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  1. The Hell with Covid , just want to see the game at home.
  2. Is this game going in San Antonio? It show that it will but only see the taking heads Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley
  3. So what time is the game on Sunday?
  4. Did Johnny coach at Nevada and did his son attend there too?
  5. Only has one other offer from New Mexico. Has anybody else offered besides North Texas and New Mexico?
  6. We are totally shut down in here in SA. I wanted to see the Tarleton- McNeese game last night but we don't have the Fox Sports. We have You tube TV. Does anybody know if You Tube TV has a rerun of the game? Thanks. It is just hard being stuck in the house with all roads closed here.
  7. I was watching that game on ESPN but changed it after the large lead that WKU had.
  8. But I hear is a really good man. Has a strong faith. I remember seeing him play in college. How time flys
  9. I am looking forward to seeing more college football especially NDSU starting play on 2/21/21. Are there any other conferences that will begin playing this spring?
  10. Well what happened to Farrell at OSU. Have no clue why he left there in the first place.
  11. I thought at one time he would be drafted. He was on somekind of awards list if I remember.
  12. Who is Greyson Thompson? What about that transfer quarterback from Kentucky?
  13. We have already to many receivers. We can pass on this one.
  14. Perhaps this thread ought to be moved to Mean Green Athletics.
  15. Just found we are playing. ESPN is not showing anything concerning the score. What is the score
  16. Some of us were not able to see the game is there away we can see a rerun of it?
  17. Any link to the game down here in SA?
  18. Thank you @Mean Green 93-98. It was very heart breaking and I believed he had left a small daughter when he perished.
  19. Lifer once again thank you. I read about David McDavid on linkedin. It was his son Sterling McDavid that SL tried to recruit a few years back.
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