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  1. Just saw he was on the new roster. Offensive line. Anyone know his story?
  2. Rhoades said the financial implications could put into question upcoming projects -- including the building of a new basketball arena -- and affect academic opportunities for students. Rhoades said the school, like others impacted, will also struggle to attract and keep talent on the field and in coaching staffs. "The economic impact is real," Rhoades said less than four months after the men's basketball team won the NCAA championship. "If we are no longer a member of a Power Five, we will sell less tickets, we will sell less merchandise, we will raise less money and we will have less corporate sponsorship." read more: https://news.google.com/articles/CBMikQFodHRwczovL3d3dy5lc3BuLmNvbS9jb2xsZWdlLWZvb3RiYWxsL3N0b3J5L18vaWQvMzE5NDU0OTIvYmlnLTEyLWNvbW1pc3Npb25lci1ib2ItYm93bHNieS13YXJucy01MC1oaXQtdHYtY29udHJhY3QtdmFsdWUtdGV4YXMtb2tsYWhvbWEtbGVhdmUtc2Vj0gGeAWh0dHBzOi8vd3d3LmVzcG4uY29tL2NvbGxlZ2UtZm9vdGJhbGwvc3RvcnkvXy9pZC8zMTk0NTQ5Mi9iaWctMTItY29tbWlzc2lvbmVyLWJvYi1ib3dsc2J5LXdhcm5zLTUwLWhpdC10di1jb250cmFjdC12YWx1ZS10ZXhhcy1va2xhaG9tYS1sZWF2ZS1zZWM_cGxhdGZvcm09YW1w?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen
  3. It seems to me the Ruder has to surpass Martin and Kuehne before he gets to the starter who is Aune right now.
  4. Proud to have a US Congressman supporting my beloved Mean Green!
  5. https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/08/01/texas-gov-abbott-acknowledges-buffalo-bills-austin-relocation/
  6. Any particular reason or just gut feel? I think it’s an easy travel game and my wife likes shopping there so makes it easier to convince her to let me go.
  7. Looks like we may be trying to reconfigure the Southland conference with these announced games.
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