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  1. Everyone here got snookered by McCarney and pushed to extend and pay more money fast and look what happened. Still sour. In Seth’s case, UNT as a G5 will lose the good rising star coach’s to the big boys. Nuff said. Wren is the key to success at NT.
  2. cogido

    Fine took a beating yesterday

    Holy crap ! This picture says it all...
  3. cogido

    Don’t You Dare Feel Sorry For Rice!

    Just remember boyz, we barely got our tails out of El Paso with a 3 point win against the worst team in D-1 football this year. Just gimme a win, my "Dream Team" season hopes faded.
  4. Yup, it already feels different !
  5. Watch Tyreke grow and take over. He is SPECIAL and on the rise !
  6. cogido

    DRC: The Monday edition of What We Learned

    No mention of the offensive line ? Mason and the running backs are sitting ducks behind this o-line.
  7. cogido

    Seth Post Game Comments (Hint: He's not happy)

    If I'm a player or assistant coach and I see that post game interview with Littrell I'm sayin ..."oooh sheeeeeiiiitt !! "
  8. There is something special going on with UNT FOOTBALL and I hope everyone is paying attention as we have been waiting for years to have all the pieces move in the same direction. The Mean Green have not only beaten, but trounced SMU and SEC's Arkansas so far in this young undefeated season. The media and generous donars are showing up and I think I hear that "Sleeping Giant's fan base waking . Kudos Mr. Baker, Mr. Prez., Board and Coach Littrell. I'm having fun.
  9. Haven't had this much fun in a long time...GO MEAN GREEN !
  10. cogido

    A Positive Message For Our Team

    " I shook up the world !!! " Muhammad Ali YOUR TURN MEAN GREEN BEAT HELL OUTA ARKANSAS !
  11. cogido

    Battle Cookies

    Love the cookies ! That is Mean Green pride.
  12. Attendance comparison: UNT/SMU (in Denton). 29,519 SMU/ #16TCU (in Dallas) 24,216 I’m guessing TCU brought a good group to Dallas since SMU generally doesn’t show up even at home. UNT is growing a base in the metroplex.
  13. cogido

    EVERYONE is talking about the Mean Green

    That’s right...We bad !!! GMG
  14. cogido

    My how things have changed

    How sweet it is... Go Mean Green !
  15. Don’t panic, have faith in the Wren. We’re gun shy because of so many previous flops. It’s a new day at UNT.