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  1. Lost 10 to 0. We only had one hit. I turned it off after the second inning. It just didn't look good.
  2. On Friday's game i saw that 6.2 pitcher and she was really good. But had a day.
  3. Did they win today. Did go to the game yesterday and yes it was a disappointment for UTSA to win the game at the bottom of the 7th.
  4. What is the women's score ?
  5. I guess the impact hit the gas tank. Don't see to many wrecks where the vehicle catches fire. beautiful truck and those wheels must be pretty expensive
  6. 7:00 pm. I will be there.
  7. Listen Bud, the Super Pit is still a good looking building and the heck with more modern arenas. We have over 40,000 students and until we start putting more butts in the seats, it would be a waste of money to build another arena. What we need is better marketing to get a more consistent crowd.
  8. Good point Jeff. As much as I hate to admit it, they do much better recruiting than us.
  9. Now that we have won the conference out right, let's put in the bench. Next two games are easy wins, gives starters rest and gives bench experience.
  10. Why the heck did Emmitt say it would be a trap game?
  11. Let's get all the starters out. Put the bench in
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