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  1. I saw a link on TCU's board for their NIL program, you can donate as little as 25 dollars a month. UNT's enrollment and alumni base, dwarfs TCU and SMU's combined. UNT could easily compete with them, if they stopped complaining and got busy.
  2. Blount was one of the youngest, do a search on the dozen that were banned, they were old back then.
  3. You're probably kidding, because most of the boosters involved with SMU in the early 80's, are probably deceased or in the rest home.
  4. Looking at the 247 Transfer rankings, TCU is currently #9, SMU #13 and UNT #78 in the Nation. Very impressive for the 2 small private schools. Looks like SMU had a haul of 4 Star players from UT and Miss State over the weekend. TCU and SMU's NIL programs, have to be emulated by the Mean Green. What SMU has done as a non P5, is shocking, especially for a first time head coach and new staff. Sonny Dykes already has the formula at frogland. UNT better get their NIL program rolling.
  5. SMU DE Jayden Jones is heading to the transfer portal. Jones redshirted last year as a freshman out of Parish Episcopal. Took official visit to TCU over the weekend after Frogs offered, but has now taken his name out of portal and staying with the Mustangs. Some of my TCU buddies are pretty upset by this. When he entered the portal, did UNT offer him?
  6. Hoping Siggers gets a chance to shine, but, look at this video!
  7. Looks like a great addition. Looking deeper, SMU's old staff offered him, the new one did not, looks like SMU went went the portal.
  8. Love the Dodge family, great people. They are the reason, I started pulling for UNT, just didn't change the screen name.
  9. I'm more of a TCU guy, but I pull for all three local teams. Would love to see UNT start playing the Frogs in hoops and football!
  10. Since you dragged SMU into it, let's look at other numbers. UNT's arena holds almost 10,000, so it was half full. Enrollment at SMU is less than 7,000, enrollment at UNT is 42,000. I would guarantee, that the number of DFW-UNT Alums dwarfs SMU. So in reality, UNT is massively underachieving with attendance.
  11. Seriously, 4,000 is something to get excited about?
  12. Does NT have their NIL up and running?
  13. National Recruiting experts claim, Bentley is leaving partly because SMU is getting a 5 star running back transfer from Alabama. Can't remember his name, but was a Dallas kid.
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