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  1. Agree ! There is no accountability or focused authority in “management by committee.
  2. Yes it’s the ongoing P5/G5 struggle , but UNT has come a long way up that mountain in terms of Division I athlete and coach appeal. Now is the time to keep the pedal to the metal and NEVER get derailed. I firmly believe UNT is going to be the breakout major university in Texas and brother I’ve seen it all.
  3. Brett, you’re the best thing about the Record-Chronicle !
  4. The Jace Ruder QB transfer is a solid move for North Texas. Some good moves strengthening the program. If Bennett can work some quick magic on the Defensive side I believe good things will be back for UNT. Glad to see Littrell in the fight.
  5. Wren should get credit and a high five for a job well done on this one. We are quick enough to butt kick when the program has a problem. I’ve seen many solid businesses get surprised with “Going Concern audit findings” because they took it for granted that a balanced budget would always stay that way. Not so ! Good job on this one Wren - Keep It Movin’ .
  6. So has Wren put out the word that he’s looking to leave North Texas ? Is he officially trying to leave ? Or do these schools just toss a net out there in a publication to see if they can generate an interested pool of possible contenders from logical conferences/schools ?
  7. Three maybes: 1. Bennett likes living in Texas 2. Needs to get back in the saddle and get rid of rust 3. Might he see a potential Head Coach job lining up here sooner rather than later. I bet Wren feels good about this hire too, I do.
  8. It just feels w r o n g ! Any place but there.
  9. Look again to history... The ONLY time North Texas has ever broken its ageless mold of statewide / national athletic inertia was when it brought in a lightening rod named Hayden Fry who reimagined NT into relevance. (Not talking Mason here, talking Coach/ADs) Unfortunately this University’s leadership and alums have NEVER repeated the formula and have failed to bring in a big time mover/shaker. Until it does.....i n e r t I a.
  10. Well damn Woodrow, those sons o bitches done shot my leg off !
  11. I agree. UNT should be a better team next year and unless smu brings in another experienced QB transfer they will have a little drop off. Plus it will be an important year for Seth to demonstrate new life. I see a better game,
  12. Damn it Nancy we’re sounding P A T H E T I C !! Let’s bring back Dickey ? How about my first wife, when she put her teeth in she didn’t look half bad either ! It’s a proven fact - this University can win and has done it before with pride. HANG TOUGH. GMG
  13. Hayden Fry ! Coach Hayden Fry has been the only coach to come to North Texas in the past 45 f-ing years who has been able to put UNT on the map and keep it there until he decided to walk away . ISN’T IT POSSIBLE FOR SOME SIMPLE MINDED PERSON TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO GO OUT AND FIND A WINNER LIKE FRY WITH THE MONEY NOW AVAILABLE ? W R E N - T H I S. S U C K S. !
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