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  1. Dude. UNLV just put almost 60 points on your defense.
  2. Mannnnnn, Seth missed on this one big time.
  4. Clayton Tune has secured his spot in all-time great UH QB lore. (Mullins, Davis Ware, Klingler, Kolb, Keenum and Ward) Game winning frontflip in triple OT.
  5. Here's why Traylor is begging the KFC fans to come out. The Alamodome is opening up their upper decks, something they didn't even do last year. Let's just say it's not the folks in orange and white that's buying all the tickets. 😉
  6. Whether he screams or not, UNT is still only going to #Hit6 at best.
  7. My nephews play at the youth/middle school level and I see foolishness from parents living vicariously through their kids. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING in those games should ever escalate into shooting someone/following referees to their cars/fighting with other parents/etc.
  8. SMU always has and always will have an inferiority complex amongst the P5. UH, Cincy, UCF, TCU, Utah and BYU didn't do all of this chirping and got invited to the club. SMU keeps talking about money and Dallas because they know they cannot compete where it really counts. So that's why you see all of this overcompensation. People on here sharing and investing in EVERYTHING SMU says just makes them more relevant.
  9. Coach Belk took one of the worst defenses in all of college football and turned it around with players he did not even recruit. He does NOT believe in the "wait til I get my guys" excuse that many subpar coaches use. I'm glad we have him for another year but he will get a head coaching job soon. Likely at the end of this season. Holgerson raising his pay and promoting him to Associate Head Coach is what we had to do to keep him.
  10. You're partially wrong. Cal, Stanford, Washington and Oregon are the only Pac 12 schools the Big Ten is targeting. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/big-ten-evaluating-cal-oregon-stanford-and-washington-from-pac-12-as-further-expansion-considered/
  11. So in other words, you want UNT to drop down to FCS. Have fun being one of a few hundred people in the stands watching that garbage. Maybe there are those in the UNT administration who feel the same as you.
  12. @meangreenfaninno You and most of the UNT people all have the same problem with VASTLY overestimating SMU. SMU has ZERO leverage with The Big 12. Zilch. None. Nada. It's time to put the SMU boogeyman fairytale to rest. The SWC has been dead for 25 years. It's time to move on. SMU is desperate for a P5 invite and I can assure you that openly begging for one doesn't get you invited to the club. If you want to go P5, do what we did. Do what UCF, Cincy and BYU did. SMU can't sell out a 30k stadium or draw TV ratings. They believe in throwing money at everything but that doesn't work when your target has money too.
  13. Big 12 will grab Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah. Washington and Oregon can either come to The Big 12 or wait for a Big 10 invite that may or may not come. Stanford is Stanford and will do Stanford things. They have $37 billion, already recruit nationally and can afford independence if they want to. Cal, Oregon State and Washington State are dead weight and have outlived their usefulness in the world of college football.
  14. And in an alternate universe, you'd be posting rainbow texts (since there isn't a color you don't like) on Coogfans and Cougar's Digest.
  15. SMU and TCU are the only SWC schools not in or headed to a P5 conference. SMU had conversations with those conferences alright and by conversations I mean they had the phone hung up on them every time.
  16. I know a troll account when I see a troll account and that's a troll account. And yes, Big-Pac 12 consolidation is inevitable. More specifically, look for Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah to be Big 12 targets.
  17. For those of y'all wondering why UNT can't win anything. Posts like this are EXHIBIT A. Diehard fans with low standards. Going to a throwaway bowl game means NOTHING. At UH we fired TWO coaches who went 8-5 and to a bowl game. What UNT SHOULD be aiming for is a major bowl game an NY6 bowl. When UNT goes to the Peach, Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Cotton or Orange Bowl against a blueblood opponent THEN you can brag about a bowl game. Yes, Mason Fine broke records at UNT but let's not pretend like UNT quarterback records were exactly lofty anyway. That being said, Fine is out of eligibility and we live in a "What have you done for me lately?" kind of world. Littrell did not take the K-State job because he thought he would have better options next year. I guarantee you he regrets not taking it now. Also, I'm pretty sure Davis came back to UNT because he waited too late and didn't think he would get his transfer waiver approved. Lastly, the fact that you're bragging about beating a 2-10 Arkansas that went 0-8 in SEC play proves my point.
  18. I don't blame him. You can only get so far at UNT, A&M despite the cult fanbase, is a great place to improve as a football player. This is the reality for you Group of Five schools. Your best players will eventually want to be on a bigger stage against stronger opponents and that's something you simply cannot find at a G5 school no matter how much you may like it there. This is a Power Five ran football world. You have to get with the times or continue to be passed up and left behind. Maybe there could offer some good NILs deals for UNT players but honestly, who in Denton or even Dallas is actually going to step up to the plate for that?
  19. Arch had made it pretty clear he didn't want to go anywhere family had already attended so Ole Miss and Tennessee were already out early in the process. All I know is that while Holgerson has improved the defense, we gotta step our recruiting up even further since we actually have to play against Arch and the Longhorns.
  20. The CUSA we were in had Louisville, Cincinnati, Army, TCU, etc. I mean, you can only play whoever is on your schedule but UNT has a more uphill battle to get to a P5 conference.
  21. One thing UNT and Rice has in common is that they give coaches with numerous losing seasons a million chances. Scratch that two things in common, head coaches at both schools complain that it's hard to recruit. No, wait make that three things in common, nobody goes to the games because football doesn't for the school culture.
  22. I like how UNT fans have this weird, rabid unhealthy, one-sided obsession with SMU. Give it up, UNT has no in-state rival or any rival for that matter. Even UTSA's in-state rival is Texas State. SMU's rival always has been and always will be TCU. UH on the other hand, only thinks about SMU when there's a game against them that week.
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