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  1. The staff feels pretty good about their team heading into next year. They werent looking to add a whole bunch
  2. UNT is not actively recruiting him. He hasn't heard from them. Has some JUCO offers and is getting looks from a few other mid majors. I think UNT has moved on
  3. The focus seems to be on versatile wing players 6'5/6'6/6'7ish. Someone like Holston that is a threat to score. I believe that is the type of guy they want to add with this class. Draper is deserving, but if I only have one scholarship it cant be him. Mac has to let him know that his scholarship is coming if need be, but it might not be now. One thing they are missing is the shot blocker, that's what I would like to see them add, but that's going to be so hard to find. They will get enough low post scoring from Zach, Simmons, and Tope that they dont really need another guy. Sure it would be nice for depth like y'all have mentioned, but its not a priority. Ultimately I trust in the plan to add another scoring wing. Two guys clogging the paint up doesn't translate to wins. UNT needs to continue to focus on playing with pace and space. Give me the 6'6 Wing that can play 1-4. Guard bigger players in the paint or switch onto any guard. Can drive to the rim. Hit 3's. That is the guy that North Texas HAS to add. The coaching staff knows it. @BillySee58has mentioned it before. 3 Shooters should always be on the floor next year. Lawson and Woolridge should rarely be on the floor at the same time.
  4. MGN Preview: 2018 CBI Tournament: NT vs Jacksonville St
  5. For those wondering this game will be televised. South Dakota is working out the details.
  6. Do yourself a favor and look past the old numbering system of 1,2,3,4,5. Don't try to fit players into those traditional roles. Basketball is becoming positionless. It could be as simple as guard, wing, big. Or could go further into their playing style and define him - rim attacking ball handler, two way star, 3 point specialist, scoring rebounder, paint protector, shooting ball handler. Ryan is rim attacking ball handler.
  7. I've been critical of Draper a lot this season, but this is where your wrong. Go back and re-watch games. Draper was one of the better defenders. Smart was more of a defensive liability then Draper. Your correct about the rest.
  8. https://meangreennation.com/2018-cusa-tournament-nt-vs-la-tech-preview/
  9. https://meangreennation.com/2017-18-bball-season-fau-preview/
  10. https://meangreennation.com/dropping-dimes-10-thoughts-recapping-nt-vs-fiu/
  11. They lost by 40 to ODU and went to OT with Charlotte last week so UTSA has their own issues. I wouldn’t say they are playing really well.
  12. You’re right he did push off, but Lawson had already committed the foul. That’s why it’s was called. Lawson didn’t have the position. Tough call. Lawson’s been great at getting charges all year. It just wasn’t the right time or place to try. I just wish he would’ve fouled Beard
  13. This FL trip isn't as easy as it seems. We arent favored to win this game.
  14. Arikawe and Fuller were more matched up with Coleby not Johnson. Holston and Lawson guarded Johnson a lot. Both times Temara subbed in he came in for Holston or Lawson. Arikawe was on the floor the the first time with him, and Simmons was on the floor the second time. Temara came in at 17:03 in the second half. Johnson hit a 3 at 16:08 Temara came out at 15:13 Temara subbed back in at 13:13 Johnson hit a 3 at 12:00 Temara got taken out at 11:24 Did I say that everyone else played good defense? You asked why Temara wasn't play much. I gave you the reason. It's not that hard to see on the floor.
  15. He is a defensive liability, and that is the quickest way to see the bench under McCasland. Justin Johnson was 2-2 from the 3pt line last night. Both 3's happened while Temara was guarding him. Shane was lost in the lane while Johnson a 41.7% 3pt shooter was wide open. That and Shane can hit anything right now. No point in playing him.
  16. That isnt ppg. PER is player efficiency rating King is averaging 19.5 ppg in conference play. 21.4 for the season Coleby is averaging 13.3 in conference play. 12.0 for the season
  17. He's got a shot. King is probably going to win CUSA Player of the Year, so I dont think they would give him both awards. Id lean towards Smart winning right now, because of how valuable he is to UNT and how his scoring has help UNT turn things around. Coleby and Thompson are both legit. I think it will come down to Coleby and Smart if I had to put $ on it. The reason I picked Coleby over Thompson is bc he is nearly averaging a double double in CUSA play and he is a really good rim protector/shot blocker
  18. Probably because the TV scheduling is done before the season. The big TV game for CUSA is ODU vs La Tech. That would've been considered a huge matchup before the season.
  19. Its just two games of data, but it helps my point so I ran with it. Ideally you'd rather have the whole season of data to support it.
  20. Against USM He missed 6 free throws. 2 in the 1st half. 2 early 2nd half, and 2 with 5 mins to go. Against La Tech he made all 3 of his free throws under 5 mins to go.
  21. He doesn't lead CUSA in minutes played. He has already taken more shots in all those categories than he did last year. The four guys who are averaging more mins per game are all better free throw shooters then him. Yeah he is doing more. No doubt.
  22. These guys aren't going to spend 15 hours learning a new offense or defense. This isn't football. Sure there are a few coaches out there who run a ton of sets, but even then your not working on it 15 hours a week. Your time in the summer is working on your game. Your working on where are you going to get shots in that offense. Work on dribbling. Working on passing. If you struggle at free throws and you know your going to get more than 2 a game then your working on Free Throws. Good players set their own practice routines in the offseason that attacks all areas of their game. I've watched every minute of every game. Woolridge does give great effort, but your acting like he is pushing the ball for 40 mins. Non stop fast break.
  23. 1.) No 2.) Maybe. No. Most used statement - "learning a new system". Its an excuse that doesn't hold up here. They aren't learning some elaborate way of playing basketball that they cant get in the gym and shoot on their own. Its possible that Lawson's wrist injury is bothering his free throw shooting. Woolridge's mins and walking the ball up are not hurting his free throw %. If you struggle shooting period, you struggle shooting free throws. Rhythm, muscle memory, confidence, form.
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