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  1. 24 to 14 Wake Forest anyone watching the game?
  2. The speed of the offense really doesn’t seem any different
  3. I love D but I’ll change it up and go with Oscar Adaway III
  4. I also agree plus AAC Conference has more going for them at least at the moment
  5. Hard pick but had to go SMU & Houston
  6. Marcus Trice miss that guy he was truly all in.
  7. LAIRAMIE LEE Clip doesn’t have his big hit against GA but still you see
  8. He also needs to get better at picking up the biltz
  9. I love the success we have had under Littrell but I think we are missing grit/mean streak from a lot of our players. Where's the guys that are coming up and laying wood on RB and receivers?
  10. I’m down for it and probably my first choice
  11. Would people like to wager their profile pic on who is closest to the outcome of the game?
  12. Why stop there why don’t they make a hypercolor jersey
  13. UNT 41 UAB 17 We jump on them early forcing them to change their game plan which plays into our D.
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