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  1. Notre Dame may be an independent in football, but they still play 5 ACC teams per year and are a full participant in all other sports. I glad SMU is gone, they are killing it in recruiting, four 4 Stars commits in the last few days. They lost their star QB commit to Bama and promptly took TCU's 4 star QB, that's been committed to the Frogs for over a year. SMU also got a National Top Ten lineman yesterday, that held offers from everyone in America. I would rather deal with Memphis, UTSA and Tulane.
  2. I didn't know there was such a thing, are these club sports?
  3. You've got two SMU guy's, working their asses off in this thread, trying to encourage us to quit mopping and get busy. Things must be really bad over here, but, I for one, appreciate your effort.
  4. This is really bad news, we will basically be starting over next season.
  5. Looking at comments on X, he won at least 21 games 7 times, NCAA tournament 6 times, 2 Sweet 16's and an Elite 8. Supposedly given big resources for bigtime staff and NIL.
  6. Maybe that was one of the reasons he was canned. June Jones knows, what happens when you lose to us. lol
  7. You like Rice, because we can beat them.
  8. Good fit for Rice, expectations are different.
  9. I mentioned several times in the season, that SMU was not very good and their coach would get s-canned. No surprise this move was made. You guys are going into the premier hoops league in the country, ya'll better get it right this time.
  10. Look at my statement again, I never mentioned UNT, I said "openings" as in plurals. It would be great if we won the NIT, but 5 years from now, people around the country won't remember who won the Super Bowl last year.
  11. NIT openings created by at least 7 teams declining bids.
  12. Tech fans would overflow our stadium, not to mention, with their top flight portal class, they will be very good. This could be a blessing if it happens. UNT could schedule a body bag game in their place.
  13. I have only seen SMU play the two times we played them, how have they won 16 or 17 games? Like I said, I've only seen them twice, but they just don't look that good.
  14. I patted our administration on the back, for our home game against the Mustangs. We hyped that game to the MAX and the turnout & results were rewarded. I received countless emails and texts, promoting that game. That said, having bought tickets from SMU, for our football game last season, I've received a couple of emails from them since that game for various events of theirs. I have not received ONE text or ONE email from them about our game at Moody. This game will have a totally different dynamic, than the build up UNT did hosting the Mustangs last month. This game is at lunch time, on Super Bowl Sunday. I wouldn't expect much of a turnout from SMU fans, UNT could easily have 70% of the attendance.
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