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  1. UNT 04

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    I’m down for it and probably my first choice
  2. Would people like to wager their profile pic on who is closest to the outcome of the game?
  3. UNT 04

    Helmets that change color

    Why stop there why don’t they make a hypercolor jersey
  4. UNT 04

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    UNT 41 UAB 17 We jump on them early forcing them to change their game plan which plays into our D.
  5. UNT 47 SOMO 17
  6. UNT 04

    Seth Post Game Comments (Hint: He's not happy)

    If I’m Brett I’m glad I made it out of the interview with all my teeth
  7. Voted till it kicked me out. Let’s go we’re down by little less than 400
  8. Only could get 78 votes in
  9. Got Fine up to 4000 45%
  10. Got 153 votes in UCF 3641 UNT 3174
  11. UNT 04

    Official UTEP Game Score Prediction Thread

    Chico locks 🔒 the gate with the score UTEP 17 UNT 48
  12. Voted thanks for the tip Jason