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  1. I know, sounds like a dumb question but, Is there still a deadline for football season ticket purchases ? Has Wren made any official statement about cancellations ?
  2. Yeah, but in my dream Mason Fine threw a sixty-five yard Hail Mary with no time left on the clock to give the Dallas Cowboys a Super Bowl win over the 49ers. The Mean Green beat Alabama for the national championship. I had a date every night of the week with a different Dallas Cowboy cheerleader ! Then the jailer woke us up and emptied out the drunk tank. (Oh by the way, I was in the 82nd Airborne so I think we may suffer from the same dream disorder) ✈️
  3. How do you define a college D-1 Hall of Fame criteria ? It really can’t be like the pros HOF criteria since a college coach or student athlete is only at a particular school for a fairly short run. As opposed to pro “career” HOF criteria. So maybe it’s justified to include a person in the UNT HOF given one really good year since they probably won’t be around more than about 4 years. Having said that I think Fry, Blakeley and Johnny Jones go in. But at this point does Grant McCasland measure up to those standards ! My opinion meter says he should have at least one more hot year like this year before he gets the nod. (Unless, that is, UNT goes far into the NCAA big dance)
  4. An SMU alum called after reading this board with its hard luck stories. The Pony grads are taking up a collection to buy the po ntsu unemployed a Snicker bar and a cup of lemonade at the next game given the sad state of affairs. Gotta luv $$$MU.
  5. Kudos Little Vito from La Familia ! I’ve enjoyed the sports reports, pre-season area football publications and the candor with some of the sports fans. Good job.
  6. Granted, Dickey did give North Texas an exciting run and did so with poor facilities and poor funding. That four year run was great. HOWEVER, Dickey obviously then stopped recruiting and the program sank. THE UNPROFESSIONAL manner in which Dickey departed was an ugly “fuc# you” felt by most of us fans. Once fired he never should have been allowed to coach the remaining season. Rick Villarreal totally mishandled Dickey’s departure, necessary as it was.
  7. The great ISEED KHOURY : 1973 - 77. Varsity soccer and lettered in football under Hayden Fry setting longest field goal record.
  8. And I remember: Refs had to call “Technicals” against NTSU because the home crowd noise was so painfully overwhelming. In fact I believe audio testing was done at a game and the crowd decibel level was considered hazardous to the human ear drum. It was F-ing greatness ! Opposing coaches and players would actually shoot us the finger. North Texas students were rabid.
  9. Absolutely ! With UNT finally playing such great basketball again, leading the conference, 6 wins in a row, the Pit should be packed EVERY HOME GAME with at least 6000. THESE ARE THE GOOD OLD DAYS - ENJOY EM. Reminiscent of some exciting days under Coach Bill Blakeley in 1976. WHY NOT UNT? WHY NOT NOW?
  10. Baylor won’t hire a 4-8 G5 Coach.
  11. BINGO ! We all absolutely hated that “do nothing “ athletic management at NT. Wren Baker looks like the real deal so far right now. I don’t believe he will drag his feet if football or basketball show signs of atrophy. Wren is smart, young and needs to protect his own future growth potential: McCasland needs to start winning in conference, not there yet. Littrel can’t have another boondoggle failure like this season. Wren is a pretty good AD, don’t believe he’ll drag his feet.
  12. Only wanted to run him out of town after the great four year run when he quit coaching, quit recruiting and acted like a spoiled brat.
  13. Not at all surprised by the FAU beat down , smu was so overrated this year. But still gotta hand it to Dykes, took a non-fan supported bottom feeder to a fun winning season. I doubt the good year will improve smu fan support or attendance. Dallas area just doesn’t care about smu, really never have except during the ongoing cheating years.
  14. Sounds like Seth is fired up. Walking the walk and not just talking the talk. OK, I’ll ante up again, deal me in. I think I’ve learned to smell right and wrong moves by previous HCs and ADs at North Texas, believe this one passes the smell test.
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