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  1. I hear he's headed to USF. Wonder if this was the reason for Makenzie's departure?
  2. But on the flip side, the 1-loss winner will have a stronger resume to make a NY6 bowl.
  3. Found it! https://247sports.com/college/florida-atlantic/LongFormArticle/FAU-Football-Exclusive-Interview-with-AAC-commissioner-Mike-Aresco-Florida-Atlantic-American-Willie-Taggart-conference-realignment-174413889/#174413889_5
  4. Mike Aresco is a vocal opponent of divisions because they often don't pair the two best teams to play in the division championship game. To ensure the two best teams have a shot at the college football playoff, don't be surprised to see a 3-5-5 scenario in the AAC as well as the ACC.
  5. I really want to remove that shitty CUSA logo off our Battle Flag. Thankfully the AAC places their logo outside of the key.
  6. Carlos making us proud with the ace on 16 and then an eagle on 17! Dude was in the zone.
  7. This news tells me that Seth & Co. will continue the ground and pound approach that resulted in a 5-1 record over the last 6 games of the season. Long gone are the days of teeing it high and letting it fly. I bet Coach Cobbs is chomping at the bit for this coming season.
  8. Way to go, son. Glad that ass whoop’n last Saturday helped. Anytime you want to take an L during a ranked & undefeated season, you know where to find us. 2021 will forever be the year we both celebrate your record of 12-UNT. Congrats #birdsup
  9. We’re gonna be in quite the conundrum when UTSA starts playing SMU in the AAC. Go... Refs!
  10. Good call on things getting ugly. Here’s the current weather forecast for Saturday... My wife and I just made it to Miami. Heavy rain starts tomorrow and doesn't let up until next Tuesday. FML 🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. Not if CUSA collapses like a cheap lawn chair.
  12. L @ Rice W @ USM L vs UTEP W @ FIU L vs UTSA I do not see a late season winning streak in our future. Do You?
  13. Agreed. However the difference is Alabama and Marshall don't use their ambiguous mascot logos as their primary logo like we do.
  14. I agree, we gotta win to get noticed. It also helps to be in a P5 league like all of the example schools you cited.
  15. You are correct we don’t win enough. BTW the logos you posted are the secondary logos for Alabama and Marshall, not their primary logos.
  16. Cal fans despise Stanford. I'm not trying to get my ass kicked at an away game. I could only handle one L that day.
  17. I went to the Cal game in 2019, and Cal fans were so confused by our brand strategy. They saw the Diving Eagle baseball cap I wore and kept asking me why do we have an Eagle mascot yet we go by the name Mean Green? When I would explain it, the look of confusion never went away. And it was always followed up by, “Where is North Texas anyway?” 🤦🏻‍♂️ On the metro, a Philadelphia Eagles fan came up to me thinking I was a fellow Eagles fan only to lose his mind when he saw I was wearing a Dallas Cowboys hoodie. I won't ever forget the look of bewilderment and disgust he gave me. If we asked Wieden+Kennedy, GSD&M, or Leo Burnett ad agencies for branding advice, they would immediately tell us to put UNT or NT on our helmet as our primary logo, (like UNC Tarheels) and make the Diving Eagle logo, our secondary logo. K.I.S.S. - Our current brand strategy sends mixed messages and will continue to be confusing to outsiders.
  18. I had no idea Judy makes over a half-a-million per year! I thought it was more like $200K - $300K. Boy that Judy makes out like a bandit! She must have one hell of an agent because judging from the last CUSA TV deal and her recent letter to Aresco seeking a merger with the AAC, negotiation isn't one of her strengths.
  19. And he had such optimism when the season started. Poor guy's emotions have been all over the place. We're all feeling the effects of this shitty season.
  20. IMO, wearing our NT throwback unis/helmets is now synonymous with losing. All we do is take L’s with them on. Our equipment team needs to pivot and only use the throwbacks on rare occasions. Bring back the wing helmets and use that as the alternate option.
  21. @GrandGreen is about to flex on all of us and donate the $2.9M needed to fire Seth. 😉😂
  22. Exactly. Aune has regressed significantly and he’s putting our WRs a risk.
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