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  1. This is us? 🤣 that's not something you admit.
  2. Houston was ranked last week I believe
  3. Not bad. Could be better
  4. To be fair, that's their backup. Landry Jones is their starter.
  5. there was more than one person going after the rebound.
  6. Just noticed that the uab vs utsa game is on fox sports sw. Have we/will we have a game on there?
  7. I agree. I'll be the first to ban her from the super pit for life. 🙂 I'd blame this football season on her, but she's been going to those for years. However, we haven't won a conference championship since she was born.....hmmmmm?
  8. UTEP has lost 8 games, 4 of them have been by one possession and two others were within 5 points. This is a tougher team than their record indicates. I'm glad it's at home. This will be my first game of the year and my daughter's first UNT basketball game. Hope we leave happy. GMG!
  9. https://twitter.com/AydenHoward/status/1208438367622483968?s=19 https://247sports.com/Player/Ayden-Howard-46081607/
  10. I'm falling in the wait and see category. Judging him by his performance with KU and their talent in the big xii is ignorant. His one year here isn't enough to go by either. If I remember, most of us were good with the hire the first time around because he did good things with wku. I will say that this name doesn't ripple the water.
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