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  1. Danish43

    Southern Miss QB just suspended

    So when they say "suspended indefinitely", that means he has been kicked off the team, right? If so why don't they say just so?
  2. Danish43

    New UNT Kicker Ethan Mooney

    Who is going to do the punting? Is it the Arkansas graduate that will be the starting punter?
  3. Danish43

    Blake Patterson ?

    Kudos. We sometimes forget that things happens beyond our understanding as adults removed 30 plus years from our university days.
  4. Danish43

    Blake Patterson ?

    Inquiring Minds want to know.
  5. Danish43

    Blake Patterson ?

    Patterson Who?
  6. Danish43

    Brendon Weatherspoon out for season

    What position does he play?
  7. Danish43

    Austin Aune former Argyle Qb available?

    Billy is a great person to ask and I have not seen his response with this topic.
  8. Danish43

    Austin Aune former Argyle Qb available?

    So I don't get it. Is he going to walk on to the Razorbacks or as shown in the before post, on the Meangreen roster for the 2018 fall season?
  9. Never even heard of the school but they sure have lots of players on their roster.
  10. Is that the same Mike Simmons who stated to meet him in the parking lot after the game?
  11. Danish43

    New Addition: WR Trace Thompson; Godley

    Was he being recruited by anyone else?
  12. Danish43

    DRC: UNT-Jacksonville State running blog

    There you go. I never knew that NT went this far in Basketball until I read Vito's blog. I assume we lost at South Dakota. My mistake. GMG.
  13. Danish43

    Another 3 star could be added to 18 class

    What did happen?
  14. Danish43

    '19 QB Maverick McIvor (San Angelo)

    1028. I did not know Dajon Williams was thrown out. I thought he just left on his own accord. He had the potential to be a really good QB.
  15. Danish43

    Another 3 star could be added to 18 class

    Could you post information on these two young men?