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  1. He deserves a statue at Apogee!
  2. Probably going to watch the game at Buffalo Wild Wings in Sherman.
  3. It may be an armpit, but I enjoyed living in Nederland for a year and a half.
  4. Agree with you, SilverEagle. Our band's entry has no pizzazz whatsoever. So much more excitement could be added.
  5. Was Burkley Harkless drafted? He played for UNT in the mid-60s.
  6. It was a very nice and well-attended service with beautiful music. Her son, Mark, provided wonderful words of remembrance for sweet Sidney Sue.
  7. Good news for the City of Keene. Congratulations!!! You're an awesome UNT alum.
  8. So cool! The "Flying Worm" still lives!!!
  9. Wind up like Wallace? Wallace contributed.
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