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    Amen Brother. I usually meet with a UTSA friend for the game who I have know since my teenage years. He ware Orange and I ware all Green.
  2. Danish43

    Hotel room in San Antonio booked

    Come on down 43. We need as many people as we can.
  3. Danish43

    Hotel room in San Antonio booked

    You have those Indian Hotels that are cheap. I used to sell cleaning chemicals to them so I know all about them.
  4. Danish43

    Replay of the game?

    But the whole game, will it be replayed somewhere.
  5. Danish43

    Hotel room in San Antonio booked

    “Me Too” Because I live there
  6. Danish43

    Game On Live Stream

    Is the game on ESPN tonight?
  7. Watching the Ball State and Western Michigan on ESPN. There is nobody in the stand on I guess the Ball State side. It just seems like only the band. What a shame
  8. Danish43

    Game televised?

    Just thankful I got it on
  9. Danish43

    Game televised?

    Guys Sorry but not the most technology minded person. I purchased ESPN Plus I believe back in September for $4.95 which is suppose to give me Live Streaming. I use Google Chrome and I would get game connected to Flat Screen TV. Is not ESPN 3 part of this package. If not can you tell me what I have to do to get game. We have Spectrum? Do I need to purchase Apple TV? Let me know . Thanks
  10. Danish43

    Game televised?

    So that mean 1:30 Central. Is that correct?
  11. Danish43

    Meanwhile in San Antonio

    Cerebus you must of been reading my mind because I too was thinking whatever happened to correcamino. Don't think he has posted in a few years here. Tho I found it clever when somebody posted a picture of him from his twitter account when a bus of Roadrunner came up for the 2013 game.
  12. Hey 13 the last I heard from you was some years back when we had that UTSA always popping stuff on our board. I kinda wish we could get that loud month again so we could give him smack like last time. Think I read back them your hometown Louisville, Ky.


    1. GreenTexan13


      Hey dude, I dont think I quite remember that. Was this like a couple years ago? I do remember there was a guy that shows up right around the time we play UTSA and talks smack.

      And no, hometown is not Louisville, KY. Although, a couple years ago I lived in Boston, MA and I had my hometown set for that. Maybe you're thinking of someone else?


    2. Danish43


      correcamino was the jerk from UTSA that used to post trash on our site back in 2013. Do you remember him?

      I was thinking about that guy and funny but Cerebus posted his moniker. Later on one of our guys posted his picture from his twitter account.

    3. GreenTexan13


      Oh yeah.. I remember that guy.. him and cougar king are trolls. I'm sure he will be posting trash here at the end of November. 

      I think UTSA is in for a ride awakening this year lol

  13. Danish43

    Wide Reciever Corp

    Who is Travis Benjamin?
  14. Danish43

    Blue Lot Sold Out

    Lifer you are so right. My comment brings back memories of my last year living in Mac Hall 1980-1981. I would tell my roommate "take off that light" before I went to sleep. Spanish was my first language and that is the way it is said. Unconsciously I would say it in English the way I said in Spanish which is not correct. "Turn off the light" I strongly believe write and learn English correctly before learning another language. People will disagree with me . We butcher the Spanish language too by talking "Tex-Mex" in South Texas. Thanks for the head ups in correcting me.
  15. Danish43

    ‘20 OT Derek Bowman - Magnolia, TX

    Did is for 2020 is that correct?
  16. But are we not full?
  17. Danish43

    Rice vs UNT game thread

    It was a great ending.
  18. Danish43

    Blue Lot Sold Out

    Across from the tennis courts.
  19. Danish43

    Blue Lot Sold Out

    I parked at the Basket Ball stadium facing a meter, had no problem there.
  20. Danish43

    Blue Lot Sold Out

    Then park in the street. They don't give parking tickets on game day.
  21. Danish43

    Weather & Attendance for Southern Miss Game

    Where are the people?
  22. Did you tell em we are full? Can't offer him anything. Best of luck for the kid.