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  1. Give the homeless population a Houston shirt to plus up the attendance. Hand out meth as the free gift to the first 20k “fans” that show up. Pretty novel way to get Houston behind the team.
  2. Says the guy who downgraded to Harris County Community College.
  3. I ordered my pizza 30 min ago. Why haven’t you delivered it? I swear you keep this up, dominos is going to fire you.
  4. It’s a short flight from San Diego. I’ll be there in my black Wallace jersey.
  5. So, do you have to chip in for the internet bill or do your parents make you mow the lawn? I’m assuming it’s the latter vice former (fancy talk for second not first-you’re welcome) since I’m not sure a pizza delivery gig doesn’t pay that well.
  6. Won’t stop you from making sticky pages out of your Lane Bryant catalog.
  7. Says the guy that probably lettered in Warcraft.
  8. Mom couldn’t find a babysitter and just chained you to the computer again, huh?
  9. As usual, anyone prepared to purchase a jersey on my behalf, I’ll PayPal/vinmo the money for it.
  10. Your insight is amazing. You must be the best fry cook in the history of whataburger, putting you in the top 1% of Harris county community college alums.
  11. Look out for a crime spree in Tallahassee not seen since the days of Ted Bundy. #briled
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