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  1. You could try rigging up a deer feeder solar panel to mist bucket.
  2. I was never very impressed with Nixon. Couldn’t wrap up on tackles.
  3. How much will coordinator salaries pump up
  4. Just need few more pieces to bring the old band back together.
  5. Did wonder’s for Mizzou. <-sarcasm
  6. That’s why we also want Kendal. Let them work together again and hopefully pass the torch if he is not hired away.
  7. I think we need to bring in both Briles to get this thing going in the right direction. Throw in an old school Buddy Ryan type defense coordinator and I’ll be happy.
  8. Q1 UTSA 17 UNT 10 Q2 UTSA 10 UNT 3 Q3 UTSA 14 UNT 14 Q4 UTSA 0 UNT 14 OT UTSA 7 UNT 0 UTSA 48 UNT 41
  9. I’d take Dodge as my QB coach no doubt but, I assume this is nothing more than news he still has a toe in football.
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