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  1. Siggers just dropped a touchdown pass,
  2. I work on weekend, where can I see a rerun of Saturday's game? Thanks
  3. I want to see a Jewish University that has a football team. Yeshiva U does not have one.
  4. Bryant is giving FIU a good game. They were leading but now FIU is winning by 4 with 7 minutes left in 4th.
  5. Thank you Mr Shorter. Many of us can agree, he is a beast when he has that ball in his hands. Highly talented.
  6. The guy just doesn't get a break.
  7. What happened to him? Everybody said he was going to be a killer this year.
  8. Just don't go to Juarez, you may not come back
  9. I remember that summer as I was entering my last year in college. It was hot.
  10. I felt the same way and have gotten discouraged after losing a few key players and then being used by the bigger schools as their minor team like in baseball. But after reading what is being done, I feel more optimistic. Forget the old thinking that a college degree and commitment to a university would bring you later life success.
  11. This subject should be placed under Meangreen Athletics not under Football.
  12. I remember that song "Willie Go Round In Circles".
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