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  1. Is Impressing. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Kortlin-Rausaw-116645/RecruitInterests/
  2. We need Raveon. Maybe we can bring him in incognito. Anybody remember the starting cornerback for UT sometime in the late 90's that was 33 years old and had used up his eligibility at some other university. He must of fooled somebody.
  3. Give us some background on this commit
  4. Is it avialable anywhere? Thanks
  5. How about from San Antonio.
  6. Any other links to Live Stream. We changed from Spectrum to You Tube last month.
  7. Could not make it up. Is this on Live Stream?
  8. What happened to the other guys, Jordan Murray, the Abilene Christian transfer tackle on the other side of the line? Did they make any team's practice squad ?
  9. Getting message "404" cannot be found. It may be my IPhone 5.
  10. So is Nate still at NT. Very impressive offer list. Must be pretty smart to get an offer from Army.
  11. Brammer is a converted tight end and this is his first year starting. I am not making excuses for his playing ability but even last year I thought him starting this year might bring problems. Heard in last year's commentary that he was facing lot of challenges in his position. Don't know if it is his foot work.
  12. Is this the league that plays a different type of football that most of us are used to? Smaller field, etc
  13. Caylin Newton QB Howard University elects to take redshirt. https://hbcugameday.com/2019/09/27/newton-redshirt/
  14. So is game going to be available to watch live?
  15. Dog Gone Harry, I turned off live stream at the beginning of the third quarter thinking we were going to be butchered. We did one heck of a job coming back. I will be in Denton next week, Thanks for the update
  16. Just got disconnected from http://haxaco-auto.biz/match/North-Texas-vs-California. It is telling me "file cannot be opened". How come
  17. Do I need to use a different credit card and email address if I tried the free trial last year? Thanks
  18. Hopefully we will see a lot more of this young man.
  19. I remember ol' Corso from UTSA. That is the person you mean?
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