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  1. Good insight. Enjoyed it and I think you are pretty spot on.
  2. This x100. I think we only had 20-30 yards rushing the last time we played them. They will load the box and dare Aune to beat them.
  3. Darnit I wish id known this earlier because I had just bought one on Ticketmaster yesterday! My old roommate is now going.
  4. I saw this posted from the UTSA beat writer. I hope he is wrong! I do agree with him on Bill Clark and the Dilfer hire though.
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/uab-expected-to-hire-trent-dilfer-super-bowl-winning-qb-a-surprising-target-to-lead-blazers-per-reports/amp/
  6. Need RV to break out that NIL checkbook and it could happen.
  7. This is nit working - I got a porn invite
  8. Can anyone get me a free video link please?
  9. Hey guys any suggestions on where to gwt hotel and tickets and where the gmg peoples are hanging out in SA?
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