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  1. True greatness, a gamer - The Kansas Comet ! Guys like Sayers, Ali, Mantle, Wilt.... never lose their shine !
  2. Peanuts104: I respect your criticism of my “opinion”. My thoughts are just the take’em or leave’em type from a long time NT supporter who thought Odus Mitchell was a pretty cool guy to bs with on the practice field. But that’s just my opinion too. I never feel too bad about opinions. Go Mean Green - See you at Apogee !
  3. If we’d only had a little more time on the clock, we had ‘em right where we wanted ‘em - they were rubbery, ready to fall ! Yo beertender, one more round !
  4. Coach Dan McCarney was BURNED OUT and just plain quit . We all watched as the on-field game performance and locker room management deteriorated in an ugly way. Many felt that RV was ignoring us fans and the ongoing flame out. So the question: Is Littrell burned out on UNT ? Does Wren care ? I only present this because Saturday’s SMU/UNT game had no resemblance to Littrell’s positive beginning in Denton and on top of last year’s disappointing season. It depresses me to think the AD may have lost his commitment as well.
  5. I grew up in Dallas during the SWC hay day and old Ownby Stadium. Dallas didn’t support SMU then, and the Pony student support was as bad then as now. The snooty guys at SMU pretty much ignored NT back then, these days they still look down their noses but they can no longer ignore UNT whose star is actually on the rise without having to use fake marketing imagery .
  6. Good read for new fans and old timers . Historical detail put the series in perspective. The SMU “almost back” syndrome analysis hits a sore spot for the Ponies . And of course, UNT’s year to year inconsistency rears it’s head. Very good article.
  7. Great picture and post !
  8. Say what you want about how bad CUSA is and how things suck, BUT if UNT ever wants respect anywhere it needs to WIN CONSISTENTLY. Having two good seasons under a new head coach , Littrell , and then flopping back to a 4 and 8 season just repeats an age old UNT dilemma. If we don’t win it doesn’t matter what conference we’re in. (Boy what an old repeated NT rant, see you at Appogee)
  9. Yes !! Mean Green and the Flying Worm vs. the SMU Broncos . Life is good.
  10. Kudos to you for your unselfish sentiment. Hope we’re all back in Appogee soon with covid19 in the rear view mirror ! GMG
  11. I believe the Dodge family would politely say thanks, but no thanks to another UNT adventure.
  12. QB experience on the D1 field will be a big factor, Buechele and the little ponies have that right now.
  13. Amen to that brother ! For the first time in months when I said “...what the hell is going wrong in this world ?!?” I was talking about a blown snap from center or a lousy pick. Go Mean Green !!!!
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