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  1. Evan

    Carry In Seatbacks

    The flyer that came with the season tickets said “seat cushions without a pocket or compartment were allowed”. Some of the stadium seats have been designed to carry extra stuff and it sounds like that was what they were trying to avoid. Nothing was said about cushions with backs.
  2. Evan

    COACH - produced by Dabney Coleman

    NICE find! For those that didn’t know, Dabney wore a Mean Green Shirt on a TV show in the 70’s (Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman)he was in that he picked up from Fry while working on this project.
  3. Evan

    2017 Attendance

    slightly higher than Rick's shot.
  4. Evan

    Happy Birthday Evan!

    Thanks buddy! Appreciate that. It’s been my pleasure to do the podcasts these past 10 years with you. You are like the easiest guy to get along with. Ashton is another story. thanks everyone for the birthday wishes
  5. I agree. It would be a good addition. We can start adding that in. Thanks for the feedback
  6. We are working on options to do both live and with a chat room. A couple of weeks ago we tested the live Facebook feed which included a chat, but there were some technical issues. We will try to work those out and be back with the live broadcasts soon. thanks for listening.
  7. Next week we are planning on taking calls again, so I'm hoping you would join us again to assist with the calls.....pretty please
  8. Evan

    Anyone having trouble w ESPN3

    ESPN3 down everywhere...their response is that they know of the issue and are working on it.
  9. My old feed on iTunes is still picking them up...I didn't have to change that. If you were subscribing off the old gomeangreen.com Wordpress site, then yes, I'm not updating that one any longer.
  10. Should be up on iTunes in the morning (Friday)... we have been in the process of switching everything over.
  11. Evan

    Beyond The Green

    The Athletic Department is who posts it on YouTube. They usually do it on Friday afternoon. Just talked with Ashton, but he's filming with the team, so I'm not sure he can do anything at the moment. I agree, this weeks episode was great and the coverage of the defense was exactly what we wanted to see after that performance against Army.
  12. Working on that part now.... hopefully tonight
  13. It was a great BTG! Thanks for listening and thanks for the feedback. gmg
  14. We are trying to get away from it. We have moved the hosting to the libsyn site and had a few errors that I'm working on.