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  1. I would read that as we have 350k for the position.
  2. To me it look like a clean hit. You want wide receivers to hear footsteps. Football is becoming to much of a grab ass sport might as well start putting flags on kids waist belts.
  3. Hell I would take a penalty if at least one of our guy on D tried to light someone up
  4. Mumbles Mumbles then shifts his copenhagen from left to right then looks up with no eye contact
  5. You can not believe everything you read news wise. What if he wanted to take the blame to protect his son from being ostracized so he could have a career. I would most definitely with out a doubt hire Briles. Every where he goes turns to gold look at Stephenville high school, UH, Baylor.........
  6. I would like to see us implement the option into our arsenal as another wrinkle to the offensive. Maybe even with a fullback during goal line.
  7. Really happy with D today. I hope Novil sticks around for next year.
  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=184s&v=BcGyFbhZVPk
  9. I might be for it If we were always X conference champions but it seems like we get a new coach and we have success for a couple of years then we go down hill and here comes a new coach....... But I’m with you I would love to get the hell out of CUSA but at the moment I don’t know what good it would do since we are not able to claim top dog in this dumpster fire of a conference.
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