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  1. But I thought Stanford was a very wealthy school. It costs tons of money to go there. I believe Google HQ is located in the same city.
  2. To bad Ravon never made it here. He would of been a great LB.
  3. Maybe if he stayed we could of given him the nickname Toro. Meaning bull
  4. Let hope . He has some big hitters after him.
  5. I see that Osuofa is listed as a transferred at RB 165 pounds. Must be a speedster. Another question concern Byrse Burris OL, shows that he is a transfer from AM-Commerce. Bio states he did not play in two seasons at AM-Commerce. Any reason to speculate on his lack of playing time at Div II university.?
  6. Just hope something good came out of this, that he got his college degree.
  7. One of the reason I was convinced to attend NT in Spring of 1978, Denton had all those beautiful girls.
  8. I just noticed he had a number of Division 1 offers. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Loronzo-Thompson-120529/RecruitInterests/
  9. Is the game on live stream tonight?
  10. Did he get any offers from anybody?
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