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  1. Cowherd frequently makes fun of smaller schools even though North Texas’ new offensive coordinator hails from his alma mater. 🤨
  2. I hope they’re better than the ones I’ve previously seen as well 😕
  3. North Texas barely pulled out a win last year and had that dreadful loss against ODU.... so yeah...I take nothing for granted with this team.
  4. Wasn’t Bassey’s father on the coaching staff or something like that?....I looked it up, it was his guardian. Was hired as an assistant for 200K a year salary. Hmmmmmm 🤔🤫 https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/kentuckiana/2018/07/03/western-kentucky-hires-charles-bassey-guardian-hennssy-auriantal-assistant-coach/756664002/
  5. UTEP should be much improved this year. 🤨
  6. I know nothing about golf, but is there not enough talent in the DFW area? It’s got to be something else.
  7. Im greedy...I want wins against SMU and uH....plus a conference championship and a bowl win. Is that too much? Probably...but a man can dream 😪
  8. I saw this on the interweb today via twitter. Looks like they’ll finally be coming out with a new crop of replica jerseys for the 2019 season. Details in the link. https://twitter.com/MeanGreenSports/status/1120356326016724993?s=20
  9. It’s very worrisome. Yes the team has two back to back 20 win seasons but this hasn’t transferred to an uptick in recruiting. At least as far as I can tell.
  10. I have her in a class and I’m not surprised by her rhetoric. I do not support her and found myself disappointed that she was elected. The SGA on campus has become increasingly one sided with a clear agenda. It’s obvious what that agenda is.
  11. Yeah... you would think he still has some of that NFL money? Maybe sometimes the money is more about knowing your worth? I don’t know...just thinking out loud.
  12. From what I could find the all-time best record for the softball team is 31-22 set back in 2014. At 29-15 North Texas is looking pretty good to break that mark.
  13. I think it’s been quite some time since the softball team was playing this well. I’ll have to dip into the archives to find out.
  14. Glad to see one of my favorite college football sites up and running again! Check out the site, it’s quite interesting. Anyways...here’s another offseason post. GMG! https://swcroundup.com/news/2019/4/18/another-season-of-high-expectations-for-the-mean-green
  15. I vaguely remember that team. She was one of three players suspended that year I believe and I think the following year 3 players transferred. From the outside looking in, it would seem the athletic administration wants to bring as many former student athletes into the Mean Green tent and at least partially acknowledge the mistakes of the past?
  16. I’ll save you the trouble. Mean Green are #6 https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2829305-ranking-college-footballs-most-dynamic-duos-in-2019
  17. Hoping for a better season than what this publication is predicting. A win against SMU will set the tone early and I’m feigning for North Texas to win back to back games against those smug b*st*rds. The Houston game could potentially be a sell out if this team is at least 3-1 come September 28th. -GMG
  18. The paywall is no longer just for G-5 programs, as the BIG XII will have an exclusive platform on ESPN + https://es.pn/2UNFya0
  19. “Looking for back to back wins against SMU for the first time ever”...damn, it’s almost 2020 and this still hasn’t happened 😕
  20. Ha! Well at least you didn’t say I should be grateful.
  21. To not say it would imply that the conferences are interchangeable, which just makes the situation North Texas is currently in that much worse.
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