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  1. One lady I work with her daughter is starting as a freshman at NT. She was making her daughter do all online classes but her daughter cried about it and she gave in. She already had put a down payment on a dorm and had a best friedn roommate etc.
  2. University dorms will be far from empty this school year. Residence halls at Texas Woman’s University and the University of North Texas will likely see a dip in occupancy compared to previous years, but thousands of students are still on track to move to town in the coming week. Monica Mendez-Grant, vice president for student life, estimated dorms would be 75% full this year compared to roughly 93% at the start of the 2019-20 school year. “We have actually recalibrated the occupancy and so we have a larger number of single rooms, and there cannot be more than two students to any room,” Mendez-Grant said. read more: https://dentonrc.com/education/thousands-of-students-still-on-track-to-hit-denton-next-weekend/article_e2bba49d-1183-54e7-9e43-57bae51c554a.html
  3. The death has been announced of Keith Johnson, emeritus professor of trumpet at the University of North Texas College of Music. He was 77 and had been in a care home for dementia patients where he fell sick with Covid-19. Keith had been a prominent player at Dallas Opera and Fort Worth Symphony. read more: https://slippedisc.com/2020/08/covid-kills-university-of-north-texas-music-prof/
  4. It’s indisputable that college students are getting a worse education under COVID-19 restrictions, particularly bans on meeting in person. So why do colleges, including the University of North Carolina System, force them to pay the same tuition and fees, as students themselves struggle to pay their own expenses in this forcibly crippled economy? The John Locke Foundation highlights the “lavish salaries” of professors, “hordes of administrative personnel, and services [students will] never use” (and yet continue funding) in a research brief on the UNC Board of Governors’ decision last month to “keep the current tuition and fee schedule” regardless of COVID-justified restrictions:
  5. Since they are now an independent, it makes scheduling much more difficult and in Covid almost impossible. My guess is the University needed to do this for financial reasons as much as safety.
  6. Yeah I support Coach P on this one but even still he had to take a knee and apologize which in years past he would have never done. Different environment these days for sure.
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