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  1. Surprisingly a lot of people watched that game. Pulled more viewers than the highest watched regular season nba game.
  2. True. If you want to compete you need to be willing to hire great coaches. It’s about resources and North Texas has not been able to achieve that for the most part in football.
  3. But hey….it’s the students fault for not showing up to (insert game here)…..North Texas fans are fair weather they’ll only come out if it’s convenient. *North Texas freshman looks at the score board and realizes there are better places to be on a Saturday night. Never comes to a game again.
  4. Last year was a head scratcher. Gave them a good scare for almost three quarters then it went sideways. Just win
  5. Yes. The game has changed, adapt or fall behind…..further behind.
  6. Antiquated thinking. The NCAA makes billions of dollars off these athletes. You’re focusing on the term NIL as if it actually literally just means that. It makes no logical sense for one entity to make billions while another gets zero and told you get a free education. The athletes put their bodies on the line and make millions for their schools. They deserve more than just a scholarship and some lunch money.
  7. I don’t remember that one at all, I need to see the game tape on that one hahaha
  8. Kind of weird not going to lie, especially since most Mexicans could care less about futbol americano 😅 Secondly, I don’t recall any college team ever marketing internationally like this. Correct me if I’m wrong. I believe Stanford and Rice played a game in Australia a couple years ago?
  9. UTEP doing everything it can not to get stuck in CUSA. If we end up losing this game (which I loath to admit I have a really bad feeling about) then all this support talk will be a mute point. People, organizations, businesses etc. want to be associated with a wining product. Bottom line.
  10. I was with you up until the last part when you just went full SMU. How do you figure that those schools are below SMU?! Good luck to you.
  11. Having Arizona, Arizona State, Utah and Colorado go to the BIG12 makes sense geographically and culturally. The PAC12 is screwed because no schools in their footprint can match up academically with Stanford and Cal so they either swallow their pride and let in a San Diego State, Fresno State, or Boise State or they have to accept maybe a complete merger with another conference?
  12. I would love to see the Rutgers and the Vanderbilts of the world get taken down a peg.
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