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  1. Don’t forget about the Cole Johnson Slaw!
  2. These guys are old but can still rock. Band is comprised of UNT and TCU alums. Check it out. https://www.facebook.com/1302773828/videos/10224283670581739/
  3. Wish they could do a better job of bottling up their little guard but will take the W.
  4. Wow that's not good for Aranda at all. Baylor has to play clean after rapegate.
  5. He's the real deal. One of the best recruiters in the country. Will be a P5 HC soon.
  6. Could Gilmore possibly play another position if QB does not work out for him here?
  7. Great summary of the current situation @UNTLifer
  8. The 6-7 scholarship spots we have left to give in Feb will also be very critical.
  9. Looks like the NCAA is releasing an investigational report on the incident, perhaps as early as today: https://tulsa.forums.rivals.com/threads/statement-from-philip-montgomery.21392/
  10. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/mike-linehan/4068
  11. I agree. They will give him another year but it is basically because they need part of his contract to expire so they can come up with the money to hire the next guy. I would imagine we will lose some assistants in the off season. It will not be easy to replace them. Seth will move over to be an assistant under Lincoln Riley.
  12. I have heard only one year on his deal.
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