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  1. How do you go to Private browsing to read it? Tried add block because DMN won't let me read without subscription. However when I hit Add Block for the pop up window requesting payment, the screen is now blank.
  2. I would love to go to the game. My son just started school at Liberty and my wife and I were really impressed with all the building going on and academics there. He mentioned to me that he is contemplating walking on next year. I think he is to small but it will be a decision he makes.
  3. Danish43

    Top 25 Votes for UNT???

    We probably won't be recognized till late in the season.
  4. Danish43

    End of game presentation?

    The way we are playing, to bad we are not schedule to play Ohio St. How much of a payoff would they give teams like us?
  5. Danish43

    North Texas @ Arkansas Game Thread

    What the heck? Tell them to come back. The game is not over folks
  6. Danish43

    TV In San Antonio. Don't Know

    Thanks. We have Spectrum but don't know if Channel 385 is part of package. Bought ESPN plus last week and son told me to keep it tell end of season. If not part of package does Spectrum allow one game purchased as I have not seen or know if any Alumni will get together At Sports Bar here in San Antonio to see. Sorry but I not as knowledgeable in understanding all these different types Of venues
  7. Danish43

    TV In San Antonio. Don't Know

    If you have ESPN+ , is that connected to SEC Alternative Channel?
  8. Does anybody know who will carry the game in San Antonio?
  9. Danish43


    But might Mountain West be expensive?All that traveling
  10. What was personal foul for
  11. What do you expect? This is not a big game compared to last week
  12. Guys this might had been posted but will there be live stream in San Antonio
  13. Hope the guys on the team are up for this game vs Incarnate Word because New Mexico put up 60 points on them. Does not look like much of a match next week.
  14. Harry I will have to get motivated to drive from SA to Denton to see the game. 30 to 35 pt win sound like a blow out. I did drive up three times last year plus the Rice game.