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What I want to see on September 3...

Matt from A700

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3 minutes ago, Matt from A700 said:

...is different in-game entertainment, especially the scoreboard race the stadium has had for the past 2 years (at least, I'm only a junior). Not looking forward to animated Seth Littrell yelling "Whynotnorthtexas!!"

I'm looking forward to on-the-field entertainment. If we are getting our asses pounded there will be nothing the AD to change the entertainment value of the games. We ever start winning with consistency you'll be plenty entertained with the environment alone, inside and outside the stadium. 

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I sure hope our front 6 have somehow become hellacious because if last year's line is man handling our OLine like we have heard in practice updates, we are in trouble. 

ETA:  Oops, guess I was a bit off topic.  I want to see our OLine prevent a single sack in this game.



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4 hours ago, 4MYMGE said:

What I want to see on Sept. 3???  Is a full stadium.  As a parent of a current player, I would do anything to help this team RISE.  Last year was hard for everyone.  My constant prayer, during this off-season, has been, "Dear Lord, if my son was on what people say was 'one of the worst teams in this school's history', please let him be part of the team that turns this thing around".  Maybe last year had to be so hard so that we could have everything that we have now.  I am thankful for the big name coaches that decided to come to North Texas with the confidence to right this ship.  I am thankful for the new players that have come to this University to help in this quest, but I am also thankful for the players that toughed it out and stayed here and are buying into our New Beginning. 

My favorite scene  from the movie 'We Are Marshall', is the morning of the first game of their rebuilding year.  Their new coach is in his home just wondering if anyone is going to show up at the game on that day.  He goes outside to retrieve the morning paper and what does he see??? People everywhere...headed to the stadium...excited because it is Game Day!  This is what I would love to see on Sept. 3rd.  And why not??? North Texas has a venue that is both fun and affordable.  Sure--you can stay at home and "see how this team does"  before  you invest any time or effort, but I am asking everyone to come out and support these players and these coaches.  Invite your friends and family to show up.  Being part of the game is more fun than just watching the game, or reading about it.  Get Fired Up Mean Green Nation!  Let's Go MEAN GREEN!  It's almost GAME DAY!!!


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