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  1. I like Graham Harrell and his growth potential, but..... Graham wasn’t ready to be OC when he came to NT. Graham wasn’t ready to be OC when he went to USC. Graham isn’t ready for a prime time OC position now.
  2. Decommits are nothing new. Usually disappointing to see them walk, but pretty common across the country unless you’re an Alabama,etc. UNT has other issues that Littrell and Baker need to fix. UNT doesn’t have a disproportionate decommit problem.
  3. A torn ACL has a way of cramping your future. I wish Rico the best because he gave it all for UNT.
  4. Harry. Are you punking us !!
  5. Rice coaches had Owls ready to play. UNT didn’t ...
  6. Suspended by Coach Saban for not attending class - sorry but I’d rather not go after players with rotten attitudes . It’s dressing room cancer .
  7. I love the Green but... Seth needs to have lunch with Sonny Dykes just 30 miles down the road and find out how a team NT beat a year ago can suddenly jump into the Top 25 in the nation and stay there while UNT sinks back to the bottom.
  8. AMEN to that brother ! We need help !
  9. Indeed. This says it all.
  10. Sorry, no statue for Mason yet. Joe Greene basically was “ all world “ and he has been the epitome of Mean Green in fan’s eyes and minds literally across the country. For now, put a gigantic action photo print of Mason on the walls of apogee. p.s. I will NEVER understand why Abner Haynes has not been memorialized by UNT.
  11. OUTSTANDING ! They need a big blowup of this pic in Appogee .
  12. AMEN on the defense comment !!!!!
  13. I love what Mason did with the dinosaur suit ! He doesn’t act like a robot tough guy the way so many do.
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