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  1. Sounds like a mammoth guy. Have any info on this guy?
  2. It depends. As a Small Business person you have trained and invested time and resources because you see him growing the business and then he decides to move on, I would be upset.
  3. Great win. Do they play UTSA in San Antonio?
  4. Ditto. I feel the same way. Is there anything that can be done to change this?
  5. Looks pretty good. What does our current TE roster look like after losing two of the players at this position?
  6. Offer the kid a scholarship.
  7. I am really happy to hear that because Ruder has gotten a ton of criticism from this board.
  8. But you have to remember San Antonio has a different culture than the Metroplex and even Houston. There still a loyality in the population and a city of close to two million really does not have any other competitive around it. It is not like the metroplex that is competing with well established schools such as SMU and TCU that we at NT are competiting against.
  9. And not only that but how will this arena be built. You can't build all purpose arena and expect to succeed. Alamodome is a perfect example. Not only did the Spurs not want to play there but it was questionable when San Antonio was pushing it to attract a NFL team there back in the 1996.
  10. We need more billboards like this all over the metroplex.
  11. I spoke to one of the player's mom last night and she was the one to inform me.
  12. Don't know but he will not come back. I am sorry to see him go.
  13. What are the job responsibilities of Director of On Campus Recruiting. Somebody mentioned here is to keep players going to the portal. Is that one of her responsibilities ?
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