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  1. Q. @mousetown wants to know: What do you think of Jay Bilas’ assessment of the pushback by college coaches against unregulated NIL deals? It like he thinks there should be no rules at all. A. Bilas is a typical ESPN social activist, mixing politics withy sports. He and a lot of others in the national media, along with some fans think this is all about collegiate athletes making as much money as possible and any attempt to regulate NIL deals is an infringement on the rights of college athletes. He needs read the Supreme court ruling on NIL. It didn’t say anything about boosters forming NIL collectives and throwing wads of cash at athletes to get them to attend a certain school. The supreme court said that college athletes have a right to make their own NIL deals. The ruling was to make sure that once an athlete is enrolled on scholarship at a specific university the NCAA or the school he/she attends cannot control his/her NIL. The NCAA has two basic rules on NIL. The one that is relevant to this discussion states that specific NIL deals can only be offered to athletes after they sign a letter of intent. Most athletics departments have been observing this rule. A few formed NIL collectives made up of boosters and started offering deals to high school athletes or athletes on scholarship other universities. The NCAA announced that it’s going to start going after school that violate that rule. It’s also very likely that NIL collectives are going to be banned by NCAA rule. Bilas and others think the NCAA will get challenged in court on this and lose. I don’t agree. There might be some lawsuits filed but I think they will fail. The true NIL model should be the one in place at Arkansas and other schools. Athletes are taught how to control their NIL by hiring an NIL agent. That athlete becomes an independent businessman. The agent lines up endorsements for the athlete. The school is not involved. read more: https://www.fox16.com/sports/local-sports/softball-bracket-talk-sunday-baseball-blues-the-ncaas-plan-for-nil-abuse/
  2. Q. L.R. Tackett says: I see where Chad Morris either quit as head coach of Allen High school or he was fired after just one season. Surely this is the end of his coaching career right? A. Based on what I’ve read so far it looks like he’s going back to the college game as an assistant coach perhaps in the Dallas area. TCU, SMU and North Texas are the schools that have been mentioned. I’ve reached the point where I’m tried of talking about Chad Morris. He was a terrible head coach Arkansas. Worse than John L. Smith. He had success as an assistant coach at Clemson but was not effective at Auburn. He had a bad season at Allen High school. read more: https://www.fox16.com/sports/local-sports/softball-bracket-talk-sunday-baseball-blues-the-ncaas-plan-for-nil-abuse/
  3. Never been to a game there. Any idea on what shape the stadium is now? Also, it is very clear every team in the AAC is looking to try and get into the B12.
  4. Wow that just blows my mind! Here's to better days. Looks like @keith is getting to the nitty gritty on why Wren was hesitant to pull the trigger on firing Seth last year.
  5. Kid appears to have talent, and he should help us. My question is what QB other than Fine has gotten better since arriving here under Littrell? Seems like since Grant Harrell left we have sucked in the developing of QB's.
  6. AUSTIN (Nexstar)— By 2030, it’s projected that 62% of all jobs in Texas will require some sort of education after high school, according to a Georgetown University researcher Anthony Carnevale. That’s why worry was expressed during a State Higher Education Interim Committee meeting on Tuesday. Texas is seeing fewer high school students go straight to college — an impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. read more: https://www.kxan.com/news/texas-politics/college-enrollment-down-with-62-of-texas-jobs-to-require-post-high-school-education-in-10-years/amp/
  7. I just heard from the ENMU Head Coach Tye Hiatt. He was very warm and supportive. He said that Kason will join them this summer and have two years of eligibility. He said that they had high expectations! I am pleased. The Coach said he could help us get tickets for us to see him play. Good news for a good young man indeed. GMG
  8. Agree but I would also say our history of coaches doesn't help in that particular regard. Love him or not Seth's winning percentage is second only to Hayden Fry I believe. We've really excelled in building facilities, basketball and other areas like women's soccer etc. We have not been good at hiring coaches in the major sports. Coach McCasland gives us hope that we can. With the money we have put into facilities and coaching salaries we should be able to do it in football.
  9. https://unhwildcats.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster/jayden-martinez/8910
  10. Sorry to hear and hope for a speedy recovery!
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