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  1. Rod was a great coach no doubt and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. His problem, being from out of state, was recruiting. He inherited the great players he had and once they departed, he was unable to recruit in Texas at even an acceptable level. If he had more local ties, he would have had a better chance at competing in the recruiting game.
  2. last second game winners
  3. Well, with fan support like this, don't expect any better invites in the future.
  4. Does anybody know the status of Bryce English. Limited participation in the Rice game, no participation in the ODU and FAU games. Is he injured?
  5. My thoughts. If any of them are still hobbled at the end of this week, then we need to go with our back-ups. If we are so thin, that we cannot beat UTEP with what else we have, then we never would have "run the table" anyway, as doing so takes, skill, depth and a degree of luck.
  6. Sorry, it this has been posted before. But, North Texas has garnered some votes in both major polls. I cannot remember the last time we saw that.
  7. I was at that game with two other North Texas fans. At one point we were worrying how we were going to get out of Arkansas if we upset them.
  8. Also, how would offense look if we could add Dickey's run game?
  9. Was there also. A sinking feeling at the end of the game and a long drive back to Dallas was what we brought home.
  10. I was there with two North Texas alums and a UT alum. The paper estimated at least 10,000 Mean Green fans in attendance. Later on, my UT friend who was an Austin attorney and well connected with the big donors told me that one of them asked the referee about the last bogus T.D. that "gave" UT the game. He told my friend, Jim, that the referee grinned at him and told him that the UT player was in the end zone by "this much".....making a hook-em sign. Even the Austin media admitted that we were robbed.
  11. Not a simple yes or no. Stars are important in that they reflect the general consensus on various recruits. However, as in poker, even the best hole cards lose sometimes, and what you do with your cards is almost as important as what you hold. So, yes, I would rather than pocket aces versus 2-7 offsuit, but sometimes the aces lose even to the worst hands. Sometimes, 5 stars flop because of attitude or other issues and sometimes 1 and 2 star recruits end up playing in the NFL....but overall, I would take 4 or 5 stars over 1 or 2 stars given a choice.
  12. Good. Never hurts to have competition at the QB position. Will he qualify as a freshman?
  13. When i was growing up in Austin, UT had what they called "the knot hole section" in the end zone, where students from grade school through high school could get into games with a student id for a ridiculously cheap price. I saw many a game there as a child and it always had a good turn out. My father would simply drop my friends and I off at the gate and in we would go for a evening of football. Maybe, North Texas could have something like that.....if they already do not have it.
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