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RIP Mike Hickmon

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So senseless.  
 Prayers for all who are grieving.
RIP Michael Hickmon


In 2001 Mean Green RB Michael Hickmon  scored 3 touchdowns vs the Aggies of New Mexico State in a game won by UNT. The lead changed 7 different times.
🦅That win clinched a berth in the New Orleans Bowl where the Mean Green would defeat the Cincinnati Bearcats. (It was the most exciting & loud by the fans game I ever saw at Fouts Field).




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My nephews play at the youth/middle school level and I see foolishness from parents living vicariously through their kids. 


NOTHING and I mean NOTHING in those games should ever escalate into shooting someone/following referees to their cars/fighting with other parents/etc.


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More on the great Michael Hickmon:   
He scored 3 Mean Green touchdowns in this one.  Best game many of us ever saw at old Fouts Field. It was the loudest crowd, too, in a stadium with terrible acoustics. (Apogee changed all that). 



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What a senseless tragedy. A good man dead, a wayward man threw has own life away over nothing, a boy lost his father, a bunch of kids with emotional trauma, and a bunch more good men and women that will say "no thanks" to volunteering thus creating more wayward men

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59 minutes ago, southsideguy said:

what could be so serious at a 9 year old football game?  Let the kids have fun and leave the parents at home.  Who would want to officiate sports leagues anymore?  

It has become ridiculous.  The article mentioned that they were already having difficulty getting people to referee the games because parents have followed officials to their cars after the games.  Parents/Adults are ruining youth sports.

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The scariest part of all of this is that there are probably other adults who have no problem with what happened, from the arguing, mouthing threats, to keeping it real by having a gun to threaten and then fire at someone else.

This isn't anywhere close to the first time we have heard about something like this and it sure as hell won't be the last.

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22 hours ago, UNT Texas Hooligan said:

Senseless. A 9 year old football game. Are you freaking kidding me?

not even a game, a f**king scrimmage. Parents are ruining youth sports right now with their childish behavior. Hope coaches start learning how to be officials, because with this garbage, there will be very few officials left to work. 

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This goal post tear down scene took place in Fouts Field’s south end zone after “Michael Hickmon’s 3 TD’s classic.”

It was a beautiful thing to be out on that field celebrating.

*The photo of Father & Son just breaks your heart.  


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