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Here’s what Friday’s legal filing against the Pac-12 means for San Diego State and the Mountain West

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Here’s my question, if the PAC survives and picks off the best of the Mountain West would we (AAC) be interested in their leftovers?  I hope not!


The future of the Mountain West may rest in a legal complaint filed Friday in the eastern Washington town of Colfax at the Whitman County Courthouse, which sits along the South Fork Palouse River, across the street from a car wash and a couple blocks down Main Street from Pearson Farm & Fence.

That’s where Washington State and Oregon Statefiled a joint civil action in state superior court against the Pac-12, essentially requesting full control of the conference’s name, brand and assets.

“At its core,” the 16-page complaint states, “this is a dispute over who has the authority to act on behalf of the Pac-12 Conference. Only judicial intervention can resolve this dispute.”

If the Pac-12’s two remaining members prevail, it’s considered the first step in re-imagining the beleaguered conference with San Diego State and select (but maybe not all) members of the Mountain West.

Lose, and the Pac-12 likely dissolves — and Washington State and Oregon State would have few viable alternatives other than joining the existing Mountain West.

read more: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/aztecs/story/2023-09-08/san-diego-state-sdsu-aztecs-conference-realignment-washington-oregon-state-legal-action-pac-12-mountain-west


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Even if they win, which is a long shot, I doubt they keep their autonomy status. There is no configuration left with the remaining schools that would enable a new PAC to keep that status, if that’s what these two schools ultimate goal is. 

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This PAC 12 situation has more drama than Keeping Up with the Kardashians:

Departing Schools: "We would like to call a very important board meeting to discuss very important issues."

Oregon St & WSU: "Uhhh... You guys just want to call a board meeting so you can gang up on us and vote to dissolve the conference. The future of the Pac-12 should be decided by those who stay, not by those who go. Besides, this is the precedent set by USC & UCLA leaving. Why should this time be any different?" 

DS: "Nooooo! We just want to hold a super-necessary board meeting to ensure our beloved Pac-12 employees are properly retained and paid. The conference needs these people to keep the league running and honor our TV commitments."

OS & WSU: "Bullshit. Our presidents can unanimously agree to this and it will be done. So...we're suing to stop the Board meeting."

DS: "Ugh! How could you do this to the Pac-12 employees?! Think about them and their families! Think of the students! You're being so selfish."

OS & WSU: "Well well well, look who won a temporary restraining order blocking your little board meeting!" 

DS: (Crickets chirping...)



OS & WSU: "Guess that super-important board meeting wasn't as necessary as you made it out to be!"

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It will be interesting to see how this plays out. WSU and OSU can play hardball, and they deserve to, but the schools leaving could make a "group" decision to schedule WSU and OSU in OOC games no longer. This is going to be wild.

What is the "drop-dead" date when WSU and OSU must do something? It will still be interesting to see how they put together a schedule if they don't act soon.

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These schools leaving the Pac12 knew what assets they were giving up by leaving.  And they knew their voting rights ended upon such an announcement.

OSU and WSU are trying to prevent a liquidation of conference assets by allowing old members to attend/conduct a board meeting where these assets could be disolved.  Right now only they control them.   They are also sorting out legally how to merge the Pac brand into the MWC without themselves forfeiting those assets.  

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