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  1. I’m glad you came to this Mean Green site and posted smumustang2018. Moron trash talk is great for local rivalries. Can’t deny the little pony is having a great year, but I’ve known these two institutions for years and years and the reality is the tide will change again, the Mean Green will beat Peruna and we’ll all keep pissing at each other over cold beer.
  2. Calm down you guys ! I can see you a year from now ... “when do we get in the SEC” ? GMG 🤠
  3. I’ve watched SMU since I was a little boy in Dallas and played ball around Ownby Stadium. I know SMU and it’s peaks and valleys. SMU doesn’t have the staying power to win consistently, never has, never will. Within two more seasons the Ponies will be scratching the bottom again. About UNT, if it ever gets its act together consistently it could dwarf SMU in market identity.
  4. Actually I’m glad Vito isn’t too timid to state the truth in a way that hopefully gets the attention of UNT’s leadership. They don’t listen to me, or you for that matter, but it’s hard to ignore a metroplex news article (even from Denton) that sticks out like a sore thumb for all to read. This program and thousands ,yes thousands, of North Texas fans, alums and students should indeed expect more. UNT is a super University that can and should do better. Vito’s article is a business reality that hopefully gets read by the real movers and shakers who impact leadership.
  5. Right now I’m more concerned about Wren and the AD position at NT. Its a given that the football program needs a management fix after six years and being in the tank again. AND ... with conference realignments being so strategic at this point the AD position is critical .
  6. I know... flashbacks to Tet, PTSD, jammed M-16, 120 mm Chi-Com rockets. The UAB game was a complete FUBAR !
  7. Tyreke Davis is a baller and played D-1 , leather banging football against UAB. Love to watch a leader do his job !
  8. Vito’s article calls it straight without all of our emotional frustration. It was a bad performance and a bad loss for North Texas .
  9. Brett this was the worst North Texas performance I’ve seen since the Portland State game under McCarney ! Hats off to guys like Tyreke Davis who give so much - they make you proud !
  10. What in the world happens to football coaches at North Texas after they’ve been here for 3 or 4 years ? Its like they turn into aimless zombies waiting for someone to fire them. And then they have the gall to act like they can’t be blamed. Look at our dismal experience with every football HC we’ve had for just the last 20 years !
  11. Realistically you’re probably right. BUT...The UNT fan base (that can’t handle it) is the same group that buys tickets, goes to games and stays hyped about UNT despite its losses - this IS the metroplex fan base that does indeed want to see their team beat That Team From Dallas. They are indeed the true fan base - who else gives a flip !??
  12. Receivers need to create more opportunities and Ruder needs more self confidence. The run game is ready but needs help from the passing game. Torrey was hot. Defense did in fact look improved but needs a leader on the field to keep the unit focused and avoid those avoidable break downs . Some great individual effort seen tonight in run stops.
  13. Question ? Can a player go to the Transfer Portal more than once - from one school to another to another ?
  14. No trouble with initial download from email to a file BUT making sure I got each oh my seats sent over to Walllet was a bit confusing. Seemed like only one seat appeared to transfer into Wallet but maybe they’re both in.
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