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  1. well the transfer split sets with the current #5, who was beaten quite abit this season, does not bode well. Also this girls UTR puts her around #3 of current players, so yes she may have stayed but there is always a reason players transfer and generally it is not because they were overly successful at a school with everything.
  2. would have been a better pick-up if she actually had played in the line-up of one of Baylor's weakest teams in a few years. Probably a #3/4 player, which will not get the team into the Top 6 of Conference or compete well once they join the AAC
  3. up 3/0 Top 2nd runners on 2nd and 3rd no outs. Also already ran off the LaTech starter **Boom just like that 3 run Homer** 6/0 Top 2nd
  4. true but in the post season a win is a win.
  5. Comeback kids score 6 in the 6th to comeback and win 6/3 Well done ladies!!
  6. down 3/0 after 3 innings, blew a bases loaded 1 out by hitting into DP.
  7. pretty rough day it appears, sitting next to last after shooting 11 strokes worse than Day 1. 32 shots out from the lead and 27 shots out of 4th
  8. already 9 shots back of 4th, now after only a few holes of Round 2 TCU -3 and UNT +2
  9. don't worry she deserves all of it because she has a different opinion than the snowflakes on campus. UNT won't do a damn thing because she is a conservative or a nazi, or a fascist or whatever the hell the left is calling their opposition now days. The left once again showing why they are the side of "tolerance"
  10. looks like a team ready to compete for 2-3 more years at a high level and keep on reloading.
  11. looks like another rough start, fell 6 spots already to 12th out of 13
  12. as typical CUSA can not get their live scoring correct, has not changed in 30 min, while same time I was able to track pt by pt for ASUN and watching video of Sun Belt. CUSA is so low budget it is pathetic. Now score updated FIU 4/0, good fight on a few courts.
  13. Coaches are prohibited from talking openly about recruits, it is a violation until NLI is signed
  14. Looks like Conference Champions!!! https://results.golfstat.com/public/leaderboards/gsnav.cfm?pg=team&tid=25132
  15. Final 3 players finishing off on the course, tie ball game.
  16. Pretty Strong Year for CUSA this year, 5 teams ranked in Top 60: https://www.wearecollegetennis.com/2022/04/20/di-womens-rankings-april-20/ ODU leading the way as they head to the Sun Belt, then FIU, Rice, Charlotte, and FAU
  17. maybe someone listened to the airlines and realize their air systems are top notch, now you could make the argument regarding busses and subway cars, but the all mask or die crowd will hear none of that nonsense.
  18. Probably the lowest this team has been seeded in a very long time. https://conferenceusa.com/news/2022/4/18/2021-womens-tennis-championship-bracket-released.aspx They should beat an average La Tech team, but more than likely will get curb stomped by FIU in the QF's
  19. Sark is pathetic, I see nothing wrong with what the young man said. Pathetic culture at UT, but no surprised.
  20. there is a huge difference, COVID gave these guys an extra year they would not have gotten, Reese and McBride graduated, Murphy's just ran off to what they assume is greener pastures, that is a huge difference for opinion.
  21. Can anyone confirm, is McBride graduating in May or is he leaving prior to getting his degree? If getting his degree then good for him, just like Reese because if not for COVID Rules in place the would have been done anyways.
  22. back-up? More like back-up to the back-up to the back-up. Wasted 2 years of scholarship.
  23. unless we get good QB play, going better than 1-5 heading into LATech would be astonishing
  24. he is graduating, so why not use the extra COVID year to play somewhere and start graduate degree
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