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  1. As usual, anyone prepared to purchase a jersey on my behalf, I’ll PayPal/vinmo the money for it.
  2. Your insight is amazing. You must be the best fry cook in the history of whataburger, putting you in the top 1% of Harris county community college alums.
  3. Look out for a crime spree in Tallahassee not seen since the days of Ted Bundy. #briled
  4. No. Let him stay. He’s funny because he’s an idiot.
  5. He’ll remember. He has nothing else for which to live.
  6. Congratulations on your teams record breaking performance.
  7. Why do they have security posted? Who the hell would steal that?
  8. Why are his sunglasses on the back of his shirt? How drunk is this guy? He’s the kind of dude who has a big Johnson shirt in his regular rotation.
  9. And we’re playing drop coverage. Phenomenal.
  10. No- I’m certain it was the mean green. I watched it.
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