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  1. TCU crushed Houston 36-13 and SMU rolled Prairie View 69-0.
  2. The point of this topic is, we may not have the big money guy's like SMU, but our alumni base is massive compared to theirs. UNT power brokers better get organized and rolling with the NIL program, because Tulane, Memphis and UTSA are getting ahead of us.
  3. This story is all over social media today, our bigs better get organized. https://smumustangs.com/news/2023/9/18/general-smu-raises-unprecedented-100m-in-seven-days.aspx
  4. TCU, Tech and Baylor didn't want SMU in the Big 12 for obvious reasons, you guys have been beating them in some recruiting battles as a G5, there's no way they wanted ya'll to be on equal footing. It's ironic, they blackballed SMU from the Big 12 and you guys end up in the ACC, that's academically and sports wise superior. I know my friends from TCU and Baylor are pretty pissed off.
  5. You're absolutely correct, I've tried to stay out of this attendance talk, but it's ridiculous. Our alumni base and student enrollment, completely dwarfs you guys, and we still can't come close to filling our own stadium. I watched your game against Louisiana Tech and y'all had a pretty good crowd in the first half, considering the dangerous temperatures.
  6. Since I was at our game yesterday, I recorded the SMU game and watched it today. Mustang defense has improved a bunch. They seemed pretty vanilla on offense, I have a feeling that that by design, they got up 31-0 at halftime over the Bulldogs and pretty much shut it down in the second half. The Bulldogs defense, actually looks pretty good.
  7. Did you go to the game when we played at SMU 2 years ago, that was the smallest group we have brought in many years. I know we were expecting to get hammered, but your numbers show that you have a tremendous imagination.
  8. At my age, when you have children and grandchildren, I'm not able to follow the board closely every single day. My goodness, I've never seen so many assholes.
  9. That's pretty much why I posted it.
  10. Apologies, did not know. I just thought two of those teams would be of interest to us.
  11. ACC presidents meet in the morning, to discuss adding SMU, Stanford and Cal.
  12. Will UTSA match the hype? Not many teams win in Norman and TCU was in the National Championship last season. I can't see SMU winning either of those games on the road, if they did win one of them, this board would melt down.
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