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  1. Can somebody please show how the new conference will look like with the additional new 6 schools ? Somebody from another post tried to post a picture of it but it did not come out. Thanks
  2. How about Jeff Fisher. He is not coaching right now. https://www.sportscasting.com/heaven-help-us-jeff-fisher-might-return-to-coaching/
  3. Guyton caught a nice sideline pass.
  4. And I thought it was going to be over in the 2nd quarter when Syracuse scored the second TD so I turned it off.
  5. I found this article which interviewed Deon Sanders pretty interesting when it comes to lower division schools playing money games with Division I teams. Sander is HC for Jackson St. My question is how can ULM pay $300,000 to Jackson St with ULM having such a lower football budget.? Jacksonville St got paid $300,000 to play Florida St last week. https://theundefeated.com/features/deion-sanders-hopes-one-day-money-games-wont-be-on-the-schedule-for-jackson-state/
  6. CBS Sports reported that ACC is really going West with San Diego St as a favorite. They mentioned that UAB is a potential candidate but nothing about NT.
  7. Should be a really good game tonight. Coastal Carolina has a really good team. Will be on ESPN2
  8. Where do you get the stats on this game. ESPN only shows Gamecast, no game summary, or scoring summary. They were showing some info in the first half but nothing now. Any reason they do this?
  9. Do those pirated web site still exist to watch a game like in years past? FUBO wants you to sign up as their TV Provider and we have been using You Tube for sometime. I am not that computer literate with all these new packages and afraid I will screw things up .
  10. But that may not be good for us, after all we play them later on this season.
  11. 52. I renewed my ESPN membership last night. With so many ESPN channels, is ESPN-3 part of the basic package? I know it is a stupid question but in the past I couldn't get some games on ESPN that were advertised. Thanks
  12. Can't make it from SA but will the game be live stream.
  13. How bout playing Martin too being that the game will be easily winnable.
  14. ESPN is showing the game between South Dakota vs Kansas. However it does not come. Is there a reason for this?
  15. Alcorn St vs North Carolina Central is a really good game.
  16. So how many years can this walk-on play?
  17. I remember the QB we had a few years ago that was very promising under I believe Josh Greer that had gotten a girl pregnant and it impacted his ability to excel. He didn't come back the following year.
  18. The San Francisco game is currently playing and I don’t see any stats for Wilson. Is he still with team?
  19. Can somebody gives us a rundown on the present Tennessee qb situation is?
  20. I tried looking for him on 24/7 but there is no mention of him. Any luck to see what other offers he had?
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