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  1. UNT has an enrollment of 37,000 students, and an enormous alumni base in the metroplex. There is ZERO excuse, to not fill every seat in Ford Stadium. SMU is a small school, and their fans will not show up for this. Terrific opportunity for UNT.
  2. This board has trashed SMU and the AAC on a non stop basis, but now, you are hyperventilating to marry them.
  3. I watched Arkansas and SMU play North Texas, the mean green played much differently against those 2 teams, than they did the last month.
  4. Should have told the players they were going against Arkansas or SMU, is that the only 2 teams they can get up for?
  5. I watch all three metroplex teams every week, but, I've cheered harder for NT this year, because of their special season. I will have to agree with Mean Green Texan. This is a very different SMU team, than the one we beat on the first game of the season.
  6. I know the answer to this question.
  7. The good, UNT had a massive win against Arky. The Bad, unless Mason gets hurt, Seth is gone. Wren Baker better get his list started. Surprised, I recorded the Michigan-SMU game and watched it yesterday. SMU finally put Ben Hicks on the bench. The freshman quarterback Will Brown is the REAL deal. 6'4 220, calm cool and extremely gifted. I'm glad he didn't play against us.
  8. So much insecurity. You people rely on what others say, for your self esteem. North Texas will beat the Hogs!
  9. UNT should have their best team in decades. SMU lost Courtland Sutton, Trey Quinn, Justin Lawler and a bunch of other players. They have a brand new staff, playing their first game on the road, against a Mean Green team that hates them. If UNT doesn't beat SMU this year, I don't know when. I'll take the home team by 14.
  10. SMU is in Dallas (DMN), I'm sure the hometown Denton newspaper, has alot of coverage on SMU?
  11. Three SMU players were drafted, three more signed free agent contracts. Once again, no NTU players were drafted. You continue to sound like a butt hurt snowflake.
  12. After 10 months of 24/7 coverage and investigations, not one shred of evidence has been produced.
  13. It's kind of creepy, borderline mental disorder.
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