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  1. Thor is a master degree a must now adays. This is outside the Jalen topic, I got a BBA in 81 and even then it was highly competitive for a Sales Rep position in a Fortune 500 or 100 company.
  2. Danish43

    Scouting Cal

    Thanks to both of you. Sometimes because of circumstances we are limited by money even tho we love going to see the Meangreen play and drive 5 hours from SA to Denton. I have heard that Berkeley like California is very expensive. Hopefully I will find a way.
  3. We got some really smart student athletes players that will excel in life after football with so many of then graduating before their football eligibility expires.
  4. Danish43

    Road Trip

    I missed the whole game. I thought it would be at 7pm. What a dummy.
  5. Danish43

    Scouting Cal

    Would it be cheaper flying into Vegas and then driving to Berkeley. My barber just told me you can get some very inexpensive trips to Vegas?
  6. Danish43

    Road Trip

    Don’t think it is sell out.
  7. Danish43

    Road Trip

    Will be at the game tonight.
  8. Danish43

    Football and Basketball Turnarounds

    Who or what is Jub Jub?
  9. Danish43

    UTEP (1/10/19)

    Me too
  10. Danish43

    UTEP (1/10/19)

    Where is the sound?
  11. Danish43

    Bryce English

    We need Lavon.
  12. Danish43

    NT vs NDSU Bring Them Down

    I realize that but it would just be great to play down here, one of 12 yearly games.
  13. I am watching the North Dakota State University vs Eastern Washington U Playoff. Let play NDSU, bring them down to Denton. Hopefully they will bring all those fans.
  14. Danish43

    Scouting Cal

    Can someone give an estimate of what a trip like this would cost? Some of us unfortunately have to plan our budget.
  15. Danish43

    Tickets for La Tech game

    Boy, how that brings memories. We would go as a group from Mac Hall when this late coach was with the team. Loved the environment.