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  1. Just my two cents worth. Since old Fouts field days through today I’ve never had any trouble with my season tickets, donations, bowl tickets or bowl game activities. If I were you I would personally contact Wren, the man at the top. Just sayin...
  2. smu has been buying players and coaches for years so I don’t really see NIL changing the landscape much there. The Mustangs will occasionally have a flash in the pan season just as always, but they are still JUST smu and that will never change. When the NIL money dust eventually settles after two or three seasons UNT will still find itself grinding out wins and somehow staying in the hunt . The scholarship system couldn’t buy up ALL of the talent in the past and good coaches found a way to compete. That will continue. Money has been influencing the game forever, it’s just shifting around now. The majority of college student athletes will NEVER get to the next level and they know that, also, just as always. So I think we will still see some fantastic competitors at UNT because of individual’s personal desire and drive in spite of NIL. And yes, UNT will still manage to dump on smu now and then.
  3. Oh Lord Almighty, pleeeeeze bring on football season. Our posts on this board are now totally lost in a vast wilderness .
  4. Well damn, I’ve got to admit that made me laugh ! Go Mean Green.
  5. A good “get” even with just one year of eligibility left. McCasland is piecing together some quality continuity after some of our own moved on. UNT has a coach who knows how to win.
  6. Ha ha ha ha, what a crock of pony manure !
  7. Tylor, I don’t see the guy’s comment about you at that time as meant to be a cut. In every tough situation I’ve ever been in you do keep an eye on your own crew for hurts and possible injuries. Some guys try too hard to force themselves past their own red line and need to stop and catch a breath.
  8. Siggers is a decent RB , when he was here and when he went down to smu. However I feel real good about what Coach Patterson has put together for the Mean Green D. It will take much more than Siggers for the little pony against UNT.
  9. No time for broken hearts Ty ! ”If you ever dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize!” Muhammad Ali Tylor, Ali NEVER slowed down after getting popped and he was just a skinny kid when I first saw him strap on leather for the Golden Gloves. NEVER SLOW DOWN , BELIEVE IN EVERY DAY , YOU’RE A WINNER !
  10. 1500 hopeful attendance ? Expect more like 9,000 !
  11. Unfortunately I’m an over the top, eat the cheese, drink the kool-aid Mean Green fan and I have to say ... “ Yeah Baby ! Bring on the national championship ! Tylor and da boyz gonna do it all !!!
  12. Good stuff Brett ! You keep us in the game and it’s fun ragging on you when we get the chance. Long time reader.
  13. It’s just local market strategy on the part of southern m. college. UNT is their immediate local market competition and they, and we, know that. UNT will play it’s own brand of competition for market identity.
  14. UNT fans need to come out of the woodwork and JAM the Super Pit for the Mean Green’s remaining games. This is now a legitimate D1 basketball program, let’s be legitimate D1 fans.
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