
  12. I'm guessing he didn't spit on him. I don't think he and Litrell would of been so mad if he had. Unfortunately, we will never know because these camera kids are ridiculous. Obviously if he did, then I agree with him being an idiot. I just don't remember Khari getting very upset over anything.