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  1. Traylor will be gone soon after this year. How good is UTEP? SMU ranked #21.
  2. I haven't seen evidence of your claim.
  3. Put your hand on a Bible, and say that with a straight face.
  4. Why doesn't TCU and UNT play? It could be for Metroplex bragging rights.
  5. Haven't been on the site in almost a week and am in shock.....because there are usually multiple threads about SMU and now there are none? This was an exciting football game, SMU looks better than when we played them. TCU's Evans will be a NFL star.
  6. Phil Bennett has improved the UNT defense, no doubt. The offense had it's moments. UNT played very hard. SMU offense looked like they were in a comma. Heard coach Sonny on the Ticket after the game and I've never heard a coach so upset with a team, after a 23 point win. Dropped td passes, fumbles on goal line etc...said the team was flat. If UNT plays as hard for the rest of the season, as they did against SMU....going to win a bunch games.
  7. You must've been in the only rowdy SMU section in the stadium. I went with a Pony friend and sat in a lower section on the 40, it was like you were at the Theater.
  8. I think most adults realize, that some 20 year old in the media department wrote this. How is this an insult anyway, would SMU be offended by "that team from Dallas? obviously not, by looking at the Dallas on their jerseys. Constantly looking for something to be offended by, infers you have an inferiority complex.
  9. I actually forgot about the PonyFans site. I have a national Scout membership, where you can read forums on any team. Pretty sure that's where most of the SMU fans are now, unlike Ponyfans, the traffic is pretty big.
  10. North Texas transfer running back Tre Siggers shared details on his journey to the Hilltop, how fall camp is treating him with his new team, the running back competition and more. On fall camp so far: "It's going good, I'm just glad to be here in Dallas at home. Makes it a little better." On running back room competition: "Everybody's just going to do their job. We all bring something to the table so you just feed off each other and make us all better, you know? On transfer process to SMU: "It was a bit stressful at the beginning, but God had his plan for me so I just stuck with it and kept faith. I was probably a week, week and a half and that's when I decided that's the place where I want to be. I was really just weighing all my options." On returning to his hometown and the connection: "I've always wanted to come to SMU. Being a kid, coming to the playoff games here, I've always wanted to play on that field. It's always been a dream of mine." On Dallas players returning back to SMU and what makes SMU a good spot: "I think it's just the family. It's really big here. Other places I've been to, it hasn't been like this. They were very welcoming, made us feel like home. OMMENTS "We always talk about how the high school days went and stuff. It's kind of interesting." On having a big day at SMU and turning the tables on that: "Definitely. I say it all the time to myself, it's not going to seem real until the first game. Still adjusting to all the blue. I look better in blue though."
  11. How often does UNT go head to head with SMU?
  12. You were the last one. lol
  13. Looking at the SMU schedule, road game at La Tech won't be easy, it will be the Dogs biggest home game of the season, road game against a revenge minded TCU team, that will have 2 weeks to prepare, wins at Navy rarely happen, Tulane is much improved and hates SMU, road game at Houston, road game at a good Memphis team, very good UCF team, road game against a Cincinnati team that was in the top 10 last year, close with Tulsa, that hates them similar to Tulane. 8-4 would be good, but it's undeniable, Sonny Dykes is building a powerful program.
  14. I'm on a TCU board often, and they talk about the Ponies a bunch, but nothing compared to the undeniable obsession here. That TCU vs SMU game is going to be big.
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