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  1. Is the game on live stream tonight?
  2. Did he get any offers from anybody?
  3. You must of read my mine because I had the same idea before I read your post. How bout Ravon?不不不不不
  4. So this coach lived in a camper his whole time here?
  5. Who is the next opponent?
  6. Please remember there are a great deal of Mormons in Idaho.
  7. I am from SA and wondered how much of a house price wise you can get up there. From the outside it looks like a average house on a small lot. Guess prices for homes are high just like here.
  8. What is the reason NDST does so well in recruiting year after year? They always have a winning season and have beaten Division I teams.
  9. What kind of money did Reeder make at NT? Nice house.
  10. Just read that a Matt Simons was just hired as the University of Minnesota Offensive Coordinator Analysis . Is he the same person that was Head Coach here at NT in the 90's and stated after a game to meet him in the parking lot after the game?
  11. I dont know if I missed something but I saw he did not play last night against Seattle. Is he on the active list?
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