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  1. Yeah I really don’t know where Memphis and SMU would go.
  2. Nah I don’t care. It’s out of my system. Still, it burns. 😳😅
  3. Completely disagree. If the team is winning and playing teams people actually know people will walk a little farther. We walk all around campus already so that’s not an issue. Plus there are already dorms on the other side of the highway my man?
  4. I would think there would be some strings attached to their membership? I mean..AAC has the leverage here, why wouldn’t they ask more of these schools if and when they would become members?
  5. Totally agree, if this does come to pass this will just elevate the rivalry even more as both schools will play each other across all sports. If this story is true, it’s foolish. They literally have no where to go.
  6. Academics is a big issue. I know I know most people say who cares but people do care about this hahaha
  7. I’m good with this. Don’t change 🤨
  8. NS did what he needed to do it seems. Being part of the CUSA leadership but also keeping the best interests of North Texas at the forefront. Looking at the schools leaving, the only thing that would make sense to me is if the CUSA and Sun Belt schools merge into some west/east organization. Rename the conference start anew. I’m still holding my breath on our potential move.
  9. Please don’t start gloating before anything is solidified
  10. sadly…we suck again…..again
  11. Maaaaan. Ain’t that the truth.
  12. Awesome comment and anyone that down votes you just means it’s their first day on the internet
  13. Agreed. As I recall there were plenty of people complaining about his late game collapses and inability to convert on 3rd and short. The one constant has always been SL…GH may have been the best coordinator under SL but he was far from perfect
  14. The schools don’t offer anything as far as NIL. It’s the brand that the athlete has or builds during their athletic career that gives them the monetary compensation. I don’t really understand what you’re trying to propose
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