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  1. Teams usually circle the wagons when this happens, upset alert for the Mustangs.
  2. Did anyone see that SMU 77----Houston 63 game? I didn't get to watch it, but, looking at the highlights and the stats, Tune and Tanner were just on fire.
  3. How many years left on his contract?
  4. UCF is a really good football team. That stretch that SMU just played, could get a lot of coaches fired. TCU is undefeated and ranked and Maryland's only loss was by a touchdown at 4th ranked Michigan. Don't want to think about how we would do in that same stretch, with 2 of those games on the road.
  5. 100% not accurate, we had to buy our tickets through the secondary market. Let's take a look at our attendance and worry about our own business for once. Maybe we wouldn't be in the crap hole that we're in now.
  6. SMU asked their fans to wear blue, you may be confusing blue with the purple.
  7. Schools have no choice in this matter, it's all up to the television executives.
  8. Like I said earlier in the week, one of the guys in our crew is a TCU guy. It was so dangerously hot, early in the first quarter, we made a deal that we would stick it out until halftime, we barely did. I can testify to the person talking about the lines in the concourse, it was something like I had never seen before, total failure by their management. Attendance numbers are announced on tickets sold, they had over 35,500 tickets sold, I can empathize with the people that chose not to use their ticket. I know TV runs the college football world, but they should start making these TCU and SMU games at night. We went to the game in Fort Worth last year and it was incredibly hot and miserable, TCU had thousands and thousands of no shows as well. TCU's band is enormous just like UNT's, they took up a whole section by themselves, besides that, they probably had 3,000 or a few more in attendance. You guys that constantly talk about SMU's attendance, must not have mirrors in your own home.
  9. You guys act like UNT alums don't have any money, if that's true, what the hell are you selling?
  10. https://www.si.com/college/2022/09/22/smu-tcu-rivalry-sonny-dykes-rhett-lashlee
  11. Joe Gillespie formerly out of Tulsa, new DC at TCU.
  12. We have a TCU guy in our crew, so we try and make the TCU-SMU game every year. Looking at the forecast this Saturday of 97- with zero shade, we're starting to regret purchasing tickets. Laugh if you want, but heat can be dangerous to men our age. I bet with that early kick time, combined with the heat, you will see people leave early or just watch from the airconditioned den.
  13. UNT should play TCU too. I saw on twitter, SMU has some BIG announcement about facilities next Friday. The do need to widen the concourse.
  14. My golfing crew and I, love high school and college football (and coffee). On the college ball side, we try and catch at least 2 UNT, TCU and SMU games live, sometimes more. On Tuesday, we decided that we better go ahead and get tickets for the TCU game at Ford Stadium, to our shock, the ticket manager said... they were completely sold out. That was 11 day's before the game! So, I asked how many tickets that TCU fans had bought, he said around 3,000, but they might find a few on the secondary market and that's where we had to purchase our 4 tickets. I'm surprised, that there hasn't been any announcement, from either school on this. The ticket manager did say, since the students sit on the south end zone hill, they sold the seats reserved for them at $100 a pop. Also said, SMU would start selling over flow tickets next week, but, we're too old to stand for hours. Anyway, I know there are quite a few on this site, obsessed with all things SMU and their attendance, but, we were as shocked as anyone. I'm just surprised at how quietly this was done, very strange. https://smumustangs.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventInfo?ticketCode=GS%3AATHLETICS%3AF22%3AF02%3A&linkID=smu-athletics&shopperContext=&pc=&caller=&appCode=&groupCode=&cgc= https://www.stubhub.com/smu-mustangs-football-dallas-tickets-9-24-2022/event/105210210/?sections=1651935&ticketClasses=2512&listingId=&listingQty=&estimatedFees=true Look at the prices on Stub Hub, with estimated fee's! What the heck?!
  15. Most programs have 5 month contracts with players for the nil, I would assume SMU has something similar.
  16. There's a lot of truth to that. Reading the Baylor and Frog boards, they say that Tech, TCU and Baylor will try and blackball SMU, because of recruiting. You can see their point, if you follow recruiting for those teams, SMU has beat all three of those schools for recruits in the last few years. Their fear is, what would happen if they're in the same league.
  17. Did you watch the 4th quarter??? SMU was playing people that weren't even listed on their 2 deep roster. They completely took the air out of the ball, by running the play clock down to 2 seconds before handing it off. I can't believe some of you are dumb enough to attack their coach, like it or not, SMU could have made the final score much worse. I'm sure Phil and Seth appreciated it.
  18. #0 Camar Wheaton got his first college carries last night and you can tell he's elite, Siggers might be on the bench by mid season. Game announcers said 2 Pony starters at receiver, didn't play last night because of minor injuries.....that's scary to think about.
  19. Exactly, even an older retired guy like me understands this. This was probably written by an intern. Every interview SMU's coach had about the UNT coaches and team this past week, were filled with nothing but respect and friendship towards Phil and Seth.
  20. What a difference a week makes. This must be your hatred of SMU speaking, because I believe you know enough football to recognize the talent that they have. The whole fourth quarter, they were playing second and third string and even walk on players. They totally milked the play clock down to 2 seconds before snapping the ball and were running the ball most of the time. They could have scored 60 or 70 if they wanted to. That SMU team, would beat UTEP by 60, unless their coach showed mercy... like he did to us last night.
  21. Thank you. I was planning on paying when arriving, hopefully, an hour before kickoff is early enough?
  22. What exit do I take off I35, to get to the blue lot and what time does it fill up? We usually park by old Fouts, but age is getting up there and trying to cut down on that long walk.
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