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  1. neither, SL does not believe in playing for the future.
  2. so we can we just leave these 2 at home more often, defense played better without them
  3. nice catch by Maclin to slow up for an under thrown ball to get the TD.
  4. game is over Aune still on the field, SL does not a shit, he is getting his $$$ regardless, must be nice to not have to worry about winning on a $2 million salary
  5. it is almost as if we do not have a True OC right now on this staff.....oh wait....
  6. J.H.C. Aune with another turnover, ok center snap but still falls on Aune. Beyond pathetic
  7. only win left on the schedule right now is FIU, every other is either a toss up or an ass kicking waiting to happen
  8. at least we have FIU coming up late in the year for a win, they are terrible, losing 66-0 to WKY going into the 4th
  9. Aune has given up 14 pts because he can not hit the broadside of a barn.
  10. our coaches are just dumb, wasted a Time because Aune can not throw an easily catchable pass.
  11. good review on the targeting, Burns lowered his head after the DB had started his tackling.
  12. **yawn** just another anti-police video that does not show the full context, instead the A.W.F.U.L. runs to twitter to whine about her white guilt. I will wait for the Police Body Camera before making any judgement
  13. intriguing for sure, but he is off to a good start this year that might save him for one more year, God I miss the years McPherson and Paul Paq.
  14. just make sure you buy that $15 3pack for the first weekend of October.
  15. sure how's that working out with our 2 million dollar HC, he has shit the bed at every opportunity and with an easier OOC schedule than previous much lower paid coaches and a conference schedule that rivals the DD early Sun Belt days in difficulty.
  16. We do not need to pay $2 million to have a successful coach, for crying out loud, the fans wanting to throw out millions of a very finite amount for a coach is just desperation. App State, Marshall, La Tech, ULL, Troy did not spend millions to win games, but somehow we have to spend millions when the fanbase does not donate squat for the # of alumni.
  17. this weekend will not be pretty, if UNLV put up 58 pts, Memphis could easily put up 70 pts with their better QB.
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